So, I've been an awful person. I already promised the new revised version of WARBID would be up about one to two weeks ago. I'm terrible, I've barely gone through any editing. Only very minor editing and for that, I apologize incredibly. I've been extremely busy as of late, worrying about test assessments, projects, my future and so much more. I can barely cope and I'm running on little sleep. Therefore, I have had very little time to get on the computer and write. Those who talk to me regularly would know about this. I'm so grateful to each and every one of you guys though, you have all been so very patient and it makes me sad that I have to make you wait longer. So, just bear with me and hopefully, I'll try and post at least SOMETHING up be it WARBID or not. At least something to tide you guys over. Thanks so much again, you are all wonderful people!

Even though I probably don't deserve this due to my lack of promise-keeping (terrible, terrible, don't follow my example, EVER) I've been asked for a reminder so this is my reminder to you guys that as of today, voting for WARBID is now open in the SKoW awards. Thanks so much y'all, you're all awesome and please vote? xD I'm utterly shameless too. Don't follow that example either. Voting ends on March 1st, lots of time you guys so again, THANK YOU. Without you, this would never have been possible. -SMILEEE-

Lots of amazing love and Norah/Dante love,


PS;; No reviews are necessary for this annoying Authoress' Note.