Summary- Alex was a girl who transferred to Shouko Academy in Japan on orders from her demanding family. At first, Alex found the school weird. The school popularity was based on looks and money. Her new friends are quite unique. Tomite and Reikou are bisexual as Reikou has a girlfriend named Shinju. Kikyou has this thing with fashion and ice-cream. Kohaku has permission to wield a katana at school. Irine is obsessed with music and blood. Kisetsu is a manga and anime lover. Moriko is afraid of closed spaces. Kiseki loves teasing people. Then she falls in love with Saruku, the school's heart throb and heir of the Kamikara Games company. But there's just a tiny bit of a problem. Her parents signed her in as a boy and told her that she can't tell anyone she's a girl.

A/N- I'm rewriting this since I got off track in the original one. It differs, as you can tell, from the original G2H. It's because I've matured in my writing since then. Also, I wanted a fresh start, with new characters and such. Though the plotline is sort of the same. As I had reread the original, I couldn't help but winced at the grammer, spelling, and how I completely got off track on the plotline. -sighs- I hope you can forgive me for that.

There are a couple of names you might recognize. Mainly because I'm not good at giving Japanese last name to my characters so I'll be using some from mangas I've read.

I also don't know much about Japanese schools and whatnot so I'm trying my best here.

And hopefully, I won't get off track with this one. Hope you enjoy this rewritten version! This is just a prologue. Remember to review if you want. Now...roll it! -a cheese ball comes rolling pass her- Okay...

Gates To Hell On Earth


Alex was a simple American girl. Chin length brown hair with light green eyes. She had a bunch of bracelets around her wrists and she was wearing a uniform. To be more specific, Shouko Academy's boy uniform. It consist of a white button up shirt, a pair of dark blue pants, a pair of ankle high white socks, and black shoes. She also wore a black tie that has red stripes which were different. You can also get a black tie with white stripes, one with dark blue ones, one that is just plain black, one with white and red stripes, etc. The stripes determine something that was important to the school. But Alex doesn't know that. However, she does know that her parents had signed her up at the school as a boy for their own amusement.

Accidently her ass. Alex vowed to get revenge but her parents had said that if no one found out she was a girl, she'll get a thousand dollars at the end of the school year.

It was too tempting so she accepted the challenge.

She was entering the Academy during March 10 since she had to do all the paper work for transferring and all that other junk. It was now that day so she is heading towards the principal's office since she didn't recieve her schedule yet. Which she had been told was going to be mailed to her but she guessed that the mail was lost.

Alex knocked on the door that led to the headmaster's office. She heard a "Come in" from within and went in. Sitting down in all his glory (cough) was the all powerful (cough) headmaster! Loud applause was heard in the room. Alex looked around the room to find the source of it.

"Where's that applause coming from?" she asked him.

The headmaster pointed at his computer. He did something on it and the applause stopped. Alex sweatdropped. What a weirdo. The headmaster stared at her. "So, why are you here?"

"I need my schedule." she answered.

"It should have been mailed to you."

"Well I think it was lost. I didn't get it." Alex told him.

The headmaster sighed deeply, rubbing his temples. "What's your name?"

"Alex Uzuki." she replied.

He typed the name on his computer and the printer was on. A piece of paper came out and he handed it to Alex who took in. "There's your schedule. I'm sure you would need an escort?"

Alex nodded. "Please. This school is very big."

The headmaster nodded in agreement. "I know." He pushed a button on his phone. "Ishitusu-san? Do you mind paging Reikou Uchiha-san here?"

"Yes sir." The headmaster let go of the button and looked back up to face Alex.

"You may wait here for her."Alex nodded and sat down on a leather chair that was across from the headmaster.

About ten minutes later, a girl who had black hair and pale gold eyes entered into the room. Alex wondered briefly if they were contacts. She wore the Shouko girls' uniform and had a few accessories on her. A silver chain was around her neck but Alex couldn't tell if that's all it was since the chain was long enough to go underneath the shirt. A black string was around her neck but Alex could see the pendant. It was a sapphire gem shaped as a teardrop. The tie she wore was black with white stripes. There were dark blue and red stripes as well.

"Yes, Hoshigaki-sensei?" the black haired girl asked, bowing lightly towards him.

"Aa. Yes. Uchiha-san, this here is Alex Uzuki-san. He's a new student here and I want you to..." Hoshigaki-sensei trailed off but the girl knew what he was going to say. She nodded.

"Of course, Hoshigaki-sensei."

The headmaster said toAlex, "She'll be your escort, Uzuki-san. Please follow her and ask her any questions you may have."

Alex slowly followed the Uchiha out of the principal's office and down the first floor hallway. "Umm..."Alex was stuck on what to say to her. "What's your name?"

"Reikou Uchiha." she answered cooly. "Can I see your schedule?"

Alex handed it to her and the girl glanced at it for about five seconds before handing it back to the brunette. "Your homeroom is right here." They stopped in front of a door that had a sign beside it that read 112. "My homeroom is 310 which is on the third floor. I trust you don't need me to go in there with you?"

Alex hesitated to reply but Reikou had already open the door and walked in. Alex followed her immediately. The teacher stopped writing on the blackboard and the students stopped talking loudly and began whispering among themselves.

"Look. It's her."

"What's Uchiha-sempai doing here?"

"Who's that boy behind her?"

"He's probably new."

"He's looks cute."

"Say what, Tomite-kun?!"

"What? I'm just saying!"

"You're gay!?"

"No! I'm bi."

"Seriously!? Why did you never tell me that?"

"Cuz you'll try to set me up."

The teacher cleared his throat which caused the students to stop talking and look at him. He looked at Reikou and Alex. "What is it, Uchiha-san?"

"Uzuki-san here is a new student in your class. I'm his escort." she answered cooly. After she nodded to someone in the class, she walked out.

All attention was now at Alex. She felt nervous. She wasn't used to this. "Ah...hi?"

"Well then Uzuki-san. Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?"

" name's Alex Uzuki. I was raised in America but is half Japanese, half American. I'm 16 and I look forward to making new friends at this school." she said.

"Well Uzuki-san, I'm Sugasuki-sensei. It's a pleasure to have you at this school." the teacher said. "Will you please sit next to Tanaka-san? She's the girl over there with the abnormally red hair."

"Hey!" Everyone in the room laughed and tension was released from the air. Alex's lips twitched and she headed over to her seat. She sat down and noticed that the red head was the one who had been having a conversation with the one named Tomite.

"Hey." the red head greeted. "I'm Kikyou Tanaka, Uzuki-san. Just call me Kikyou."

Alex looked at Kikyou. Her hair was plain red and her eyes were light blue. Her hair reached to her shoulders and was tied up in a ponytail. She had a ruby gem attached to a blue string around her neck. She was smiling at her and Alex couldn't help but do the same.

"Alex. And you can just call me that."

" you like math?"


"Great. Me either. But Tomite-kun loves it. I swear there's something wrong with that boy."

Maybe Shouko Academy won't be so bad.