Separate from the pack

Looks like the sun is rising,

Over the horizon,

Dark clouds overhead,

Making it look dark.

I know the sun is over my head,

But it seems to be rising again,

I sour overhead, watching life,

But my eagle eyes drift,

And life seems to stop.

How does this happen?

Everything seems to stop,

Is this how it's always been,

Or am I daydreaming again?

Life has its secrets, not even it can share,

Light gets bright,

And so do I.

I flap hard, catching up with the flock,

For that instant, that time,

The second that time stop,

Seemed to renew me,

Making me stronger then I was,

I was the weakest, but now I grow strong,

Nothing can stop me,

But to be with my kind, my family,

Back into the light, away from harm.

My flock seems happy,

Yet angry,

One tried to attack me,

I simply dodged,

The leader came to my side

Once again I was home,

Clouds started to break,

The sun shined through,

It looked like I was finally home,

Home to stay.