At 6:00, Monday morning, someone found Orion's belt in a ditch, and no one for miles gave a damn except for a little kid with too-big eyes and flaxen hair who cried. And no one noticed, or tried to stop the tears, 'cause it's just a little kid with too-big eyes and blonde, blonde pigtails who's gonna forget about it tomorrow.

At 7:00, Tuesday morning, someone fell off a bike and scraped his knees and sniffled and tried to be brave 'cause boys don't cry, boys don't cry, and wandered home to Mama. And somewhere, someone accused him of being a Mama's boy and cryin' all the time, and needs to be stronger, stronger than that. And he pretended that he didn't go up to his room and fight back the tears and sit on his bed for hours, 'cause boys don't cry.

At 8:00, Wednesday morning, a little girl lost her Barbie doll and someone lied and told her they didn't know where it was, but hid it behind the dumpster. And no one cared, or bought her a new doll to take away the pain, 'cause it's just a stupid toy, anyway.

At 9:00, Thursday morning, a little old lady found a Barbie doll behind a dumpster and gave it to her granddaughter 'cause she didn't have the money for a real birthday gift.

At 10:00, Friday morning, someone fell into a ditch and broke his arm.

At 11:00, Saturday morning, someone panicked because she couldn't find her daughter, and no one for miles gave a damn 'cause teenagers run off all the time. And somewhere, somewhen, someone cried, lost and alone and scared out of her mind, wondering when someone else is gonna come and find her and saver her, but no one hears the tears and no one bothers to try.

At 12:00, Sunday afternoon, a small-town church let out and people spilled onto the street, wearing Sunday best and playing the good Christian people, and wandered back home to the lies and the rot of their souls, 'cause Sunday morning's all you need.

At 1:00, Monday morning, a teenage kid looked up at the sky and wondered where Orion's belt ran off to. And no one noticed and no one cared 'cause it was too late, too long, too far away.

At 2:00, Tuesday morning, a teenager-fast-turning-woman cried in a dark room at the back of a dark house, wishing someone cared. And no one noticed or tried to stop the tears, 'cause they don't care about her, and they just want one thing out of her, and then they're done and into the ditch with the body 'cause bodies tell no tales.

At 3:00, Wednesday morning, someone prayed.

At 4:00, Thursday morning, someone woke up in bed to a thunderstorm, and sat wrapped in the covers, shaking and crying and scared and alone, angry thinking I'm too old for this. And the next morning, he pretended he'd just woke up and didn't wanna admit he'd cried, 'cause boys don't cry, and the girls at school would think he's a pansy or somethin'.

At 5:00, Friday morning, a teenage girl woke up to get ready for school three hours away, 'cause she has to get her makeup and hair just right and doesn't understand that it doesn't matter much anyway. And the next morning, she's sleepy in math, but her eyeliner's got that perfect smoky look even though no one's looking her way.

At 6:00, Saturday morning, someone found a girl in a ditch with too-big eyes and flaxen hair, crying and barely alive and called an ambulance and tried to get her to explain, but got no answer 'cause she was comatose anyway.

At 7:00, Sunday morning, a little boy ran away from home, and never noticed Orion's belt in the ditch, left behind to sit where no one's gonna notice or fix the problem 'cause let Indiana Jones do that, they've got a life to live.

At 8:00, Monday morning, a little girl cried.


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