A/N: Alright, this is the final chapter in the Inna's Story, kind of depressing for me, I don't know about anyone else. It's still hard to believe this all evolved from a dare my friends gave me. To write a mermaid story. Anyways, thanks for all the reviews you guys, I'm glad you liked the story. I hope the ending's enough for you!

"Arnav?" she gasped, finding herself with a lack of air. Her hand was resting on her bruising cheek. It was him though, as he stepped into view. The same hair, eyes and tail. His eyes were sharp, unlike him.

"Arnav, I do not permit..," his father started, as he began to get out of his seat.

"Shut it old man," Arnav hissed, getting his father to stop dead in his tracks. "I can't believe that you would lower yourself to such a disgrace of a wife. She's nothing more than a liar, a bully, and nothing more than a whore of this Earth." she had never heard him spit such violent words at her father, or at anyone for that matter. "Queen Medusa here is nothing more than a liar. Convincing you that the daughter of Yuval has mental problems and is constantly ill from them. She feed you those lies, and you believed them. Inna's the daughter of Yuval. Your daughter, and yet you gave her up for this whore's spawn. I can't believe the stories I've heard when I'm gone, of all the teasing and bullying that Kaelin, and Kelby did to her. And you didn't even give a thought to protect her. You thought it was all fun and games, that Inna was just weak. Well she's not, she's stronger than you are, you filthy bastard."

She got up from the floor, looking at him through a new window. "Arnav, but they said you were dead." she spoke, tears coming to her eyes again.

He looked over at her, his eyes softened. "That would be true, if it at all happened. I simply faked my death, I told the others to make up some kind of story to tell the kingdom." he held out his hand to her, offering a sanc of protection for her. She swam over to him, slipping into his arms. "Then I heard that Inna may have been killed as well, and there was absolutely no reaction from this kingdom. You didn't care, did you Lamar? You had two other daughters you loved and you could simply replace her. She was right before, I was the only person who loved her in this family. But you tore it apart from the moment you asked that monster to marry you. Did you plan on tearing and shattering this family apart? Did you really recently meet Musa? Or was she your Mistress?" His voice strained as he tried to speak the next part. "Did you kill Yuval, Queen of the Ocean? I'm sure you did, but you lie even to yourself to cover the blood-stained trail of yours."

Inna found herself shocked at what he was saying, and saw her father met her same expression. Never once had Arnav ever talked to their father by his first name, or ask such violent questions.

"There is nothing left of this family, except for what you have married, and spawned. I hope you're happy about this," Arnav finished, he shifted his eyes to Musa, who was recovering from her attack. "And I hope you succeed in bring this kingdom down to it's knees, because I no longer account myself as part of this family. I hope you both rot in hell." he shifted his eyes between the two, before closing them. "Come on Inna," he whispered.

She gladly followed him outside. Butch was sitting by the door, he nodded to them as they swam by. They kept swimming till they were enclosed in the surroundings of never-ending blue. She looked over to him, seeing him breathing hard. He looked over at her, and she offered a small smile. "Arnav, I can't believe you..."

He shook his head, "I can't either, but I've been keeping a survey, I can't imagine how you survived all of this."

"It doesn't matter anymore," she whispered, wrapping her arms around him as she nestled against his chest. "You're alive, that's all that matters to me now."

He wrapped his arms around her as well, as their tails entwined with each other. They floated like that till they both heard something that caught them by surprise.

"Arnav! Inna!" they both turned to see an unknown mermaid swimming towards them. Chestnut-colored hair flowed over the woman's shoulders, as she paused in front of them. A small box held in both hands. "Thank god I caught up to you guys in time." she watched as they examined her with curiosity. "I'm Melfina, Butch's daughter. I use to play with you guys when we were kids, till Yuval died."

An instant memory sprang in Inna's mind. "Melfina? I thought you had red hair."

"I did, but when I grew older it went dark," Melfina smiled, before looking down at the box in her hands. "Listen, dad told me to give you guys this. Yuval gave it to him for the future, just days before she died. He hid it, and said to wait for the perfect timing. And he said it was now." she handed it over to them. "I'll see you guys later." she swam off.

"I wonder what it is?" Arnav commented, before opening the box. Inside were two short chains, and a small gem. An Emerald. He took the chain, there was a small locket part where it looked like a small gem could fit in it. Curious, he took the gem and snapped it onto the locket. It fit perfectly. "Here, do you have that Sapphire?"

She nodded, and handed it to him. He snapped it onto the second chain. She watched as he took the Emerald chain and put it around his neck. It fit like a choker. She did the same with the Sapphire chain. It fit just as nicely. "What do you suppose these are for?"
"I don't know, but it must mean something," Arnav whispered, he looked up.

"What's this?" Inna asked, reaching for the box, something was engraved at the top. Surface. Beach. "What's this suppose to..., wait," she whispered. She grabbed Arnav's hand. "I think I know." she pulled him towards the surface, swimming towards the beach. Breaking the water, she looked around to see the beach was empty and silent.

"What do we do now?" he asked, looking around.

"I don't know, I thought I understood," she whispered, "Apparently not." she swatted at the top surface of water.

"Don't beat yourself up over this," he said, patting her on the shoulder. "I think I might though." he swam towards the beach, hitting the sand with his palms. He turned around to look at her, watching as she pulled up next to him.

"I guess it doesn't matter if anyone sees us now, huh," she commented, going to flip her tail up. But it wasn't there anymore. Instead it looked separated into two. She gasped, seeing that it was different. She had..., legs. Like a human. And she wore some kind of fabric around her waist that fell halfway down her legs, where they bend. She looked over at Arnav, seeing he was going through the same shock.

"What the hell?" he whispered.

She agreed with him there. Wanting to test something out, she slipped back further into the water, watching as her tail came back when her legs merged together. Getting back up, they separated. "These gems I think they make us human when we get out of the water, but back to normal when we get back to the water." She let out a small laugh, before standing up. A little unstable, but still standing. She wore a white silk blouse, or that's what she had heard they were called.

Arnav got up with her, wearing what seemed to be something identical to what Greg wore..., she wondered where he was?

"This seems a little...out of place," Arnav spoke, "I mean, why would mother leave us these things?"

"Here, let me tell you a story that might explain some things," the two looked up at the voice, surprised to see another figure standing a few feet away. "A few years back, I was wondering on this beach as I normally do in the evening. I saw this figure laying half-submerged in the water, blood everywhere around her. I rushed to her side, see if I was in time to help. That's when I noticed she had a tail, a mermaid of the kind. She was beautiful, radiant in the falling light. I knew I couldn't just leave her laying there, I figured maybe I could bring her inside the mansion, keep her in a bath tub and nurse her wounds. Just till she was strong enough to go back to the sea. But, as I went to pick her up, something magical happened. As she was pulled from the water, she no longer had a tail, but she had legs. I didn't think more on this but it was simple magic. She wore a charm around her neck, it was an Opal I believe. That's when she opened her eyes and looked at me. She just simply whispered, 'I can now rest assure in peace, knowing my children are safe and well protected'. Of course, I didn't know what that meant, but nevertheless I took her to the medical ward to get some attention from those wounds. Horrible wounds they were, almost like stab wounds."

Inna heard Arnav let out a low growl. She put her hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

"That woman, gone by the name of Sylvia, lived for short years, before finally resting to her final death bed. Most people are curious about her death, knowing that it seemed impossible for such a young woman to die of natural causes. Some say she died from the wounds she was still suffering from, I say she died with a smile on her face, so there's nothing more with words. From then on, I continued to walk on this beach, I wasn't sure what I hoped to find, but I knew something was out there. Then one day, I found a similar-looking mermaid on the beach, bleeding from her tail. Without knowing it, I fell in love with Yuval's daughter."

Inna's heart felt as though it stopped. Yuval's daughter, that was her. But the woman named Sylvia..., that would be her mother's human name. "So, she planned this from the beginning. You know, rumors always did pass that she could see the future, or at least know something that would lead to later events. But, Greg...,"

"Amazing," Arnav commented, he fingered the gem around his neck. "She seemed to know her jewels would be needed in the future. She gave them to Butch for safe keeping, Butch was the only guard she could trust. Then, when the time would come, she knew that Butch would hand those gems to us, and we would be free to venture both Ocean and land."

"Precisely," Greg smiled, before looking up at the falling of the evening sun. "It's been some hours since we last found ourselves out here. Come on, you can stay with me. Both of you. I suppose on the walk home, I can try to think of some kind of cover story."

"Greg," Inna smiled, walking over to him. She placed her hands over his wrist, before leaning up. She planted a soft kiss on his lips, before pulling away. "You know, even on the first day we met, I knew I wanted to kiss you."

"I guess that makes two of us," Greg said, returning her charming smile. "Come on then, we'll head inside." he turned and started to lead the two back towards a large mansion that was at the peak of a hill overlooking the ocean.

"I suppose this is a new life then," Arnav said,

"A new life with an ocean of mysterious," Inna commented.