Chasing The First High

Karasu 071307

Chapter 8: Spirit.

"How could you do this?!" I yelled. My lungs burned as I screamed to Connor. "You fucking asshole! How could you?!"

"Please, stay calm, Joliet. It's for the best," Mr. Smith tried to smile, but it looked forced. There were crow's feet and worry lines creasing his lovely dark skin.

I couldn't look at them anymore.

Mom, Connor, Mr. Smith, Ella, Dev... all of them betrayed me. Apparently, Dev told Connor that I was talking to myself and that I had stayed over at Mr. Smith's. And Con decided that I needed to be taken to the local nut house.

'Angel... it's fine. You just have to make them see that I exist.'

What Esprit asked me to do was worthless. They would never believe me. Never.

I hung my head as my little brother started to cry. That's when Faddei and Royce rushed out of the school (oh, yeah, Con had the decency to do this during school hours).

"What's going on here?! Let him go!" Faddei tried to rush forward to help me, but he was stopped by one of the burly guys who were trying to get me to come with them.

Vaguely, I thought about how cliche this whole situation was. The kooky kid getting turned in by the people he cares about the most.

But, then I though, they don't care about me. They never did. The only person who ever truly believed in me, or loved me was Esprit. Mr. Smith only used me to fill his lusts, Con and Ella were there because of their pity. Hell, I even doubted that my mother loved me.

No, Esprit was the only one I needed.

The only one there for me.

I had to believe that...


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