Vince: yey the speechbox is back!

Nic: yeah sure whatever...

Soujiro: Anyways let's begin with the 3rd episode!

Tajiro: Shut up! (shoves Soujiro away)

Nic: oookey...Anyways here's the 3rd episode! Hope ya like it!

Vince: Just to inform ya there are yaoi scenes in this episode oki!

Reise: oooooo (Yey!)

Vince: Don't say we didn't warn ya! Enjoy!

(this is what was on the screen...)

Mik: (with only a towel wrapped around his waist...) that was a good bath... (fixing his clothes...) Hurry up Taji, we're gonna be late!

Suddenly someone opens the door...

Mik: huh? (looks)

Girl: are your I'll be going now (leaves...closes the door) (Aaack!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was sooo kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (blushing)

Mik: oookey... (holding the bathrobes...)

Tajiro: (comes out of the bathroom with a towel on his head and half naked (top)) Yeah yeah yeah... Oh the bathrobes are here (takes one and wears it) thanks!

Tajiro: Oh yeah how did they get here? (wiping his hair)

Mik: This cute gal brought them in and saw me like this

Tajiro: Okay... that's a pleasing sight... (drying up...) (towel on hair &wearing the bathrobe)

(door opens...)

Girl: um...I just came to tell you that the festival is starting...bye... (leaves) (blushes)

Tajiro: and that was awkward...

Mik: she did it again!

Taji: Who minds, let's get going already, we're late!

(At the festival...)

Taji: The food here is great! Haven't had these good foods in days! (eating)

Mik: Are ya insulting my cooking? (still thinking of the girl...)

Taji: Of course not! It's just that there is such a variety and so much flavor!

Mik: as if we had the ingredients...ho...(eats too)

Girl: (suddenly pops in...) aaano...

Mik: huh? (it's her again...)

Girl: (points to the direction towards a mask stand)

Mik: looks at the direction and looks back...but the girl was gone) Um...Taji

Taji: Ey look it's a mask stand, let's go!

Mik: But Taji!

Taji: Come on! (pulls Mik)

When they got there...

Tajiro: Oooh look at me I'm a kitsune! (LOLXD) (wearing a kitsune mask)

Mik: Hey this looks cool (gonna get the mask but...)