Memories and Math Tests

Exponential functions of base "b," which are of the general form…

A lit room, warm bodies, tangible comfort and love

My head rests on his chest

And I hear his heart through the thin striped shirt

(it occasionally skips beats)

His head rests on her shoulder

My hand on her leg

His hand on my side

Simple, human contact

Exponential functions of base "b"…

Smiling, talking, cuddling, relaxing

My finger traces his bottom lip and

His hand strokes my skin

Such a nice mouth

Her fingers play in his curly hair

If only I could shift a little bit closer…

-ponential functions of…

Oh yes, he does have a nice mouth

His tongue gently slips inside my lips with each kiss

Hand teasing on my side

She squeezes my hand and rubs her thumb across my fingers

It's too awkward to hold my head up to kiss him

So I relax against his chest and suck on his neck

She licks and nibbles his ear

The others tease him for being the happiest guy alive


Cuddle puddles evaporate and are replenished

Just like real ones

Now he's half on top of me

My head on her stomach

They kiss, and I watch

And gently stroke the hot, silky skin of his back with my forearm

He turns to kiss me as well

And I kiss her


The three of us Eskimo kiss

Faces blocking the harsh light

All in contact over all our bodies

Soft, elemental, reassuring touch

This is one of the best and most peaceful moments of my life

I'll never forget it

(Even if it means I miss a question of two on the math test.)

Ach, I give up.