I pick up the phone and you say hey
I can't believe it's really you
We used to talk every single day
Now your phone calls are so few
I tried calling you a couple times
But I guess you didn't want to talk
So I sit here writing brokenhearted rhymes
And glancing restlessly at the clock

I tell you I'm doing fine
Though I only stop crying to pray
I'm desperately waiting for a sign
That things will be okay
Sometimes I want to use a knife
On my arm till the world goes black
But I know I can't give up on life
If there's hope of the hope coming back

I ask you how you are
But I want to ask how you forgot about me so quick
I can't stop looking outside for your car
When you're off in it with some other chick
This whole thing is so unfair
You're always here inside my head
I bring the phone with me everywhere
Even when I go to bed

Our conversation is nothing but small talk
I can't believe we've changed this much
I don't think I'll ever get over the shock
That we will no longer kiss or touch
I want to believe this new you is a fake
I can't accept that our love could die
But maybe we were just a big mistake
Maybe the old you was the lie

Soon we are saying goodbye
I want to scream don't leave me, oh please!
When I hear the click I will cry and cry
Dying to bring back lost memories
I would do anything for you to stay
Anything you could ever think of
I'd gladly do it all your way
If I got just a bit of your love

Why don't you want me anymore?
How could you have become so cold?
I'd be your wife, your girlfriend, your whore
If I could just have you to hold
You said we'd last until we died
But now I'm left here all alone
Thinking about how you cruelly lied
And saying "I love you," to a silent phone