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She raised her head towards the dark growing clouds above her. The wind breezed over her pale, flawless skin, drying the small droplets of water that dotted her flesh. Perched on the boulder near the shoreline, she crossed her arms and let her chin rest at the cross point of her wrist. Her perfect show-white blonde hair flowed like waves across her bare shoulders and back. Almost reaching her waist. Her perfect crystal-blue eyes held a bored-look as she gazed across the storm-wrecked valley of her's.

An endless ocean of blue that would continue on forever, for from the other side of the view it seemed like the horizon. Like the sun was drowning into the depths of the deep blue as it set to end yet another day.

Above her, storm clouds were rolling in, and the sound of thunder was heard rumbling in the distance. Rumbling like a growl that would emerge from the depths of a beast's throat. Like a warning call to the sailors that think they can tame the ocean's aggressive role, what they didn't know was the ocean was merely a chess piece played on a life-like chessboard. The God of sea, Poseidon, and the God of wind, Zeus, played the cards in this duel. Always ready to trick sailors who believed the owned the sea.

Sighing, she rolled over onto her back, her hair flowing over to her shoulders, and across her bare breast. Her eyes meeting with the dark sky above her. She remembered hearing stories about the people on land. The people with two legs.

They were horrible creatures, with a single eye in the middle of their faces, and only a large mouth with the lower jaw sticking out further that the upper jaw. They were hunched over creatures, who had large crooked arms that dragged on the ground. Their backs would seem broken and their legs pointed in different directions. They were crazy creatures, who would go on killing-rampages, and if they say you they wouldn't waste anytime in killing and skinning you to keep your body as a prize to put up on the wall.

But, she no longer believed in those stories. After all, she was no longer a child. Rolling back over onto her stomach, she could spot several boats coming back to the harbor. Maybe they had learned their lesson from before, and decided not to test the Gods' power. These..., humans, she remembered her mother calling them, weren't anything close to the stories she had grown up on as a child.

They seemed normal. They stood up straight, their arms looked fine and reached maybe their waist, their faces were normal, with the jaws perfectly lined together. But the one thing that intrigued her the most about them was what the walked on. Legs. Two of them to be sure.

She had always been intrigued by them, even as she was a small child, when she snuck off from the underwater palace to get her first glimpse at the world above them. She remembering seeing sailors, and other people on boats. They walked, and ran on the legs. At times, she remembered in the years, where someone had broken one. The bone that was inside.

Just to reach out and touch one was all she really wanted to do. But, she was knew she was a sign of bad luck to the sailors. She could hear them sometimes when she swam beside their boats at night. While they mistaken her for a dolphin, or school of fish, she would be listening in on their conversations. Stories of where they would lure people to their deaths, take them and drown them in the unforgiving sea.

She wouldn't deny the stories, neither would she claim them.

The sound of the wind howling caught her attention, as the cold breeze slid over the sensitive area at the end of her tail. She brought herself up to her arms, and swung her tail around, sitting up on the boulder. Her tail just barely hanging off.

She rested one hand at the hip, feeling the fish-like scales move slowly underneath her flesh. A flesh-like material lined narrowly down the back of her tail, till it reached the end of her tail and created the flip at the end. She reached over and grabbed the end of her tail, looking at the rip in the flesh that had long healed into a deep scar. The propeller of a boat had caught it a few years back, leaving blood in the water as she struggled to keep her balance in swimming. She was helpless in the ocean's current and was pushed to shore, where she stayed for several hours unconscious. When she had awoken, she remembered seeing a pair of deep-brown eyes above her, and all she could do was manage a weak smile.

It was a sailor from one of the boat's, named Poseidon, he apparently had seen her on the beach and came to help. He put a special ointment on the cut and said it should heal within a few days. She could move it more without much pain, and was welcomed to take her place back into the sea.

But, she never forgot about that man. Whoever he was. She would sometimes come up and sit on this boulder, hoping one day she would catch another glance of him. But, the day had yet to come.

Looking up at the thunder that now seemed to grow over her, lightning struck the sky like an angry outbreak. Rain started coming down quickly, like a sheet of water that didn't seem to exist till you stepped in it.

She ran a hand through her hair, before she started singing. Her voice was inhuman and heavenly to the boats around, almost as if she was calling to them. A message that seemed to record over and over in their minds.

'Come, come and dance with me. We'll live forever underneath the endless ocean of this underwater world. We can claim this day as ours'. All you have to do, is come. Follow my voice.'

A/N: I researched and found out the name Inna, is Russia meaning 'strong water'. I figured it would fit. Also, please, you'll have to excuse me, because I don't know that much of mermaids, so it might take me a while before I grasp the concept. I'm not use to doing stories like these.