He couldn't hold it in anymore. She was his by right and no one could deny him that prerogative. It was almost too much to ask to contain the raging beast within his breast. The fires of lust consumed him. With a low growl he lunged forward, controlled by the beast whose claws gripped his heart ever so tightly. He knew exactly what he was doing.

She screamed.

Throwing her backwards to the floor, he knelt over her trembling body; fierce, dominating. Claws sprung from his human hands and his incisors lengthened into fangs. Using those razor sharp nails he pinned her to the ground as she struggled and screamed. It excited him. He needed more. He wanted power. He thrust his hard body down upon her soft vulnerability as she struggled beneath his weight. His tongue roamed her torso and teeth raked up and down her pale skin. Nothing could slake his thirst, his lust. He forced himself into her mouth, licking and biting and demanding.

Silent tears ran down flustered cheeks. Laying heart broken upon a bed of nails, she lamented the loss of her false love. He had gone, taking with him everything she had ever known. She thought she loved him. She thought she trusted him. She allowed him to indulge his hunger so he wouldn't leave, so she wouldn't have to be alone. He left her with a broken heart, a ravaged body and slit wrists.

And somewhere a man cried. He, as a boy had made many mistakes. A broken heart made him into a man. This broken man hung his head in shame. He had lost the only girl who he would ever truly love. He had a hurt her, body mind and soul. There was no forgiveness now. No going back, no second chance. There would be other women, but no one would be her; no one would ever take her place.

And somewhere, a man cried. Holding his girl in his arms, wishing he could have saved her from the pain another man had created. Doing his best to heal the damage from the beast.