-1Most college students knew about The Grove. Mostly secluded, and several miles from town, it was the perfect location for young couples. Most of the nearby town didn't even come to the area anymore. The Grove also housed a small pond. Perhaps used by passing ducks during the winter or skinny-dippers in the summer.

Friday night were Jared and Jessica's first time in the Grove, following hearing of it from their friends. They had parked in Jared's truck nearby the still pond, to add to the romanticism.

"It's really dark out here," Jessica said looking up at the moonless sky. "You think it's going to rain?"

"Maybe," Jared replied. "It's pretty cloudy out here. It's looked like this for the past few nights. But, the darker the better." He grinned as he looked at his girlfriend.

Jessica glared at him, but smiled. "I'm afraid of the dark. Hold me?"

"Sure," Jared replied. Putting one arm around her, he used the other to turn on the radio. "Maybe there's something worth listening while we're at it." Flipping through the stations, Jared landed on the one he had looked for.

There was a soft rock song playing when Jared went to it. Jared and Jessica looked at each other and smiled. Slowly, they moved near other and kissed. They kissed again. Then kissing went to making out. As the song finished playing, a female reporter began speaking.

"Police have reported that another body has been discovered and is believed to related to the recent slayings attributed to a serial killer as the body seems partially devoured with the same bite marks like the others," the reporter said. "Police have no new suspects or information at this time other than the bites look almost animal, but human at the same time."

Jared broke free from his girlfriend and turned off the radio. "Okay, enough of that," he said not wanting to ruin the moment. Jessica remained silent and he realized she was staring intently out the window. Looking out, he followed her gaze up to the sky.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

"Jared, I don't want to stay," Jessica said. "Please take me home."

"Oh come on," Jared replied. "I'll keep you safe."

"No," Jessica said, "just please take me home!"

"Come on," Jared said. "Don't be such a baby. I'm sure whoever that killer is won't be around anywhere near here. Even if he is, we're locked in here and he's out there."

Jessica bit her lip harder as she watched the clouds begin to break and moonlight began to slip past.

"Jared!" she screamed. "Take me home! Please! I don't want to stay anymore."

He sighed. The story about the serial killer had obviously scared her and he knew even if she stayed, the whole night was ruined.

"Fine," Jared said. He straightened back in his seat and tried starting his truck. As he turned the key, the engine sputtered and refused to start. He waited a few seconds and turned the key again. Once again, the engine simply sputtered without starting.

"What's wrong?" Jessica asked sounding even more worried.

"The truck won't start," Jared said. "Piece of junk is doing it again."

Jessica glanced out the window once again. The clouds were breaking and moonlight was beginning to shine through brightly. She swallowed, swung the passenger door opened, and ran out without a word.

"Jessica!" Jared said. He jumped out and chased her. "What are you doing?"

"Jared, don't follow me!" Jessica screamed. "Please listen to me for once!" She didn't even look behind her. She simply ran as if she was trying to escape from something.

Finally, the moon won as the clouds departed and the moon shined. As the moonlight hit, Jared watched his girlfriend in horror as she just barely didn't make it into the dense part of the forest. As he watched on, he just stood on shock.

Jared saw the silhouette of his girlfriend drop to her knees and lean on her hands as if in pain. Something was obviously wrong, but she simply wouldn't answer. As he ran, he saw Jessica punching and clawing the grass beneath her as if fighting it.

But without warning, Jessica stood up. Not exactly stood up, but more hunched over. Before Jared could react, Jessica ran towards him. As she approached, she leapt and landed directly on his chest knocking him clean to the ground.

The last thing Jared saw was wolf fur covering his girlfriend's body. As she sunk her fangs into his throat and ripped it open, his entire world went dark..

"I told you to take me home," Jessica, in her full-blooded werewolf form, whispered as she nibbled on her boyfriend's motionless arm.