You were always my comfort,

My strength, my heart,

A friend when I was lonely

Someone who understood who I truly was

You held my hand,

And I would blush.

I would look into your eyes and feel safe,

Because I knew you were the one.

If we were so happy,

What went wrong?

Help me understand

Please . . . . I'm so confused

I waited for your call last night,

But it never came

Instead you walked in and sat with me.

You told it was all a mistake,

That you had wasted your time,

Because you were in love with someone else

Then with one last hug,

You turned away

Cast me aside

Leaving me brokenhearted,

Utterly empty

Utterly alone . . .

I saw you in school the next morning,

Laughing with your friends,

As if nothing had happened the night before.

I was filled with anger

I wanted you to feel the pain,

To feel what I was feeling,

You were gone now,

My heart hardened

Like steel

Nothing would ever matter

I would never care

Turning away from everything I once knew

The knife wouldn't hurt

I won't feel the pain.

My existence,


End . . .

I've left you now,

I've left everyone,

But now I know that you were right.

Because if you had really loved me

You would not have caused me the pain,

When I was losing you