Best Friends For Never

I thought we were friends

But a loyal one, I guess you never were

'Cause you spoke behind my back

You gossiped when my head was turned

I loved you like family

But close . . .

Now we'll never be

Everyone knows

Friendship comes before any boy

But you used me like some old, cast-off toy

You cheated with my boyfriend

And then you lied.

When I confronted you

All you could say was: "Well now he's mine"

You told everyone al the secrets

I entrusted with you

You were two-faced

And you know it's true.

Through all the years of our friendship,

Trust has been Number One

But you broke that bond and I'll face it:

You Won.

Sports, clubs . . .

We used to do everything together

We called ourselves BFF's

But I guess you thought it stood for:

Best Friends For Never