Save Me

I don't want to live like this,

I don't want to live at all.

You're the one who makes me feel


Way . . .

With your harsh words,

Your criticism,

And the hate you continue to throw at me.

You make me feel,

Make me wish,

That I was dead

The hate is about to reach me,

It's a dagger that symbolizes my


And you,

You are the one who threw it.

It hurtles towards me,

It coming,



Closer. . .

I'm cowering in fear.

Make it go away.

I thought you loved me.

Please, save me . . .

I'm in pain,

Can't you see?

That with every word you say,

Your tongue pierces through me

It reaches my heart.

Like the knife . . .

Can you not see?

How I'm suffering?

How you're slowly killing me?

You're not going to notice,

Notice that I am in fear.

Notice that you're tearing me apart.

Why am I always the one who is wrong?

The one who is always at fault?

You are the one,

Who takes those hands?

And administer those sharp blows.

You gave me the bruises,

You gave me this hole in my heart,

Where your love used to be

You need to know how I'm feeling,

What it is like to be,


What it is like to be,


When will you understand?

When will you realize?

That everything you do,

Rips pieces of my heart away?

I thought I loved you


I thought you loved me.

But I was wrong this time.

You're supposed to

Keep my fears away.


You are my fear.

So protect me,

Protect me from yourself


Save me . . .