you were the pain of my life
false in love, true strife
took my hand, my breath
and away you left

your words are always empty
and your pockets, full of lies
don't try to intercept me
pass along, avert your eyes

I called you a coward
and threw out your flowers
they were all wilting, anyway
you called me your best friend
throughout, but the end
is watching me walking away

nothing good is finding me now
anger furrows my weary brow
ignorance is falling from the sky
hardly worth a futile sigh
music rings hopeful in my ears
as another day slowly nears

empty, with unlimited potential
like these remaining pages
wishing for rains torrential
escape the confing cages
dreaming of hope, essential
while an endless fire rages

TMK 9.3.2006-10.13.2006