AN: Hey everyone, it's been quite some time. This is just...something I wrote. R&R me, I'll R&R you. -pammy


I can't get rid of you again

You're still here, that voice inside my head

The one I think about all the time

The one I thought I left behind

And you're different, you've changed

Perfection never stays the same

But you fit my fantasies every time

How am I supposed to get you off my mind?

This infection, this full-blown obsession,

I can feel you all around all sides

I can't get rid of this sensation

Can't stop the thoughts that overtake me

There's no protection, no vaccination

Because I know you won't set me free

You always had timing, knew when to come around

Caught me in my weakest moments, caught me alone

And I never meant to give in (much less again and again)

You know you're the offer I can't refuse

But the tables have changed (I can pretend)

There's someone else now (that doesn't compare)

Someone who loves me (the fun was in the chase)

Someone who needs me (this isn't the same)

And I love them (Why do I need you?)

You're being unfair (Don't be such a tease)

I'm not unfaithful-

Unless you want me to be.