Smoke shit
Talk shit
The love, The hate
Die to feel
Up for days
never sleep
Crashing point
Tweak again
Bad grades
Failing school
Destined to be
Drop out
Worth less
Don't know
Shoot up
Snort, sniff
Purple haze
Hit of weed
Crystal meth
Death desire
Lost hope
Mix it up
Lost in sin
What mama doesn't know
Your life, your choice
Down the drain
All you know
No more friends
Such a whore
Heroin queen
Drop the acid
So cheap
Sleep aroundGet shit
Cocaine high
For a price
Your body in ruins
Cheap shot
Too horny
He wants your body
To use
To abuse
To trash to taint
You let, you die
Once my best
Now I cant speak
Now I cant see
Your life
Your pile of shit
You dragged it down
Shut the door
Rough sex
Make it hurt
On the streets
Still needing
Still feeding
To that tweak
Smoking shit
Glass pipe
No sense
No direction
Dead end job
laid off
Baby on the way
Abusing your body
Your bottomless pit
You take and you drag
Sell your soul for a gram
You brought your self here
Stared with a life of money
Mother and father that gave a damn
Perfect home
Just a rebellious cause in your blood
Took it to far
Kicked out of the house
Mom and dad don't know
Were you've been
Where your going
Tried so hard
To keep you safe
Broken apart
Didn't know
Your life of lies
Your life of sin
Didn't just hurt you
Friends that introduced you to tweak
Brought that shit out of their life's
They couldn't save you
And I could save you
You changed your life for the life of drugs
Now your lost
Now your gone
Who are you
What have you become?
See you on the streets
Dirty body
needing, feeding, feeling
your life of tweak
that crystal shit