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Surviving the Attack

Accepting the Inevitable

Princess Mary Susanne Elizabeth, daughter of King John Robert Alexander and Queen Mary Anne Catherine of the kingdom of Leorianne, eventually found her one true love and, after many trialing journeys, was united with the foreign Prince Aloyoshenka Markov Zivon. They had five sons, three daughters, and ten dogs. Here is the part of the family tree that fit onto one page of their family bible:

King Edward – Queen Miriam

Edward II

Riam IV

Victoria Constance

Temperance Joyce

Joseph Lawrence

Leonard Ronald

Raoul Victor

Mary Anne Catherine – John Robert Alexander

Mary Susanne Elizabeth

Edward III

James Grayson


Leonard II

Lilac Joy

Raoul Victor II

John Robert II

And so, they lived happily until, one terrible year, war was waged upon the kingdom by a neighboring kingdom – Bauxtarsione. This terrible war went on for nearly a century when, finally, the Bauctarsionians drove the royal family out of Leorianne. Along with the few servants that were still alive, they went into hiding into a kingdom further away. Arriving in Bareiv, they went immediately to the royal family's residence; the family was a close ally. There they stayed in disguise.

The current eldest child, Edward V, was now a young man, and captured the attention of the eldest princess of Bareiv, Sorianne Marie. After a long, romantic courtship, they finally were wed and, soon after, had a child. Edward wanted to give his first child everything that he couldn't have because of the war, and thus spoiled her. Sorianne Marie sometimes complained, but more often took part in providing their daughter with everything she wanted. Soon after, they had more children, and each was more spoiled than the first.

Their first, named Miriam Susanne, often had her nose in the air. But one fateful day, the royal sage said that a terrible plague was to come to the land, and only one person was to be able to stop it; if the Chosen One failed to save the land, then their kingdom would fall, all dying of an internal illness. The king sent out a proclamation, that whoever was brave enough to go and succeeded would be awarded handsomely.

Ria, as the princess liked to be called, began dreaming of a heroic knight who would come save them all, then fall in love her and marry her. But, months passed and still no one came forward. The sage warned that the plague was to come soon.

One night, Ria slept restlessly, and dreamt of a voice coming from the heavens, telling her that it was her journey to take. In a bright flash of light, Ria woke, cold and shaking. She knew that she had to be the one to go. The next morning, she confronted her parents, who pleaded and begged for her to stay. But it was no use – she needed to go.

So the royal sage gave her instructions, and they were as follows: find the Golden Dragon in the Northern Mountains and take away a scale; go to the Silver Griffon, who would take the scale as payment for a journey to the Far East Deserts; at the Desert, find the oasis with a bronze tree, and carry the water back to Bareiv.

Ria set off with guards, thinking she was prepared for the journey. But along the way, she met beggars and diseased, bandits and thieves. During one attack, a bandit ring leader, Aidan, managed to capture her and hold her hostage. But Ria told Aidan her story, and, intrigued, agreed to help her. Of course, this made the journey much quicker and easier.

After seven months, they finally finished their journey, and Ria returned home triumphant. She also credited Aidan, whom she had fallen in love with. He, too, harbored feelings for her, but knew it wrong for a man of such low stature to marry a princess. However, Ria confessed to Aidan, and her parents, who, after much persuasion, agreed to their marriage. Their wedding ceremony not only celebrated their union, but Ria's courage and strength for braving the Dragon, Griffon, and Desert to save their kingdom.

And so, their family and kingdom prospered through the generations.

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