This is some sick game to you, as you send
white hot fire, blazing through my veins
scorching everything it touches
every bruise you leave screams of flames
just beneath my skin
and your fingers leave blisters
as you trail them over my sunburned skin
with a hand over my cracked lips
( you never let me make a sound as you destroy
any trustloveconfidence that I had left)
but screams are clawing their way up my throat
till I can't b r e a t h e
tearing themselves to shreds in my mouth
till all that comes out is whimpers
barely flitting through your fingers
I'm screaming in my head so loud
that it shatters something inside of me
that I didn't know was there
until it (I) flew into a million pieces
and my lungs are filling with ashes of the
innocence you just destroyed, sent up in flames
as you take what doesn't belong to you
and replace it with shamefearlies
which pour over me, filling the cracks on my lips
and the hollows in my collarbones
I can feel your breath scorching my neck,
and your fingers burn into my hips
your fingers slip from their cover on my mouth
and my voice pierces the sky
so that even the angels in heaven
cover their ears and pretend
like they didn't a b a n d o n me to be burned and broken
and then
it's over and all that's left are ashes
of any thoughts that I'm worth more than this
(now they're just harsh whispers,
dripping razorsharp cruelty
no one will ever want you now)
and you've won; that summer finally broke me
They say don't play with fire
but it's too late now
all that's left of me is smoke
carried away in the summer air's hands