Author's Note!

I know we're not exactly supposed to have chapters that are entirely author's notes, but I really wanted to let everyone know that has this on their alerts that I am completely rewriting it!

I plan to add way more chapters and maybe a few more characters as well. I also don't want to switch POV's during the story, so it's going to be third person instead of first and omnipresent, so it could follow any character in the story.

I wanted to throw in more twists too! And I will probably change the ages and the whole transformation process too. None of that Red Moon crap. Everything just seemed a bit rushed to me, and I think I just need to pace things out more, and add more chapters and twists so it's not too predictable.

I know some of you have told me its fine the way it is, but I really want to do this! I think I could make it so much more interesting. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed!