"So what are we doing?"

"Nothing. We're waiting."

"Right, waiting."


"... Luce?"

"... what."

"What are we waiting for?"

"Eh! Did you pay any attention during the briefing?"

"Well ... not really. I was kind of hungry."

"Typical from you, Cappy."

"Well ... I was late this morning so I had to skip breakfast."

"Well you'll be missing lunch and dinner this rate Cappy, we're on a stake-out."

"Steak-out? I could go for some steak."

"Ha ha ha, hilarious Cappy. Shut up and keep an eye out."

"Eh, don't tell me to shut up. So who are we looking for?"

"Jules Butracelli. The capo for the Russian mob."

"Luce, Butracelli isn't a Russian name."

"Eh! I don't make up the names. He's in the Russian mob ... and we're supposed to keep an eye on him. He's up to suspicious activity."

"So ... where is he?"

"In the high rise at the other end of the block, dummy. We're waiting for him to come out."

"You can't call me dummy. This is my car."

"Cappy, no it's not, it belongs to the force."

"Fine. Well he sure is taking a long time to come out. Can't one of us go get some coffee or doughnuts or something while we're waiting?"

"Nope. We'd blow our cover."

"Arrgh! Stakeouts stink."

"You gotta be patient, Cappy."

"Duh duh duh..."

"The radio's broken, no music."

"Cappy, this isn't any fun."

"Eh ... Here. look into the windows of the building with these binoculars. See if you spot anything."

"Oh ... okay."




"... Well what do you see?"

"... There's a bird in the tree Luce, I think it's a blue jay."


"... What do you see in the building, Cappy."

"... Oh."


"Um, there's a man ... with a funny hat. He's dancing with his dog."

"O-kay ... that's odd. Not Butracelli, keep looking."


"An old woman ... some kids, watching TV on a couch. Looks like a scary movie."

"Do either of those sound like a mobster to you?"

"Jeez, Luce. Don't be so mean. I'm just telling you what I see."

"Well stay on task."

"All right ... nothing ... nothing ... nothing ..."


"I'm looking! Oh! Here's something. Big bald guy standing a bit away from the window. He's talking with another mean looking man with dark hair."

"Use the directional microphone!"

"Eh, where is it?"

"Ah! Don't tell me you forgot to pull it out of the trunk!"

"Jeez, I guess I did."

"CAPPY! How are we gonna record this incriminating piece of evidence without a directional microphone."

"I.. I could get it."

"No way, you'll blow our cover."



"C'mon Luce. We can make the big arrest another time."

"Cappy, you're the worst cop ever."

"Eh, if being a good cop means missing tacos for dinner, than I'll take that as a compliment."

"... I can totally eat more tacos than you."

"... No way."

"...Yeah way."

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