The World No Longer Enunciates Its Words
The world no longer enunciates its words

They become an incoherent mess and

I become too confused

To know where to begin

Maybe I could understand them better

If my head wasn't filled with

The relentless sound of my alarm clock

Constantly unaware of my unconscious

I'm stuck in a state where I

Can't tell what's the truth because

Facts aren't always truthful

The world no longer enunciates its words

They could be Xhosa or Latin or Sanskrit

But the words no longer want to be understood

Because they might offend and then be abused

And we have so few brave characters

To stand and fight and protect the sacred words

Just plenty of cowards

Hiding behind lawyers

Hiding behind tainted money

Stacked in dusty vaults

And it's no wonder the once-clear words don't want to be heard

The world no longer enunciates its words

The differences between socialism and communism are lost

And the evils of democracy and republic are preached

Contrary to what they taught us in school.

God becomes evil

And man is the law

Contrary to what we learned in Sunday school.

But churches are stained by crimes

Because they're run by imperfect humans

But so are schools

And no two ideas seem to agree anymore

The world no longer enunciates its words

And those who would have liked to listen

Become victims

Battered by irrational thoughts

And forced to choose between illogical ideas

We need someone

With the strength and wisdom of Athena

But we just keep waiting

And can't accept those who try to be

So we really don't have anything

Not even the once-clear words of the Earth

The world no longer enunciates its words

When so few try to listen

But I swear that just last Thursday

The words were clearer to me

Than they are now

But I've become too distracted to pay much attention

So they've shifted further away

And while I strive for understanding

I hope to find a permanent place

On one side or the other

Of my alarm clock's increasingly urgent toll