I'm tried of feeling these damnable feelings.
I want to hate you for making me feel this way… But…

The way you say my name,

The way your hand brushes against mine so shyly.

It… It steals my breath away.

My heart cant help but ache for you.

I cant help but do anything for you.

You… Don't think I would.
You think I don't feel the same way,

You think we're just friends.

But… This is my way of confessing my secret feelings…

Feelings for you…

I stare at old pictures, and I pray that you wont leave and forget me

That you wont leave me for someone else

The way you talk about me,

You make it sound like I'm the one who doesn't want to be with you

But, you're wrong.

I cherish every moment we share.

I would do anything to make you smile,

To make you nothing but happy

… But…

You just smile back,

You cant seem to see me in the way,

I want you to.

And… All I want..

All I want is.. You.