Ugh! Another day in the same front row seat of Stevenson's math class, attempting to learn something I don't know or care about--it was like a dream come true, I thought rolling my eyes.

So how the heck in God's name is this class ever going to help me in life? Waste of time anyone? Boring boring…Ok so I'm supposed to understand this new "Sine ratio"? Whatever…

Suddenly, Mrs. Baxter's voice appeared on the speakers: "Initiate Lockdown procedure, initiate lockdown!" Following this, came a beeping noise every three seconds. I turned to Cathy. "Great another practice sessions of crouching at the floor, and smelling each other's sweat."

"They never mentioned this at the staff meeting last night--Uh oh!" Instant panic was scribbled all over Stevenson's face. "Shhh…" Stevenson managed, in a low voice. "Guys you know the drill. Quick, get behind that wall and crouch down on the floor, even better get under those desks against the walls. Not a single word."

Curious I asked, "Sir, what's wrong?" Instantly, the very look on Stevenson's face freaked me out!

"I said no talking…" He said in a strange low voice. Oh my god, what was happening? I need to know! Then as if it was a moral struggle, Stevenson spoke in the lowest possible voice, "Guys do not make a single sound, NOTHING, ok? I want you all to be very calm as I say this, and after I am done speaking no sounds," he warned. "This school potentially has threat full intruders, that have invaded this school. You make the tiniest noise, and they know that there are people hiding in this room. They come in and we all die--NO noise."

BANG, BANG!!! Oh my God…They fired a gun, I think! Everyone looked shocked and even a little confused, but I think inside everyone knew that it was a gun shooting noise we had just witnessed, and that it wasn't far from us…

Looking at Mr. Stevenson, make me feel even worse--he was literally wiping sweat off his forehead. He looked like such a frightened, fragile man, compared to what I had seen from day to day in his math class. How could a teacher, who is scared out of his wits still manage to keep calm, and quiet just to be strong for his tribe, his students.

Then we heard noises of voices, one of them saying: "What you staring at bitch? You never seen a dead body before? Huh? Ya wanna touch it? Go ahead. Go…GO!" After some silence we heard words again, that seemed to belong to the same voice. "Ya see 'dat bloood? You like the red? Red's my favorite color you know. Can you spell red?" Silence. "Spell red ya fucking bitch!" We heard a terrifying trembling scream. "Gimme 'dat hand. Now lick his blood! That's right…does red taste good? BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG!!!

I wanted to scream so loud for help but I managed to tame my urge. Hot tears rushing down my cheeks, making them wet. Oh my God, who did he kill now? Why is this happening to me? I don't want this, I want to be home.

Right then, we heard loud, very loud sounds of laughing. It was so frightening--it sounded so maniacal.

Suddenly, foot steps became louder and louder. Oh no they were here! Frightened and waiting for what was next to come we all stared at the door.

Thank goodness… They're footsteps were fading.

Shouldn't the police be here trying to help us not get killed?! Where the heck were they? Then, as if like a segue, God had received my message, there was a group of six or seven cops, wearing heavy black jackets, on the roof heading towards our windows.

They signaled us to open it, but none of us moved a single inch. We all remembered Mr. Stevenson's very words: "You make a noise, they find you, you're dead."

Then Mr. Stevenson got up slowly, and signaled for Ted to help him. Ted was reluctant, but he got up eventually. Perhaps he knew he had to put some effort into trying to save lives if it was possible.

Almost as if they had already rehearsed this routine, they looked at each other, and with barely making any noise, they opened the lock. The trouble now was opening the window without making creaking noises--it looked completely impossible! Those damn windows were never oiled. CREAK CREAK CREEEEEAAK!

Then as if, Stevenson has just remembered, he pulled the big window open in half a second, while making only one creaking noise. It was almost like watching magic, only it was in a dangerous situation. They stepped quietly aside and the police crawled in.

THUMP THUMP! Louder…THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP! Oh no, they were coming closer!

Those steps sounded so determined. Like they had smelled a rat, and were out to hunt it now.

The police jumped out fast, and methodically advanced towards the door, with hunched-backs. Then they stopped. Stared, and glued their backs against the wall.

The door opened…I could smell blood. Was this it? Is this how my life ends? Wait! Why wasn't the police doing anything?

Oh my Godddd!!! They're coming! They're after me! They're 'gonna kill me. HYUK!

Huh? Why don't they have me? Oh no! They're after Mr. Stevenson.

"Asshole! Ya thought you could run from me? Do I look like a dick to you?! Thinking you'd be all quiet with these idiots and I'd miss you?" He said. "Did you fucking think that I'd let you live in peace after that!!?"

"You fucking pulled me out of my bed every night and said you'd hurt me if I said anything! Or even moved!" He screamed. "I killed my mom too you know that? That bitch did nothing! She knew what you did to me every night, and ignored it!. 'That's ok, who cares about Pete.'"

"Well, let's see who the fuck cares about you now! 'Cause she's dead."

Then, the cops slowly advanced in the darkness and took out their guns. BANG! BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!!! Mr. Stevenson was dead…

The cops grabbed all of them from behind, and nailed them to the ground. Though all of them struggled, the guys were handcuffed.

Then, as they were being taken away, Mr. Stevenson's murderer looked me in the eye. It was so fierce! Violent, yet filled with emotion.

"You're teacher was a fucking BASTARD!"