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"Yeah, some chick named Kiri came here to see you." Shizuka huffed.

"Oh my GOD! That mission was like so totally HARD! Oh Em Eff Geeeee!!!!!" Yayoi ranted. Shizuka looked at him like he was crazy. This wasn't how Yayoi usually acted and this new Yayoi was scaring her to death.

"Umm...Cheesey-chan? You okay?" Shizuka asked.

"Dried Fruit Potion. Yayoi drank some of it back in the Imperial Palace. He thought it was water." Kiryu answered for him.

"Dried Fruit Potion? Isn't that the potion that makes everything you say come out the total opposite of your personality? Man, he got it bad!"

"Yeah, I know. Now what was this about Kirileah?" Kiryu continued.

"You know her? Yeah. Some girl named Kirileah or something came in here and started to piss me off. She said stuff like 'Oh i'm an heiress' and 'Yayoi-kun's so great' and 'You should bow down to me, GIRL'!!! Oh that woman is impossible!" Shizuka explained. Kiryu rested his hand on his left cheek and sighed. He walked over to the pillows on the floor and sat down. After he was comfortably seated, he patted on the pillow next to his as a gesture for her to sit down as well.

"So, Kiri's back. Yeah, she's a real pain in the you-know-what. Back when our father was alive, Yayoi was betrothed to her. As in, they were gonna get married. Well, anyway, Yayoi hated how she was always saying that they were in love and how she always dragged him around to go meet friends and shop every damned day. She even bothered him while he trained! It was so annoying."

"But, she didn't actually marry Yayoi. I mean, after father died, mother didn't think it would matter if they got married or not. Yayoi decided not. Yayoi told Kiri off like there was no end. He yelled and screamed at her to leave and never return. Sounds cheesy, right?" Kiryu explained.

"Well, he is my Cheesy-chan." Shizuka sighed.

"I you-chan am not Cheesy, Izuka She!" Yayoi stuttered.

"Side effects." Kiryu sang.

Shizuka got up and helped Yayoi sit down on the floor. Then, she got up and ran into the kitchen where Kimi and Kana were washing dishes. She whispered the situation into Kana's ear and Kana pointed over to the spice rack. Shizuka took the whole bottle of cinnimon and ran back into the living room. Kiryu turned to see what she was doing and in an instant he knew. Shizuka dumped the whole bottle of cinnimon onto Yayoi's head.

"My mother taught me that the best way to wear out Dried Fruit Potion is to pour cinnimon on the victim's head." Shizuka proudly stated.

Yayoi sneezed for a second and then his eyes turned red. Kiryu laughed and Yayoi suddenly dropped to the floor. Kiryu laughed harder and rolled around on his stomach as Yayoi sneezed and sniffled.

"Shizuka-chan, I forgot to tell you! Hahaha! My- hahaha! My brother is-hahahaha! Allergic to cinnimon!! Hahaha!" Kiryu howled.

"Really? Oh I'm so sorry, Yayoi-kun! I didn't know! can I help?" Shizuka franticly apologized.

"Achooo! Dares nuthing yoo can doo! Achoo!" Yayoi mumbled congestedly.

"Again, I'm sorry!" Shizuka apologized.

"Achoo! Kwite aw wite!" he assured.

Back in the kitchen, Kimi and Kana heard everything. The scrubbed the wet dishes with yellow washcloths and whispered amongst themselves. Kimi dropped a plate in anger and pouted to her ninja mother.

"Mother! Kirileah's back for Yayoi! What should we do?" Kimi whispered.

"If she's back, then she's an even bigger threat than Shizuka-san. We'll have to get rid of her first and THEN go after Shizuka." Kana strategized.

"Alright, but after all of this, Yayoi-kun will be mine!" Kimiko laughed.

"Not too loud, or they'll hear us!" Kana hushed her daughter.

"Kay, Mother."

After Yayoi finally got a hold of himself, he grabbed a tissue and blew his nose. Kiryu and Shizuka were having a cup of tea and talking together and both Kimi and Kana were finished with the dishes.

"You know, we don't have that many customers." Shizuka pointed out.

"That's 'cause everyone is stil fearful of the Ryusuke clan!" Kiryu proudly answered.

"Yes, and it's quite expensive here." Yayoi pointed out.

"Well, we should all take a break and jump in the baths ourselves!" Kimiko suggested.