Yay! Disclaimer time! All the characters that are going to appear in the story you're about to read are fictional characters belonging to the two authors, me (tiffy) and rob. I (tiffy) own Sky, Shounen, Angel, Briar, Rune, and potentially more because the story is still being written with no real script. Rob owns Sevon, Scar, Kaine, Bear, Razor, Ace, Jack, Blade, Mitch and a bunch of other random characters that are not already claimed by me, Tiffy. Though there is mention of Kimmy and she's real, she's a friend of ours that's reading our story on the side .

A few side notes that you're going to want to know is first off, there is lots of gay love in the story, male on male kind stuff, but there's only a few random short 'graphic scenes' later on, other wise we just tend to imply it or boot scene it. The story was NOT translated into story form like I had originally planned either. Instead it's left in it's original role play format done over AIM with only a quick skim through for grammar and spelling, so it's not perfect and I apologize, I might go back later and fix it more when I'm more in the mood. Anything written between the (())'s is out of character stuff, mostly chit-chat between rob and me, sometimes it clarifies a few things in the story, but mostly it's like mini intermission giggly stuff that you can just skip over if it bothers you.

Other then that it's pretty straight forward, I hope you enjoy reading it because we enjoy writing it and if you have any questions or something you would like better explained just drop us an email at rob.and. and we'll do our best to clear things up for you . Happy Reading!