The Chavs, The Goths and Ye Olde Bill

Upon the great, wide hardcourt,

The chavs all gathered in gangs.

The watchers gave a loud support,

Those chavvy and gothy fans.

"Up the chavs!"

"Up the goths…"

I stood around with a group of friends,

Anna wants to give the goths pep talk.

"Why can't we all make amends?"

I ask as us six walk.



They chase 'em down to Tesco,

'Round and 'round 'The Spot'.

Everyone eats Al Fresco,

While in a Science room, goths plot.

"See that chav go!"

"Run, goths, run!"

Ye Olde Bill come running,

Walkie-talkies in hand.

The crowds they start a-coming,

While news spreads 'cross the land.

"Aww…We can't watch…"

"What d'ya mean we have to go back inside, sir?"

I walk around, quite bored now,

As we can't see anything.

No more yells of "HOLY COW!"

Josh.M is annoying, I give him a ding.

"Shut up, Josh!"

"Ouch! What was that for?"

A/N: I'm neither a chav nor a goth. I'm more nerdy/hippy/emo, but I don't like to be labelled, as I'm not a soup-can. This actually happened in my old school (The population of that school consisted of mainly Chavs, and not many Goths.), but not much actually happened, except chavs chasing goths, and goths plotting in Science rooms.

I did actually give my friend Josh.M a ding, and Anna did want to cheer on the goths. A few of us now go to another school, with equal numbers of Chavs and Goths.