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Chapter 13

There were countless pairs of eyes staring at me, most of them I didn't even know; nameless faces in a crowd.

The room was, in a loss for more descriptive words, perfect. Pink and white rose petals were scattered down the aisle. Each row of white chairs had a silver ribbon tied to the chair on the end of the aisle. Long, silver pieces of silk hung on the walls from floor to ceiling, the arch way that the priest stood under was covered in white and pink roses. The room was covered in glowing, white colored candles that smelled amazingly like, of course, roses.

Everyone was on their feet and turned towards me.

Okay, this was way too much attention. God I hope I didn't look fat in my dress, or have something stuck in my teeth, or heaven help me if my dress was tucked into my underwear, which happened to be white and lacy seeing as I never recovered my regular ones from Sean.

I was at the end of the aisle all too soon and my dad was leaning in to kiss me on my cheek before taking his place next to my mom, whom was, as dad had told me, a mess. I doubt she could actually see me through all of her tears.

I took one last deep breath and walked the remaining steps up to Sean.

I closed my eyes as he lifted my veil, his fingers gently brushing against my hair.

"You look perfect." He whispered to me as he took my free hand in his.

"You don't look too bad yourself." I said smiling, relaxing a bit as I felt him squeeze my hand.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"

You know one thing that always seemed to bore me was weddings. I mean why did they need all of the pointless stuff? Couldn't we just walk up here say 'I do', kiss the bride and then go to the reception? Everyone knows that people only go to weddings for the reception; the free food and booze are what reel them in.

I mean who is really going to pass up the opportunity for free food and booze? When was the last time you got drunk off your ass for free? Exactly. Actually, I've never even drank so I guess my answer would be never.

"The couple will now recite their vows."

Shit. Was it already that time? We had been told that we were writing our own vows and seeing as I'm not the most poetic person, this was going to be a disaster.

Here goes nothing.

"I never thought that this would be the road that my life would take. I never thought that I would meet a person like you and I admit you have your bad times, but more than that you have your good times. You have shown me that there is always a brighter future waiting for me at the end of the tunnel and for that I am eternally grateful. Today, I stand before you hoping that you will be my light to guide me through this tunnel to the brighter side." I took a deep breath at the end and let it out slowly. It was a hard thing to write, because essentially I had purposely left out the word love, I didn't want to lie in my wedding vows, and to say that I loved Sean, at this point in my life, would have been a lie.

Sean smiled at me as I finished my vows and cleared his throat before he began his.

"From this day on, I choose you, Allison, to be my wife. To live with you and laugh with you; to stand by your side, and sleep with you in my arms; to be joy to your heart, and food for your soul; to bring out the best in you always, and, for you, to be the most that I can. I promise to laugh with you in good times, to struggle with you in bad; to solace you when you are downhearted; to wipe your tears with my hands; to comfort you with my body; to mirror you with my soul; to share with you all my riches and honors; and to love you from this day forward until the last breath is forced from my body."

Who knew Sean could be so poetic; not me.

By this time I was crying. There were tears streaming down my face, leaving salty streaks behind them. He had said that he had chosen me; I was no longer someone who he was forced to marry. He had also said that he loved me. This alone made me cry for two opposite reasons. One being that he loved me, if he had meant what he said, that he loved me and would continue to love me. The other reason that I cried was because I felt like a terrible person. I didn't love the person who loved me. I had come to the realization that I liked Sean, but love was a totally different emotion. Would I ever be able to love him?

"Do you Sean Patrick Dashwood, take Allison Michelle Logan to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do." Sean said with confidence.

"Do you Allison Michelle Logan; take Sean Patrick Dashwood to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." I said fighting back more tears that were on the brink of spilling over.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Sean smiled and leaned in to kiss me. I could hear thunderous applause and cheers, some wolf whistles, from Sean's friends no doubt, and Natalie letting out a big "Woo!" However, the moment Sean's lips touched mine, I could no longer hear any of the noise. It was just the two of us, Sean and I, forever and always, till death do us part.

Sean pulled away from the kiss, because God knew I wasn't going to.

Smiling he took my hand and led me down the aisle past my sobbing mother, past my beaming father, past the nameless faces that smiled and clapped.

"Are you ready for the reception, Mrs. Dashwood?" Sean asked, his famous smirk on his face.

Wow. That sure as hell sounded weird. Mrs. Dashwood, Allison Michelle Dashwood, Ally Dashwood, A.D. This was definitely going to take some getting used to.

He smiled as the realization hit me.

"Is there something wrong Mrs. Dashwood?"

"Nope, just not used to the name yet."

"You'll get used to it. It's a rather wonderful name; I mean it belongs to a wonderful couple."

"Enough with the flattery, we have to get to the reception." I replied hitting him on the arm.

The reception was being held in the same ballroom that the engagement party had been held in. Needless to say, it was beautiful. There were numerous tables, all draped in white linen with rose petals on top, surrounding the dance floor. A D.J had been booked and was already set up in the middle of the right wall in front of the dance floor.

"Get ready." Sean said.

"For what?"

"The huge line of people that is about to form. Make sure you smile, thank everyone for coming, blah, blah, blah."

I rolled my eyes thinking that Sean had gone crazy, that was until people started filing in.

My face hurt from smiling so much, my feet hurt from standing in my heels so long, and my head was spinning, trying to remember all the names that had been said in the last forty five minutes.

"Please tell me that was the last person." I asked turning to Sean, dropping my smile for the first time in awhile.

"Yea, but now we have to go listen to the best man and the maid of honor toasts, cut the cake, share the first dance, and then we can relax... well a little bit."


Sitting down at the front table, I slipped my heels off under the table. Screw shoes.

The first person up to give a toast was the best man, Ben, Natalie's fiancé.

His toast had been filled with memories of the terrors him and Sean had apparently wrecked on London society as youngsters and he had ended with a raunchy comment and a wink in Sean's direction. I was going to have to tell Natalie that her engagement was off, on the account that her future husband was going to die.

Natalie's toast was wonderful, almost bringing me to tears. She had mentioned the day we became friends, our shopping trips, and our experience with Liddy. She told everyone that even though she had only known me for a short period of time she saw me as a sister and a friend for life. Maybe I wouldn't kill Ben on the account that his fiancée had made up for his speech, that and I saw her whack him on the back of the head after his speech.

The wedding cake was the next 'event'.

Of course Sean and I did the traditional 'smash the cake if your partner's face'. I mean seriously would it be a wedding if you didn't do that? I admit that I did shove the cake a bit rougher than necessary, but when was the next time I was going to be able to smear food on his face?

"The bride and groom will now share their first dance as a newly-wed couple!" The D.J boomed.

Numerous cheers rose up from the crowd of people.

"Great." I mumbled under my breath.

"What, don't want to dance with me darling?" Sean asked as he led me to the middle of the dance floor and the music started.

The lights dimmed and a gigantic spotlight was put on us.

"No, I just don't like to be the center of attention." I replied as I wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands wound around my waist pulling me closer to him.

"Well that's too bad because all eyes are on you, and they should be because you look so beautiful," he whispered in my ear, pulling me even closer to him.

I quickly buried my head into his shoulder, not wanting him, or anyone else, to see how red my face had gotten.

Thankfully, the song finally ended as it faded into another slow song and other couples joined us on the floor. With the spotlight gone and other couples encasing us in a crowd, I felt much more comfortable.

The next three songs had all been slow songs and I continued to dance with Sean and smile politely at the passing dancers as they offered their congratulations.

A faster song came on and half of the dance floor, the older half, dispersed to their tables to chat. Looking around I would have to guess that everyone left on the dance floor was either in their teens to mid twenties. It was a small relief knowing that I wouldn't have to see my parents, or anyone else around their age, bump and grind.

I pulled out of Sean's grip and started to edge my way off the dance floor.

"Ally, where are you going?" Sean asked grabbing my hand.

"I don't dance to fast songs." I replied pulling loose and losing him in the crowd of people.

Escaping the smothering tangle of limbs, I spotted a waiter with a tray of champagne glasses. I quickly walked over and snatched one off the tray. The waiter gave me a disapproving look, but with one glare from me, the bride, he knew he had lost. I don't care how old you are, you can't tell the bride she can't drink.

Well this was a night of first; I was married and hell, why not make it a night of drinking. Heaven knew I was going to need it to get through this night.

Three glasses of champagne later and I was feeling a bit giggly.

"How come I'm not dancing?" I asked myself frowning as I looked out at the dance floor.

Snatching another glass from a passing waiter I downed the drink and set the empty glass on the nearest table. I quickly spotted Sean and clumsily made my way over to him.

He was sitting at a table with a few of his friends, laughing at something that someone had said.

"Let's dance." I declared grabbing his hand and pulling him out of his chair.

"I thought you said you didn't dance to fast songs?" He asked puzzled as I dragged him onto the dance floor.

"I never said that," I defended as I fought my way through the crowd.

I found my desired location, which happened to be the center of the crowd, and put my back to Sean, moving my hips in time with the loud bass. Without any more questions, Sean placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closed to him, pressing his chest to my back.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Natalie dancing with Ben. She gave me a surprised look and then a big smile. I had a feeling that she was giggly like me.

After a long time of dancing, Sean and I were both sweating, along with everyone else on the dance floor. I pulled him out of the hot crowd and scouted the place for the nearest waiter with a tray of drinks.

Finding one I let go of Sean's hand to grab a glass. Just as I was about to take a drink, the glass disappeared from my hand.

I looked up to Sean holding it.

"Give it back," I demanded.

"Ally, have you been drinking?" He asked holding the glass out of reach.

"No," I lied just wanting to get my glass back.

"Liar, you're drunk aren't you?"

"Do I look drunk to you?"

Maybe that wasn't the best time to sway to the right.


"Oh come on. I've never had a drink before tonight and I'm the bride, you can't say no to me," I reached for the glass as I ranted on.

"Well I'm the groom and I say you've already had enough," Sean said giving the glass to a passing waiter. "I think it's time we make our exit and get you to bed."

I grumbled as Sean pulled me through the throng of people and up to the D.J's stand.

"Well, we would like to thank everyone for coming," Sean said into the microphone after the D.J stopped the music. "But I think it's time for me and my new wife to retire to our room. Enjoy the rest of the party."

A series of cheers and wolf whistles went up into the air at the mention of Sean and I going to our bedroom.

Sean took my hand and began to lead me toward the staircase.

I on the other hand was not done partying. I quickly grabbed a glass from a passing waiter and downed half of the glass' contents before Sean took it away and set it back on the tray.

It only took Sean about three seconds to pick me up and sling me over his shoulder. A loud roar of laughter emitted from the crowd as Sean trumped up the stairs with me slumped on his shoulder.

"Hey, this isn't how you're supposed to carry me," I whined.

"Sorry princess, but this will have to do for now."

"You have a cute butt," I commented gazing intently at Sean's rather nice bottom.

I could feel him laugh and pat me gently on my own butt.

"Thanks, you have a cute butt too."

"Has anyone ever told you that your accent is super sexy?"

"Hm... I think you're the first."

"I like being first. You're either first our you're last!" I delcared quoting one of my favorite movies.

Carrying me into our bedroom, Sean placed me on the bed and headed off in the direction of the bathroom.

Minutes later he came out dressed in his usual plaid pajama pants, sans shirt.

I was still trying to get out of my dress, but was failing terribly, not being able to reach the laces on my back.

"Help me get this off," I whined frustrated.

I saw him smile and reach for the laces; his fingers lightly grazing my skin as he did so.

As he finished with the last lace, my dress fell to the floor. I turned around to face him. He looked down and smiled as he realized that his evil scheme had worked and I had been forced to wear white lacy underwear with a matching bra.

I smiled back at him mimicking his own expression.

In less than a second, my lips were on his. My hands were tangled in his hair. Our bodies pressed together. I kissed him with a passion I never knew I possessed. It was an animalistic, greedy kiss, and I liked it.

It only took Sean a second or two to recover from his initial shock.

His hand wound around my waist pulling me closer to him. His lips moved against mine in the same manner, the primal, hungry passion spilling over.

Without even realizing it we ended up on the bed. Sean was looming over me as my hands greedily explored his bare chest, running over every line; memorizing every perfect muscle.

Our lips made contact again and I felt his tongue dart out to trace my lower lip. I quickly opened my mouth and allowed him in; our tongues moving together. To my protest Sean broke away from the kiss, but quickly started to kiss his way down my throat to my collar bone.

A guttural sound escaped my mouth and my hips rose to meet his as he licked a particular spot on my neck. I had never felt anything like this before; it was amazing, it was wonderful, and I wanted more.

Sitting up I managed to maneuver myself on top of Sean, straddling his hips, I bent down and returned the favor of what he had done to me. I couldn't resist pulling back and running my hands down his chest.

My hands came to rest at the top of his pants. Giving him a wicked smile, my fingers curled in, beginning to tug his pants down.

Sean sat up and put his hands on top of mine, stopping me from removing his pants.

I looked up to meet his gaze confused.

"Ally, no." He said looking me straight in the eye.

"Why not?"

"Because I know the only reason you're doing this is because you're drunk and if you go any further, you'll regret it in the morning."

"No, I want to," I protested, trying to tug at his pants again.

"Ally." Sean gave a low growl tilting his head back.

"You don't want me?" I asked my hands dropping into my own lap.

"No! I mean yes, I want you, but I know you don't want this, not yet."

Leaning down I captured his bottom lip between mine and gently sucked on it.

"I think I can change your mind." I whispered in his ear, my tongue flicking out to tease him.

"You have no idea how difficult you're making it for me to say no." Sean growled.

"Then just say yes." Another flick of the tongue.

"No. Ally, not tonight. You'll thank me in the morning."

Scowling, I climbed off of him and flopped onto the other side of the bed.

"I'm not even going to get any on my wedding night." I pouted.

"And I thought I was going to be the one complaining about that." Sean chuckled as he pulled me into his arms, pressing me against his chest. "Get some sleep; you're going to have a dreadful hangover in the morning."

I didn't need much convincing, I could already feel the alcohol lulling me to sleep. I mumbled a few more incoherent sentences before I feel asleep in the arms of my husband.

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