Warnings- Implied shounen-ai

Note- Reikou's name has been changed into Himitsu while Shinju's name has been changed into Ruina.

Miyazaki Takiko is sixteen years old, therefore a second year in high school.

The most beautiful of angels are not the perfect ones.

Legacy of the Angels

Chapter One

A brunette that had her hair long and in two braids with light brown eyes stood in front of the entire class, shifting her left foot on the floor nervously. She wore a white button shirt, a black skirt, and a black vest with the school's emblem on the left chest pocket.

"This is Miyazaki Takiko. She is new and I want you all to show her the way Meiou High students treat their new students." Everyone stared at the girl next to Sakamoto. "Miyazaki-san, please go sit by Tsumashi-san and don't be afraid to ask him any questions."

The girl, Takiko, looked over at the boy who had his hand raised up. He had black hair with dark brown eyes. He wore a more boyish version of the white shirt and the skirt and vest were replaced by a pair of black pants and blazer. Takiko walked over to him and sat in the empty seat. She set her backpack down beside her and looked over at the boy the teacher had called 'Tsumashi-san'.

"Hey. Miyazaki Takiko, right?" The brunette could only nod from fear, not trusting her voice yet. "The name's Kohaku. Tsumashi Kohaku. Nice to meet you. You don't mind if I just call you Taki, right?"

Takiko relaxed at the friendly tone and smiled, shaking her head. "I don't mind. It's nice to meet you as well, Tsumashi-kun."

"Just call me Kohaku. Or better yet, Koku. So anyway, Sensei told you to ask me any questions, right?" Takiko only nodded. "My friends and I will be your key to survival in Meiou High."

Takiko only blinked in confusion. Kohaku continued, even though he might have noticed. "I'll introduce you to my friends during lunch. Let me see your schedule."

Takiko dug through her bookbag and pulled out a piece of paper with writing on it. Kohaku took it and examined the contents. After a few minutes, he handed it back. Takiko folded it into fourths and stuffed it in her bookbag.

"You have Art, Homeroom, History, and Chem with me. You and Ryuu-kun got English, History, and Japanese Literature together. You got History and Geo with Shuu-kun and Geo and English with Hi-kun." Kohaku said from what he remembered of Takiko's schedule. "That's great, Taki. We can keep you from angering any of the wrong people in every class."

"Tsumashi-san! I know I told Miyazaki-san to ask you any questions she might have but please, do it after class or something." Sakamoto said from the front of the classroom.

"Maa...fine, Sensei." Kohaku faced forward and Takiko couldn't help but wonder, 'What's so dangerous that I need to know how to survive in my classes?'


"Oi! Taki!" Takiko froze and looked around the lunchroom, frantically. She noticed Kohaku waving his hand furiously in the air above a picinic table that was outside. The brunette smiled and quickly hurried in that direction. She took a seat next to the black haired boy and smiled at everyone sitting at the table.

"Hello." she said politely, setting her bookbag down under the table.

"Okay. I'll introduce you all." Kohaku pointed to the red head boy diagonal from her left. He had greenish blue eyes and he wore a black bandana on his head. "This is Hikari Ryuuichi."

Kohaku then pointed at the boy across from him, diagonal from her right. He had the same shade of hair as Ryuuichi but his eyes were dark green. He smiled at her before returning to his lunch. "He's Hikari Ryouhei. He's Ryuu-kun's brother and is a year above us."

The next boy was a dark blue haired boy with dark red eyes who sat right across from her. His hair reached to his middle back and was tied back loosely, even though some of the strands were loose and framed his face. He wore a red headband and Takiko couldn't helped but be frightened by the look in his eyes. 'Are those his natural eye color...?'

"That's Yamada Hitaki. Don't be scared of how he looks. He's always like that, to frighten people and make them leave him alone but he has a weak spot for Ryuu-kun and Shuu-kun."

Takiko wondered who Shuu-kun was when Hitaki looked up from his cafeteria lunch to glare angrily at Kohaku. The black haired boy only laugh nervously and Hitaki was about to retort to what the other boy had said when a spoonful of something was stuffed into his mouth. Hitaki stared blankly at the clear plastic spoon in his mouth and looked at the newcomer to their table. He had dark green hair with light blue eyes. His hair reached to his shoulders and was tied in a loose ponytail. He smiled at Hitaki, who stared at him in such a confused way that made the newcomer smile some more and made Ryouhei scoot over so he could sit in between Hitaki and Ryouhei.

"Ah! Hey Shuu-kun! Taki, this is Fujimoto Shuuichi. He's Ryuu-kun and Ryou-kun's cousin." Kohaku said happily.

"Hello. You're that new student, Miyazaki Takiko, am I right?" Shuuichi asked, smiling gently.

"Yes." Takiko had a newfound respect for him for being able to sit next to the scary looking boy without fear. She knew that she couldn't do that (A/N-She seems to have forgotten that she sits next to Hitaki in English).

Shuuichi took the spoon out of Hitaki's mouth and used it to scoop the chocolate ice-cream he had bought from the lunch ladies and ate it. Hitaki stared at the ice-cream, his eyes telling that he wanted some but his face remained blank.

"So that was ice-cream? And you had to make me waste money on the movie you and Ryuu had wanted to see." the blue haired boy said. He took the fork and twisted it around the spagetti that was the school lunch. He was about to eat it when two spoons were put into his mouth and his mouth closed on instinct. He swallowed and the two spoons were taken out of his mouth, one going to Ryuuichi and the other going to Shuuichi. Hitaki shook his head, amused, before eating his own lunch. Shuuichi chuckled and went back to eating his ice-cream while Ryuuichi went back to eating his piece of chocolate cake, smirking.

Takiko only stared in confusion and surprise, which Kohaku noticed. "You needn't worry about those three. Ryuu-kun and Shuu-kun met Hi-kun when they were in grade school and the two cousins enjoy playing with Hi-kun, especially after finding out that he's bisexual."

"Are you serious?" Takiko said as she poked her green jelly. It wiggled in response and she took a spoonful of it.

Kohaku just nodded in response. "You'll get used to it soon. Just tell don't tell anyone."

Takiko then remembered something from earlier. "Aa...Koku? You said something about telling me how I'm going to survive here in first period?"

Kohaku stared blankly at her for a minute before it finally clicked and he snapped his fingers. "Oh right! Okay guys, we need to prepare her for the dangers of this school."

Ryouhei, Ryuuichi, Hitaki, and Shuuichi each looked up from their lunch and to them. The spoon was still hanging from Shuuichi's mouth and Hitaki went and yanked it free from it. The green haired boy glared at the blue haired boy as he went and ate some of the chocolate ice-cream. Hitaki smirked while Shuuichi pouted. Ryouhei rolled his eyes while Ryuuichi snickered and Takiko stared at Kohaku as if asking if this happen everyday.

Kohaku rolled his eyes as well. "Anyway, we'll tell you the four most infamous students going to Meiou High. The person you most want to avoid angering is Awayuki Kazemaru. He is the resident deliquent and has a hell of a temper if you anger him. He beated the shit out of five college students and nearly sent twenty people into a coma." Takiko's eyes widened in horror and fear when she heard that. "Although he sorta soften up a bit since last month. I don't know why though. Anyway, he's in the same year as us as well. Everyone's been pretty surprised he hasn't been expelled yet, from all the fights he keep getting into. Of course, that might be because the teachers are terrified of him so they tend to pretend he isn't there."

Takiko frowned but said nothing. She would do the same thing if she was the teacher.

"The second famous person is Miyamoto Himitsu. Although she isn't as...violent as Awayuki-san, she's still someone you don't wanna anger for her revenge will be quick and quite harmful."

"How?" Surely a girl can't be as worse as Kaze. Takiko then realized how sexist that thought was and just settled for blinking with a confused look on her face.

"Well, let's just say that, with her martial arts and tennis skills at the nationals level and the fact she could hack into the Pentagon of the United States of America in under fifteen minutes, she's someone you wanna avoid angering." Ryuuichi answered. Takiko sweatdropped but nodded in agreement.

"The next person that's famous around here is probably Yukimura Ruina. Although she isn't much trouble, she's mute and has been like that for a long time." Kohaku stated. "No one knows why since no one can get her to talk or communicate with anyone. Even if someone actually talks to her, she just sits there, staring at nothing as if she's always sleeping with her eyes open."

Takiko then remembered there was a girl by that name in her History class. It was no wonder the teacher hadn't called on her, despite knowing she wasn't paying attention.

"Then there's Sanada Hakuko. He is the outcast here and has no friends because of the fact he's always picked on and bullied because of his white hair. Even though everyone here is pretty open-minded and not that...uhh...mean, I think everyone bullies him because he is the younger brother of Sanada Aoi."

"Who's Sanada Aoi?" Takiko asked.

"Takiko-chan, let's just say that Aoi-san was someone who was very unforgettable." Shuuichi answered vaguely. "If you can, you must ask Himitsu-san for she's the only one, besides us, who won't..." He paused to try to think of a proper word, "who won't snap at you for saying his name. But like we said, Aoi-san was someone everyone feared and they all are picking on Sanada-san for what his brother did."

Takiko couldn't help but feel sorry for Hakuko. Being casted out of society because of what his older brother did. She couldn't help but wonder how Kazemaru, Himitsu, and Hakuko looked like. She knew how Ruina looked like, as she sat next to her in History and English.

The brunette briefly wondered if what her new friends said was true or if they were just trying to scare her.