A/N This is a short piece i did for my english 10 assignment, in school. "a Symbol in an Episode": to capture a moment in time, and to incorporate symbols into it, of what it is.

My two flower symbols were a "rosebud": young love and a "poppy" New Hope.

I hope you guys enjoy! it blew the teacher away, that's for sure! ;)


Rachel Morgan A Symbol in an Episode Sept.27/06

Final Draft

At this moment in time, in an interval of space, she felt like a rosebud that had just suddenly been smothered. The young blossom was rapidly wilting as her petals were stripped away from her stem; the many secrets stripped away that hid her true form.

She had placed her heart's full trust into this one entity before her. His gentle grey eyes bore through her soul like a sharpened steel arrow, piercing deep into her very own being.

There was a deep, barely tolerable silence that ensued her request. He gazed down at her in slight surprise at the question. A frown began to slowly crease the corners of his mouth.

His lips formed the reply: "No."

How she wished he had replied differently! As soon as the first word had come from his mouth, she had collapsed back into herself. The young blossom had been silently murdered, too weak to defend itself.

She didn't remember what else he had said; probably a mixture of "I'm sorry" and excuses of varying sorts. Every word he rolled off his delicate tongue seemed to drive a thousand needles through her fragile spirit.

But as he walked away, a certain calm came through her; the dead rosebud had a very small poppy growing just behind it. She would survive; she would love again.