Adam and Eve, or John and Mary

The Beginning of Mary Sues

Princess Mary was the rebellious child of King Edward and Queen Miriam. She was adventurous and witty, and loved to read. Of eight children, Princess Mary was the favorite, however troublesome she could become. To her parents, she was the closest thing to perfection.

But as a young child, Princess Mary had a plain face. But upon entering her teenage years, her brown hair turned into beautiful, golden locks. Her lips became full and red, and her body took shape. The only things that remained the same were her eyes. They were already bright and intelligent, full of light and youth. An intense and piercing silver, her eyes were almost hypnotic.

Every day, she would have lessons. She would have mathematics, Latin (and French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, etc.), singing, instrumental (piano, violin, flute, harp, etc.), drawing, archery, and horseback riding. Somehow, she was able to have each of these classes every day. Most of her professors were dull and boring creatures, overly strict and tiresome. They all despised the princess. All but one – her Latin professor. He was kind to her, letting her go unpunished we she came in late from her mathematics class. They shared jokes and riddles, and stories. He was like a second father to Princess Mary.

After her lessons (her last was horseback riding), she would go to the stables and take out her horse, Cinnamon. With her puppy Snow – a gift from her father – they would run through the fields surrounding the castle until it was time for their evening meal.

One late afternoon, Princess Mary, Cinnamon and Snow came across a stream. Mary got off of Cinnamon and led them over to the clean, sparkling water. But as they got closer, she saw that behind one of the larger stones, there sat a boy. Curiosity got the better of her and began a conversation with him, while letting the animals enjoy the stream.

Princess Mary learned that his name was John, and that he was on his way to visit his uncle, who worked and lived in the castle. He was a few years older than the princess and had earthy, brown hair and dark eyes. Each one found the other intelligent, charming, and fun to be with. Princess Mary didn't reveal her royalty, though.

But after a while, she looked at the sun and reluctantly prepared to leave. John didn't seem too eager to say good-bye, either. But she would be in trouble of she were late for the evening meal yet again, and set off.

The next day, her Latin professor told her, excitedly, that his nephew had come to the castle. He described all the good qualities of his nephew, and even hinted at a betrothal, for his nephew was a prince in a neighboring kingdom. Enraged, Princess Mary immediately stormed out of the classroom, despite her professor's protests and apologies. She made her way to her father's study, demanding to be let in. A bit taken back, the king let her in, a troubled expression on his face. Though she had her fits, Princess Mary never came to his study unless either the situation was really bad, or he had summoned her.

Explaining to him the reason for why she was so upset, his expression turned into one that she could not read. He told her that he had planned on announcing the betrothal during the evening meal, and told her that she should've been expecting it. Crying, she practically flew to her room.

That night during the meal, she sat stone-faced. The only emotion was a flicker of anger – and perhaps disappointment – in her silver eyes before she once again became a statue.

She behaved the same way in the following months leading up to the wedding. Of course, she didn't get a chance to see her husband-to-be, and so worried about whether he would be old, fat, bald, or stupid, or a combination of all four.

The day of the wedding arrived, and her wedding gown made her look like an angel. It had laces everywhere, giving it a light and soft look, and made to show off her curves. Diamonds and pearls were sewn in all the right places, making her shine and sparkle. Tears trailed down her cheeks, giving her a sad beauty. Before entering the church, a veil was slipped over her head, and she closed her eyes. She would not open her them to see who her husband was to be until their vows were over and done, with no chance of turning back – for she just might of, she saw who he was.

Princess Mary was guided down the aisle and toward the alter, toward her fate. When they had both said "I do," she opened her eyes to see – of course – John. She nearly cried again, but they would have been tears of joy.

And so, on January 1, the beginning of a new year, Princess Mary Anne Catherine was married to Prince John Robert Alexander.

A year later, they gave birth to a girl. Upon deciding on a name, Prince John wanted to name her Mary, after her mother. But Princess Mary, being somewhat modest, objected and wanted to name her after grandmother, Susanne. In the end, the baby was christened Mary Susanne Elizabeth.