Summary- Reikou, Shinju, Haku, and Kaze were classmates in the world of the mortal dimension. Kaze was known school-wide as someone who people shouldn't mess with when mad. Haku was a freak and picked on because of his white hair. Shinju was a mute, hasn't talked since she was 8. Reikou was a loner, one who people feared yet admired. The four never interacted with each other, though they have heard of each other from rumors and gossips. Then they find out that they were the reincarnations of the four Legendary Angels, a group of people who saved the Four Worlds. However, the four must work together to defeat Makai from taking over the mortal, spiritual, and magical dimensions while learning to control their powers at the same time. But with everything going on in their personal life, including Kaze's rashness, Haku's insecurities, Shinju's reason for not talking, Reikou's troubled past, and their past life's memories coming back, Mission Save Worlds From Demons seem a little impossible for them to do.

Warnings- Might have shounen-ai/shoujo-ai

The most beautiful of angels are not the perfect ones.

Legacy of the Angels


Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It is an option. Impossible is not a declaration. It is a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary.

Impossible is nothing.


There has been many stories about 4 famous 'angels'. When a demon had rised in power and had controlled parts of the Demon World and was able to move on to the Spirit World and Human World, the God of the Underworld had summoned his most trusted servants and strongest warriors and sent them out to battle. When things had looked grim, four people who had nothing but everything in common had worked together to save the Four Worlds. They were then known as the Legendary Angels for their advance skills and power.

Rakei was one who had silver hair and golden eyes. Her beauty causes people from all over to fall in love with her only she has no interest in them whatsoever. She was known as the Fallen Angel over the fact that her father was a god but her mother a demon. She was strong and the three other Angels had agreed that she be the leader of them.

Irine was a girl with hair that were the color of the sea and eyes which were pearl white. She was as pretty as Rakei and people were after her as well. However, Irine had her eyes on someone and happily showed it off. She was well-liked by nearly everyone and was always spotted near Rakei. She was appointed the Music Angel because she used a flute to project her powers out.

Kyou was a boy who had beautiful dark black hair and deep green eyes. He was well-known for his ability as a tamer of animals/creatures and loved animals very much. He is good-looking as well and he knew it too. However, he has no interest in girls and would rather hang around animals than people. He was known as the Tamer Angel and could also control fire as well.

Shuuichi was a boy who had red hair that was the color of blood and eyes which were dark violet. He was an boy who was always one who would think the situation thoroughly and was the smartest one of the group. He could research something fast and was the one who would come up with a battle strategy. He was known as the Dark Angel because of his past.

These four 'angels' had died in battle but not before defeating the demon. When the four had died, they were then reincarnated as mortals by order of the Underworld God. Their memories of their past life was suppressed so their mortal form may make new memories in their mortal name.

However, in due time, even suppressed memories will surface and mix together with the mortal ones.


"The Legendary Angels were famous for their skills and unique qualities. They had everything and nothing in common with each other. Their teamwork was outstanding. They seemed to be perfect for one another, their battle techniques blending with each other.

Each had a special signature attack that was the last thing their enemies heard before they were defeated."

Ryouhei resisted the urge to groan as he listened to the younger boy recite what was written in the book. "Ryuuichi, why are you reading it?"

The other boy, Ryuuichi, looked up from the book and smiled. "No reason."