I'm not dead!

I know it's been months (months?!?) since I've updated. I deserve to be stoned to death, huh?

Actually, it's been so long that when I logged into the system, I didn't recognize the account layout. How long has it been like that? Ugh, I don't like it!

But anyway. Yeeeah...So. Free Fallin'.

Here's the story: Well, you've read the story (ahaha, a joke). Annnnd...the story is in fact not finished, nor have I seem to have been able to get very far in the past...how many months has it been? Well, that doesn't mean I'm not trying, I promise! I've written and rewritten chapters, then scrapped them and started over. I seem to keep getting to the point where I know what needs to happen next in the story, but I don't think the characters (or the readers) are ready for what's coming up. So...I'll have to stretch the story out even farther, which I've been trying not to do, since I've already added chapters. I'm sure none of you mind (more to read, right?) but more chapters do mean more chances for writer's block.

All hope is not lost, however!

I've got a fairly short list of stories I've been working on pretty hardcore. However, I'm a senior in my last quarter of high school, which means my free time is...minimal, at best. But I often exchange homework for writing time, so don't worry too much about that. Ohkay, so that short list definitely includes Free Fallin', but it also includes some other stories under some interesting titles (three of those titles are quite clever...I call them, "Untitled Document"--pretty snazzy, I know). I'm toying with the idea of actually posting one of them, to give everyone something to focus on while I try to perfect Free Fallin', because I think it deserves perfection at the very least.

So I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that, no, I'm not dead. Yes, I will update. Meh, it could be soon.

It's up to you guys. Should I go ahead and start posting another story? It would certainly push me to write more, and it would be a fun distraction from the lack of update I've been exhibiting regarding this story here.

Let me know, and I'll act as fast as I can!


PS: To everyone who's been PMing me and dropping random, "Please update!" reviews, you all rock! It's great to know that even though it seems like I've totally abandoned Free Fallin', there are still people who check the site to see if I updated. Big love to each and every one of you!