I made a lot of scripts, most of them filling 70-page notebooks. But I have never done a medieval one before. Now is the chance, and I intend to make itas funny and stupid as possible while putting up a creative storyline.


(two wizards are sitting around a round table. Their names are Round and Dominic)

Round: (taking a sip of coffee) the world is in great danger, my friend. The Demons draw near. Pretty soon, they will enter Matador. We must stop them.

Dominic: (worried) But how? We haven't recruited any knights during the past 30 years! All our knights are over 50 years old!

Knight: (In squeaky voice) Where's the cheese?! (looks around) I smell it, but I don't see it!

Round: (sniffing) What is that queer smell?

(He sniffs some more)

Dominic: (dazed) I feel…faint…

(He faints)

Round: Dominic! Dominic!

(Round faces Knight)

Round: You are a traitor! Guards! Take him away!

(Two guards, both over 70 years old, just stand there crookedly. They stay like that for a while)

Guard: What?! I can't hear you!

Round: (pointing at Knight) I said, take him away!!

Guard: (puts a hand to ear) You're gonna have to speak louder, son!

Round: I said- ugh! Nevermind! I'll do it myself!

(He takes out a wand)

Round: Oh, shoot. We've been at peace so long that I've forgotten how to use this wand! Uh, let's see here…

(He gives the wand a woosh. Nothing happens)

Round: (scratching head) oh dear…um…abracadabra!

(He waves it. Nothing happens. The Knight scratches his backside)

Round: Oh, joy. I give up!

(He throws his wand away in despair. It hits the Knight on the head. The Knight falls, snoring)

(Round surveys the scene)

Round: (shaking his head) looks like we need to hire more troops.


Guard: (cupping hand to ear) What did you say?!

Fade to Black…