FRIENDSHIP 1 "Destiny calls in a Search for a Brother…"

Setting: A traditional Japanese house (dojo) stood on a plateau.

One dark starless night, with only the moonlight to shine…There it stood… simple yet pleasing to the eye… but even though how good the appearance outside was, it greatly deceives what was in the inside…Blood splattered all around… two dead bodies laid unidentified…dark…with a tragic mood uplifting the whole place…

Child…(holding a katana, dripping with blood) (he was 6 years old…) … Okasan… (sheds a tear as he kept the katana and left…)

(After 6 years…)

(Setting: Forest and Sky (top view))

A kid about 12 years old flying on an air-o-board flies above a forest and sees something suspicious down below in a clearing…

Kid: Huh?! (he lands…) Where did it go?

He is bumped by accident and pushed/ shovel into a tree…

Kid: Whoa! ... teme… What did you do that for?!

???: Gomene, I didn't see you, I'm really sorry… um, you ok?

Kid: Yeah, I guess…

???: By the way, I'm Miko Yamazaki

Kid: Kenoko Max Lesami

(Both shake hands…)

Miko: Do you happen…um…Ken…um…is it okay if I call you Ken?

Kenoko: Ken, Aniki, Max is fine with me (any of the 3 is fine)

Miko: Aniki?

Kenoko: well… um (transforming his air-o-board to a necklace with his remote)

(Suddenly and explosion occurred just nearby…)

Both: Nani?! (runs to check it out…) (while Kenoko keeps the remote)

(At the place where the explosion occurred which was just near by..)

????: (coughing…) Onisan, I told you not to do that! Look at what happened!

???: Yosh, It's done!

????: Done!? It had a circuit breakdown & you say done?! (still coughing)

???: Well, I think it is…

????: Waah! (Sheesh!) (falls from the tree branch he was sitting on…)

???: (blows away the smoke with a cloth…) There… (wipes his hands…) finally…(takes his glasses off and wipes them)

Miko: What happened?

Kenoko: You guys alright?

???: Yeah, we're fine, just made a little ERROR in making this…(wears his glasses again)

Miko: What is it?

???: Just a time machine (fixing his glasses)

Miko: A time machine?!(WOW!?!)

Kenoko: Hey, you're Koshiro Kuremasu, the one who invented the air-o-board!

Koshiro: Yes I am, you got one there (points at the necklace

Kenoko: hehe…(.) I have the special edition one, which was only one of a kind hehe…um…it's really great!

Koshiro: Thanks; I'm glad you enjoy it, if you want I can upgrade it for you.

Kenoko: Really? (hands the air-o-board over to Koshiro)

Koshiro: Just a little adjustments and upgrades (took the air-o-board)

Hmmm… (sits and starts to work)

???: Soujiro Kuremasu the onisan of Koshiro, the one who invented the

Teleporter Chip…

Kenoko: I know…I know…I have it… actually I have the special edition one! Which is also one of a kind!

Soujiro: Oh…okay so you know… (T.T)

Koshiro: Anyways, as an apology, why don't you join us for dinner?

Miko: um…ehe… you don't have to…

Kenoko: You sure? (interrupts)

Koshiro: I insist

Soujiro: Plus it's only once in a while we have guests

Kenoko: If you say so, what's for dinner?

Koshiro: fish

Miko: Um… ehe… Aniki

Soujiro: Anyways, let's eat! (sets the food…)

(They eat and enjoyed…)

(Setting: Behind the machine at the woods…)

???: (whistling, walking towards the entrance of the machine, with eyes closed, listening to his MP3 (sad song…) (suddenly sighing… he unknowingly walks into the machine, sits down on "the chair", and sighs once again)…Mik… (suddenly he is " cuffed to the chair and shocked w/ an appropriate # of volts enough to make him unconscious for the time being, then a headset is placed…)

(Suddenly the screen became blurry (as if in our case suddenly turn channel) from black… Then a picture appeared, a picture of a kid about 4 years of age… it was the past of ???. that was being shown…)

???: Ojisan, I'm done doing my chores, can I play now?

Ojisan:( sighs…) Ho… Not today Taji, not today

???/ Taji: Naze

Ojisan: I have something important to tell you…

Taji: huh?

Ojisan: Come inside…

(They enter to what seemed like to the viewers a dojo)

Taji: (sits) Ojisan…?

Ojisan: I am not your Ojisan, you see my name is Kenji Yagami, I am a sensei of martial arts, I am now old and I don't know if I can go on teaching anymore…(sighs) Taji, I want you to be my last student, I want you to surpass me and be the best student of mine.

Taji: Ojisan… ( ya gotta be kidding!)

Kenji: I am not your Ojisan! Your mother left you with me, I'm a god friend of hers…(sighs…) I don't know what to say… she was so scared to let you free and out, if so they would kill you

Taji: Naze?

Kenji: Because you were different…

Taji: … (So?!) (What's the big deal?)

Kenji: Same as me, an outcast indeed…(We were never meant to live…)

Taji: but…

Kenji: Now's not the time to reason your mother has passed away along with your father who fled. I must keep my promise to raise you. Now your true name Tajiro is…Akito Mikami

Tajiro: Now I sound like a girl…

Kenji:( chuckles…) Taji I want you to take after my name from now on you shall be known as Tajiro Yagami and you shall inherit all I know and have

Taji: huh?!? (I don't get this guy…)

Kenji: We shall begin your training now.

(After 2 years of training)

Kenji: It is the final test in our training Taji

Tajiro: I have a question, why did you name me Tajiro instead of Kenji, if you're naming me after you? (This guy's weird…)

Kenji: Tajiro is the name of this dojo's best student who died years ago by killing himself because he lost his love. Now since now you are the dojo's best student now, I let you take his name along with my last name for you are like my son. I hope you don't suffer his fate…

Taji: … oh…(I won't…)

Kenji: (chuckles…) Now that's all done, let's put everything aside for the last test, today is the last battle, choose your weapon.

Taji: None.

Kenji: (chuckles…) If you say so

(They begin the last battle and after a series of moves of what seemed like forever, it ended with the devastating death of Kenji Yagami…)

Kenji: My work is done… sayonara Taji…(dies…)

Tajiro: Iie!!!! (shouts) (sees a paper the old man's hand)

(That night Tajiro journeyed of taking with him the paper and all he needed…)

(He opens it and is surprised on what was written…):

Taji, if you are reading this, you must have witnessed the most horrifying event in your life, ho… Taji now let me tell you that you have a sister whom you must find. Her name is Miyu Mikami, find her…

Kenji Yagami

Tajiro: Miyu…(Yey I get the zanza! (Zanza Sano's weapon)) (He journeys of in search of Miyu… He passes under a bridge then suddenly a kid who was about his age drops on him… Miko suddenly recognizes the kid as his onisan…)

Outside of screen…

Miko: (surprised…) Onisan


Vince: Wow! Hi there folks Vince here actually I shouldn't be here, but I want to so anyways my name is Vincent. I am a 4 formed Wizard.

Author: Okay okay stop it with the intro ok! Now… (shoves Vincent away…) there.

Ok so that was the first episode now did you like it?

Tajiro: Hope you give a review!

Author: Ok ok now my speech was stolen…ho… Oh well…thank you for reading! Arigato gozai I mas .!

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Miko: Onisan!

(Back to the screen…)

Tajiro: Hey, you okay?

Onisan: Yeah (gets up)

Tajiro: You should've checked the bridge before walking.

Onisan: Gome, I guess my mind was off with something.

Miko: (as a kid…) Onisan… (crying)

Taji: (looks up) Who's he?

Onisan: Oh, he's my brother… Sayonara Miko…

Tajiro: huh?!? (Ah who minds…Don't bother other people's business)

Onichang: Oh yeah, thanks for saving me… Arigatou.

Tajiro: No prob. Tajiro Yagami, you can call me Taji.

Onisan: Mik, Mik Yamazaki (shakes hands with Tajiro)

Tajiro: So, where are you off to?

Mik: Nowhere.

Tajiro: Why don't you join me?

Mik: Oh?

Tajiro: Why don't you join me?

Mik: On?

Tajiro: A quest.

Mik: I have nothing to do anyways, so why not?

(They leave…) (After two years…)

Tajiro: (laughing) You're the best Mik, how did you do that?

Mik: Aw, it was nothing…

(Cut!) (Suddenly the screen went blurry again…)

Miko: Where? Where is my onisan? (stands up and walks towards Soujiro…) How do you work this contraption? Where is he?! (cornering Soujiro)

Kenoko: Miko! Calm down… (holds Miko…)

Miko: (calmed down…) … Gomene… I just… I just… Aniki (hugs Kenoko)

Kenoko: How do you work it anyway?

Soujiro: … (fixing himself…) Okay let's see… (fixing his glasses)

(They all went behind the "time machine"…)

(Soujiro and Miko step inside to see Tajiro, the character who was on the screen, up from a broken seat…)

Tajiro: Mik…

Miko: (runs in front of him) Where's my onisan?

Tajiro: Your onisan?

Miko: Mik Yamazaki

Tajiro: Oh so you're Miko, right? (no wonder he looked so familiar…)

Miko: uhuh…my…(is interrupted)

Tajiro: Miko, Sorry but I don't know where your onisan is…

Miko: Nani?! But you… (is interrupted again)

Tajiro: I know… you're brother and I found a map which led to a cool black gem they say, so we followed it. Once we found it Mik took it then suddenly the cave satarted corrupting… He placed it back and we ran towards nearest exit, then the ground he was stepping on collapsed and he fell… I ran back but it was too late… He shouted to me to run out, I did… then he was buried under…I removed all the rocks but he wasn't there… All that was left was a broken black gem.

Miko: Iie…Iie…Iie!!! (turns and runs away…crying)

Tajiro: Miko, I…

Kenoko: Miko! (runs after him)

Soujiro: It's okay, he'll get over it (My seat?!)

Tajiro: I know… I just don't know if I will ever…

(straight to Miko and Kenoko…)

Miko: (seated down leaning on a tree branch) Onisan (crying)

Kenoko: Miko…um…

Miko: Aniki! (runs straight and cries on Kenoko)

Kenoko: Miko… (hugs him…)


Miko: neh, Onisan, am I right?

Mik: Here, let me…

Step dad: (bring a whip) Mik, I told you never to go near your brother! (whips him)

Miko: Iieta… Iieta…Onisan! (crying…)

(Fast forward…)

Mik: Miko, I'm leaving. (I can't stay…)

Miko: Onisan (starting to cry…)

Mik: I'm sorry. Aishiteru (hugs Miko and kisses him on the forehead and leaves) (tears were in his eyes…)

Miko: Onisan… (crying)

(Back to Kenoko and Miko…)

Kenoko: Miko…

Miko: (crying on Aniki and hugging him… ) Onisan…

Kenoko: (hugs Miko) I'll be your onisan, Miko…

Miko: Aniki…(stops crying…) demo…

Kenoko: I'll be your aniki, ok? And I'll never leave, ok?

Miko: Zettai? (with tearful eyes…)

Kenoko: Zettai.

Miko: Aniki…(hugs Kenoko..) … Arigatou…Aniki…

(They both hug…) Interruption:

Nic: Aw…how sweet…

Sei-kun: Yuck! Hate yaoi!

Nic: Sei-kun!

Reise: I love it!

Nic and Reise: They're soooo kawaii!!

Seii-kun: Sheesh!

Vince: Yo! Noda! So let me explain, Reise and Sei-kun are both part of Nic's best friends and they are also characters in Friendship 3-5! Noda! So that's all. Keep reading! (Back to Koshiro and the others…)

Tajiro: so um…you know what, I'm gonna take a walk ok um… see ya. (leaves)

Soujiro: Wha? (fixing his chair)

Koshiro: Nothing he just went for a walk

Soujiro: Oh… (fixes it) there.

Koshiro: uh-huh…

(Suddenly a picture appears on the screen…)

Koshiro: What the?!

Soujiro: Ookey… never planned that to happen…

Nic: Yo mina-san!

Vince: Ey! Just to inform ya the Nic in the speechboxes is the author not the character oki? So how was it?

Nic: Anyways don't forget to give a review oki!

Nic & Vince: See ya in the next episode! Jane!