Scene 11

(Soby and Joseph hover above the dazed footman)

Soby: What in Nadar is going on?

Footman: Huh? Are you my ma?

Joseph: (Points at Soby) He is.

Soby: Shh! Quiet, you lunk!

Footman: What?

Soby: What is going on?

Footman: I don't know, ma, you tell me.

Soby: Crap! Joseph!

Joseph: Heheh…

Soby: (To Footman) I'll ask one more time. What is going on?!

Footman: Oy, ma! (Claps hands) I want cookies! Fried, too! Chop chop, woman!

Soby: rrghh…Joseph, fetch me a pail of water.

Joseph: Sure thing, ma.

Soby: RAR!

(Joseph leaves and comes back a few minutes later, carrying a bucketful of water)

Joseph: This better be enough. I had to go far for this thing.

Soby: (looks into the pail and whines) this water's brown!

Joseph: So is your face.

Soby: Ah, well.

(Soby dumps water ? on the dazed footman. The footman immediately comes to his senses)

Footman: Huh? Where am I?

Soby: Tell me what is going on here!

Footman: Oh! I forgot! We're under attack! There are Spears inside the castle!

Soby and Joseph: WHAT?!

Soby: We gotta warn Devon!

Joseph: And Gavin? Hell no!

Soby: Hell yes! Let's go!

(Up on the roof of a building, Frank watches the two heroes intently as they run towards the castle)


(Meanwhile, in the castle. Devon and Gavin search the empty castle for sign of life, but all they see are bodies)

Devon: Hello? Is anyone there? Preferably anyone not gay?

Gavin: Yay!

Devon: Hellooooo? Somebody answer me please!

(All of a sudden, a Spear jumps out, yelling. His sword is drawn.)

Devon: Yikes!

(He draws his sword and deflects the Spear's blow. Devon then spins around and strikes the Spear right in the gut)

Spear: Urk! (Dies)

Devon: Geez! I thought this was supposed to be a family comedy!

Writer: Stick to the script, bitch!

Devon: Okay okay! Fine…

(On a ledge somewhere above them, Frank watches Devon and Gavin intently as they move on)

Fade to Black…