Set adrift at the mercy of the sea,

the morning mist obscures my home from sight

My ears hear an unearthly melody;

I see my boat engulfed in eastern light.

The waves still and I drift toward the shore

of a barren isle that I've never known.

I step forward so that I might explore

when I realize that I am not alone.

White shoulders emerge from the silver hide

that slips off to reveal her form to me.

At last the sleek, wet skin is cast aside

and she stands, sky clad, gazing at the sea.

I try to turn but cannot help but stare,

too spellbound by this captivating sight.

With stealth, I creep to catch her unaware,

and take her pelt in hand and grip it tight.

She turns to me and looks me in the eye.

With a smug smile I beckon her come near.

She tarries as she bids the sea goodbye

and as she blinks I think I glimpse a tear.

She falls, forlorn, into my strong embrace,

but my heart sings that I can hold her near.

She steps aboard my boat with utmost grace.

As I cast off she seems about to cry,

but sunrise shows the small smile on her face

and all my guilty doubts are cast away.

I know that by my side she'll always stay,

but though I have her captive, bound to me.

I'm not enough—she'll always crave the sea.