The Audience

Would you stand up against them? Would you prevail against their jeers? Their jeers will tear you apart if you aren't good, you know. That happens a lot of times. Let me tell you a story…

There was a circus clown named Will. He was just like any other circus clown, mind you. Same personality, same goofy makeup, same goofy goal: to make people laugh. Now, he thought he was a very good circus clown. Many people would agree. But then he face The Audience. That's right, capital 'T', capital 'A'. The Audience. Only people brave enough dared to brave The Audience. Many of them walked out with broken hearts. Some didn't even walk out at all.

The Audience was the meanest group of people you could ever meet. They were arrogant. They were tough. They threw sharp objects at you. Remember Boris the Tough Guy? He got pierced in the head by a knife, and had to be carried to the hospital. By now, many people didn't go see The Audience. But Will didn't know that. All he knew was that The Audience was a grumpy bunch and that they needed some cheering up to do. And you know what? He did just that.

He came in with a wholeheartedly attitude. The Audience was surprised. They had never seen a Performer who had so much energy. Nevertheless, they started booing and jeering. Will wasn't intimidated by this. He started performing. First, he took out some balls and started juggling. The Audience booed and hissed. They did not like juggling.

Will saw this, so he changed his routine. He started telling jokes. Most were funny, but some made The Audience chuck food at him. Will saw this, so he changed his routine.

Will took out a top hat and a magical wand. Then, he started performing comedy magic. The Audience was a serious bunch, and they did not like clowns and their silly comical magic, so they booed and threw sharp objects at him.

Will saw this, so he changed his routine. He wore a Charlie Chaplin-like moustache and performed slapstick comedy. The Audience did not like comedy and they did not like Charlie Chaplin, so they started threatening Will.

Finally, Will had enough. He ripped off his Charlie Chaplin-like moustache and yelled, "GO GET A LIFE!"

The Audience was startled. No one had ever yelled back at them. They never felt the pain one has when insulted. Many Audience members broke down and cried. They were overcome with guilt. Will had overcome the painful jeers of The Audience, and he became one of the most respected comedian and clown around.

So the moral of the story is…um, there is no moral. But that's not the point. The point is that if you face a horrible audience, don't let them get to you. Keep on doing your best. Sooner or later, the audience will recognize your strength and courage. Then, you will earn the most powerful reward of all: respect.