Chasing The First High

Karasu 102006

Chapter 1: Hot For Teacher.

Silver headphones rested on dark brown hair, nestled in the slight waves of a self-proclaimed emo kid. His right, Vans-clad foot tapped out the semi-fast beat of the song being played on his iPod, "BondS Kizuna" by AnCafe. The bus passed houses that were a blur of darkness and colour in his stormy-grey eyes.

When the yellow deathtrap reached the spacious school building, the high school students filed off. Shouts of random nobodies' names rang through his head like the lyrics of his favourite song.

He rubbed at his kohl-lined eyes, careful not to smudge the artsy black lines. Every morning, it took him quite a bit of time to get ready. What with his perfect steel eyes, the colourful band shirts, and the tight jeans, it took him the better part of an hour. But it was worth it.

For he looked heavenly.

"Angel, over here!!" A cute brunette waved to him, her long, braided pigtails clanking noiselessly against her breasts. The emoboy half-smiled, then made his way over to her, the odour of her perfume reaching his nostrils before he was within talking range.

Ella always smelled like Jasmine. No matter which shirt she wore, which shampoo she used, or anything; she always smelled enticing.

"Morning, Ella," Angel smiled to her as he sat, making sure that his 'Hamasaki Ayumi' messenger bag was out of the way. He prized that bag. Hamasaki Ayumi was his favourite singer, and she was cute to boot.

The girl returned the smile, her olive green eyes sparkling, "How was your weekend, dear??" She didn't even have to ask. The two of them were always together. Most of their weekends consisted of them sitting in Ella's room, reading about (and fawning over) the newest (and best) Jrock bands. Ella was half-Japanese, so she would read about Kagrra or Phantasmagoria or D out loud to Angel, who couldn't read a lick of kanji, but could sing his little heart out.

Angel shrugged, "My weekend was okay." He sipped the water she set down in front of him, also picking at the Monday-Breakfast-Surprise boredly. "Yours??"

"I got the fifth Loveless volume, and the final Death Note. Also, I watched some footage from where we went to Anime Expo last year," Ella smiled, reminiscing about their road trip out to California to attend one of the largest anime conventions in the US.

"Did you relive my horrendous cosplay experience??" Angel chuckled. He had cosplayed as Rayne from BloodRayne, and had pulled it off pretty well. Too well, in fact. There were these guys who kept telling him that he would look more like the character if he took his top off (they were dense assholes who thought he was a girl). Eventually, Angel put his 'swords' to good use and sent the guys home limping.

Ella smirked, "It wasn't horrendous, Angel." She handed him the fifth volume of Loveless, "You had the hips to pull it off."

"That I did," Angel stood as the bell to go to class rang in the background, "My hips don't lie," He swished his hips to the side, smirking.

"No, they do not."

The two teens gathered their belongings and made their way out into the hallway to fight the sea off polo shirts and bondage pants to get to their side-by-side lockers.

"Where's Connor??" Angel asked as he twisted the lock on his locker. He hung his backpack up and grabbed his sketchbook and his biology book.

Ella mirrored him and grabbed her biology book, "Dunno. He's usually really early."

"Lucky bastard, being able to drive to school. I really envy him," Angel's mouth tugged into a disapproving smirk.

"Ride with him."

"Can't. He has to take his little brother, too. Chris' a freshman this year, remember??"

"Oh... well, fuck."

Angel smiled to Ella as the two of them entered their biology class. They took their seats in the back of the room, Angel opting to sketch a few pictures of himself, Ella, and Connor in anime form.

"I look so cute," Ella commented, smiling as she looked over her friend's shoulder. He shook some of his chocolate hair out of his eyes as he resumed the drawing. "Why is it that, always, you draw Connor with his arm around you??"

The boy blushed heartily, "Well, I have my arm around you."

"That's not what I asked," Ella smirked, "You like him, don't you??"

"Damn your perceptive... ness," Angel's face turned a brighter shade of red as Ella chuckled.

"It's obvious, dear," She snuggled into Angel's neck. She's always found him attractive, but she's always been like his older sister, even though they're the same age.

"Well, he's not the only one I like, so don't get your knickers in a bunch."

Ella's right eyebrow shot up, "Don't tell me you have the hots for Joseph."

Angel scoffed, "As if the captain of the football team would go for an emo kid like me. No!!" He grabbed his Tigger notebook and smacked her with it.

"So, who is it then??"

"None of your business."

"Oh em gee... it's Mr. Smith!!" Ella giggled like the fan-girl she was as Angel's face erupted in another round of blushing. Mr. Smith was the math teacher at their high school, and one fine dude at that. The only problem was... he was married. To the drama teacher.

"Just... shut up, okay?? Not a word to anyone," Angel instructed. He knew that if he really told Ella, she would listen. She really wasn't his problem.

It was Connor...

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