Chapter one:

Good God, do you look like shit...


Natasha Domonan walked side-by-side with Rome Argento, pushing her newly cut and dyed hair out of her face. It had been only ten years since she'd been changed into a vampire by Rome, yet she felt old and worthless. She had seen her best friend, Arly, grow up and have children of her own, her sister grow up and marry her ex-boyfriend, and to learn that her father had died.

Rome, on the other hand, hadn't changed a bit, except for the dyed black ends of his hair, which were currently gelled out of the way of his steel gray eyes. He was still a silver haired, lean, sadistic fucker who went from content as a fat puppy, to angry as hell in the blink of an eye. Natasha-or Tasha, as she is better known-was the only one safe from his wrath.

A hand with long fingers snaked around her waist, and she looked up to see Rome smiling slyly. Tasha scoffed.

"What? Being hungry gave you the Jones for some lovin'?" Rome's smile only widened. He gripped Tasha by the hips, and pushed her into a nearby wall. He put his hands on either side of her head, and pushed his hips against hers.

"And if it did?" Tasha smiled slightly.

"I don't know." She teasingly slid her hand down Rome's pants. He took a staggering breath, and pushed his lips into hers. She had gotten used to the kisses, the kind Rome gave, the kind that left your lips bruised. He pulled back, looking rather smug. Tasha raised a brow.

"That all? 'Cause I'm awfully hungry." Rome grunted, and pushed away from her.

"What!?" Tasha snapped. Rome turned around.

"Nothing's ever good enough for you, is it?" Tasha's eyes widened.

"Excuse me? Did I do something wrong here?" Being his turn, Rome scoffed.

"All I ever do is bend over backwards to make you happy, and you're still miserable!"

"Well, you-"

"Oh no! Don't you dare go pinning this on me! You wanted to become a vampire. I told you no and you still wanted me to!" Tasha narrowed her eyes at the back of his head, and opened her mouth to retort, but nothing came. Rome turned, and glowered at her.

"Yeah, I thought so. Had nothing to come back with, hmm?" Tasha's sneer expressed everything she was thinking.

"Fuck you Rome! I don't need you, or this shit!" She turned around, and marched off, stomping her creepers on the concrete as she moved. Rome laughed.

"You think I need you? You can burn!" Rome shouted at her back. He, in turn, stormed off in the opposite direction from Tasha.

Bitch needs to keep her God damned trap shut, Rome thought dryly.


Rome sat at the bar, giggling happily into his drink. "Good God, do you look like shit." Rome looked up, his gray eyes locking onto a pair of amazingly purple ones. Long black hair surrounded the person's face, reaching to his middle back, and exaggerating the angular cheekbones in his face.

"Sinjin?" Sinjin laughed.

"No shit Sherlock? What's wrong with you? You look like you got your ass kicked." Sinjin sat his tall body down at a stool next to Rome, his long legs cased in black jeans, and crossing at the ankle.

"You could say that." Rome continued to drink his drink. Sinjin rolled his eyes, and cracked his neck.

"What exactly happened?" Sinjin stopped suddenly, and turned to a short, dumpy man who was balding. "I need a haircut like you need another asshole!" He screamed, his eyes turning totally black. The short man's eyes widened, and he ran off, terrified from Sinjin's moment of insane anger. He casually turned back to Rome, who had raised a brow.

"What in the...hiccup...hell?" Sinjin frowned, then slapped Rome's shoulder playfully.

"You're immortal, you can't get drunk." Rome sneered up at his longtime friend.

"You really shouted remind me. It makes me want to walk into a slayer's stake, pointy-end first." Sinjin flashed him a wide smile, showing long, thick canines-not unlike a dog's.

"Well, it's my job, love." Rome cringed.

"I'm not gay, you can't talk to me like that." Sinjin gave out a tiny laugh.

"I'm not gay. For a second I thought you were a girl." Sinjin stood up, and stretched, cracking his back in several places. He sighed, and itched his thigh.

"Well, I got to go. It was morbid seeing you again." Rome nodded.

"See you later." He watched his childhood friend walk out the door of Cirque Du Dementia, a locally famous vampire bar. Rome sighed, and wondered where Tasha was, but quickly rammed the thought out of his head. He didn't really want to know. She could be dead in a gutter somewhere, an ungrateful little snake like her deserved a fate like that.

He smiled lasciviously at a tall, flaxen haired vampire. Her slightly rosé colored eyes glowed gently, as she placed her form on a chair beside him.

"Well, hello, gorgeous." The girl smiled broadly.

"Hey handsome. My name is Kitten. And you are?"

"Romeo." Kitten pulled herself into Rome's lap.

"Romeo? Will you be my Romeo?" Rome leaned close to her ear, and tugged on the lobe, making her giggle.

"I'll be anything you want, Kitten." Kitten gave another giggle, and pushed her lips into his. Instead of pushing her off like any self-respecting man would do, he kept kissing her, feeding into it.

He didn't know another pair of purple eyes was watching him, and they weren't Sinjin's.


Almost sobbing, Tasha stood out in the front yard of Melli's house. Melli, her sister, was one of the best friends she had ever had. Of course Melli would make her feel better, she was her sister!

Tasha closed her eyes, and walked into some shadows. Soon she was standing in Melli's kitchen, looking at a pot of boiling soup. She turned the stove down as it was just about to boil over. Tears leaked from her eyes, and her body shook. Someone dropped something glass behind her, a plate maybe, and Tasha jumped in the air, shouting in a terrified way.

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" a little girl screamed. Tasha turned around and looked down at a little girl with big blue eyes, and long light brown hair. Melli, tall and skinny, ran in the room, the crouched down in front of the little girl.

"What? What's wrong, Annie?" Annie pointed up at Tasha, who stood, looking dumbly at the little girl. Soon Paul was in the doorway, out of breath. His hair was still blond like the morning sun, and his eyes were of the same pure sapphire as Annie's.

They had a baby... Tasha registered slowly. Melli turned her head, her hair kept in the same brown bob it had been back when she had worked at DEB. Sure enough, there stood her sister, tall, bony, and pale from not having been in sunlight for the last ten years.

Her jeans rode low on her hips, barely being held up by the studded black belt that was strung through the loops. Her hair had been cut short, to her chin, possibly shorter, and the ends were dyed a bright, bloody red.

"Tasha?" Melli asked, amazed. Tasha nodded, and crossed her arms to try and keep warm. Melli shot off the floor, and locked Tasha in a hug. Paul was still standing in the doorway, looking very stupid, and amazed at the same time.

Tasha hugged onto Melli tight, and wailed. Melli tried shushing her, stroking her hair, and petting her back, but the young vampire kept falling apart, breaking down, until they were both on the floor, Tasha bawling her eyes out into Melli's shoulder. Melli kept holding onto her sister, scared.

Tasha was never one to show emotion like this, even when Chris had beat her, she clenched her teeth, and took it. Something had gone seriously wrong, and Melli was going to get to the bottom of it.

"Annie," Paul said cautiously, pushing his daughter behind his leg, "go play with your toys." Annie looked up at him questioningly for a moment, but then ran from view, and up some stairs. Tasha kept sobbing, and sobbing, like she was never going to stop.

How could Rome do something like that? They had fights all the time! No he was probably off somewhere smooching-or worse, having sex-with some slut.

After about twenty minutes, Tasha had calmed down, taking hiccupping breath. She had gotten off the ground, and helped Melli up when she was able to breath again. Melli served some soup in a few bowls, and made Paul go upstairs to eat with Melli. She then served her twin sister some, and herself.

Tasha looked at the bowl of steaming soup in front of her with ravenous interest, and began eating, slurping, and gulping down the hot foot, totally disregarding her sensitive throat, and mouth. Melli sat beside her on the breakfast bar, and slowly, and genially ate her, sparing Tasha from having to watch her eat like she had been starved for what seemed like forever.

Tasha finished her third bowl when Melli finished her first. "Tash, what the hell happened?" Tasha didn't answer, she only went for another bowl of soup. "Natasha," she dragged out her sister's name. Tasha finally looked up, putting the ladle back in the pot. She set the bowl down on the counter, and turned around, hiding the tears forming in her eyes, and the fact she was digging her nails into Melli's marble counter, and leaving marks, possibly ruining it.

"Rome," she managed. Melli raised a brow.

"What about him?"

"He...cheated." Melli's eyes widened, then narrowed.

"Tash-" Tasha rounded on her.

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare tell me you knew it was going to happen, or I should've known! I love him, Melli! I fucking love him." Tasha's voice shook, but she didn't break down. Melli didn't back down, and she opened it again, only to be interrupted again. "What if Paul did it to you?" This stopped Melli. She'd be doing the same thing; crying her eyes out, being hateful, and scared, and worried. Melli took a deep breath, and her expression softened.

"I'm sorry, Tasha," she whispered. A heavy silence hung in the air between the two. Annie ran into the room, holding two empty bowls. Tasha must've looked like a mess, because when Annie set eyes on her, she squealed and ran away. Tasha's eyes narrowed, and she took a heaving sigh.

"And that little urchin was...?" Tasha prompted her sister, who was washing dishes in a sink.

"My daughter, Anneliesse Isabelle Saunders." Tasha nodded.

"How old is she?"

"About five, or so." Melli laughed. Tasha raised a brow. "I was actually pregnant with her at that ball you held," Melli said by way of explanation. She laughed a little more, then shook her head.

"It was weird, seeing you alive after thinking you were dead." Tasha laughed sourly.

"I am dead."

"Oh." Melli blushed at her own stupidity. She needed to find something to recover. She looked around, and found Petrius's novel on a table. She had been re-reading it. She picked it up, and plopped it in front of Tasha as she washed dishes.

"And this is?" Tasha asked. Melli wondered where her sister had gone, and why she had been replaced by this...thing.

"Petrius's novel. It was about his life leading up to you saving him." A smiled flashed over Tasha's face. She picked it up, and read some. Her eyes stopped on the dedication page.

For Tasha, the one who saved me.

Tasha smiled, and began to read. It revolved around a boy named Peter, who had gotten kidnapped from his family by Myles. Tasha had to laugh at the "discreetness" of it. She continued to read, horrified by what had happened, even after a few minutes of being there.

She closed he book, but slipped it into the inside of her jacket. Melli turned around, finally done with the dishes, and smiled at Tasha. "Are you going to be staying here?" Annie's squealing and running into the room, grabbing her mother's legs, screaming, "No! No! Don't let her stay, Mommy! She's bad, evil!" answered for her. Tasha raised a brow at Annie, who hid her face in Melli's legs.

"I'd better be going." Tasha stood and started towards the door. An angry little voice behind her made her stop in her tracks.

"If you ever come back here, I'll kill you!" Annie shouted. Tasha felt several sick jolts traveling down her spine. She took a deep breath, and kept moving forward, despite Melli's pleas to stay. Paul hadn't even said two words to her.

No wonder, she thought, you're a monster.