It's his killer (eyes,smile,lips) face that gets me every time,

stops me where I am and slays me inside

because I know I'm still not enough-

It's always the other girls that get the good things

and I get the rest.


And I sit under a canopy

of ten thousand skies, a l o n e.

This is what its like

to be without on essence,

it's just memories that keep me alive.


It's not his style to be honest

(…has enough melodrama in his eyes

to put a five-year-old to shame.)

He said 'forever'

with a knife through my back

and it's funny how I believed

that words could color me beautiful


They laugh at my naivety like the funniest joke-

stare at me as I walk by

with vicious laughs.


But he walks away without a backward glance

And its a good thing

because its hard to be strong

when I know what its like to be one of his girls

(the novelty wears off.)