My Isle Eternal

Have you been to the distant Isle,

Of forests green?

'Tis a place few have seen

The ilk, from a dreamers dream

'Tis a place – where peace is touchable

'Tis a place – where hope is tangible

Have you ever been to this distant Isle?

So stark and stunning –

So serene and silent –

It stings?

Have you ever beheld the breath

Before morns break?

As thru the land,

Fair melody of music

Does sound.

Have you ever, in sacred circle stood?

With stones of hinge –

All around?

There colors of granite and gray,

Hath seen more than you or I,

Ever may.

Have you ever watched?

In open-eyed wonder,

As the sun ascends?

-Slow and steady-

Over those grassy greens

-Of hill and meadow,

-Of lake and land,

A dark entrapping beauty

Such as few could hope to understand.

Have you ever stood?

Aloof and alone

A silent specter

As sun swept fire

Stains the sea?

Have you ever been here?

To my Isle of myth and magic,

Nay, you could not, this place

You can never know.

Once foot steps upon sand,

You are bound,

Upon this land.

You have never been here.

To my timeless Isle…

To my eternal cage…

With bars against,

I continue to rage.

This Isle, of mine, you'll find

Eternally can bind

Both body, soul and mind.

Thus this Isle

-So beautiful-

-So bleak-

I prey,

You never do find.