In 20XX, two explorers digging near the site of Roanoke Island found an ancient piece of parchment, presumably from the Lost Colony of Roanoke. It was poorly written, with mistakes here and there, suggesting that the author was either illiterate or in a rush to write it. Some places are unreadable, and thus replaced with "-blank-".


i am writing tis in a hury becaus there is much to tawk about. our leader john white returned to england to gather more suplies. wierd things are hapening here. our pastor, john abelman, fell ill in the morning and died in the afternon. at first we thot that he was calle up to be with Our Lord, but then we found that somthin was wrong with his cows as well. several did not get up and -blank- are-blank-. we fear -blank- was the cos behiind awl tis. -blank- days later, a scholrom cot on fiire and ten litle chidren died. we do not kno wat hapened to tem.

wierd things awre hapening, and i beleve tat -blank- are -blank-. -blank- indians deny that they wer invoved, but many of us tink oterwise. i fear that theyw wil merder us in our beds.

one day has pased. i do not kno wat is going on. everywhere yu see, therwe is confution. stranhje flamin -blank- awre faling form the skii, and the see turrned brite red. i fear this will be the end of our world. so long, everone. i am paying for my sins. tell my


there's more, but the scientists are still trying to decipher it.