This story is a joint project of me and my friend. I based the character Keida after me and she is Lilith. Hope you enjoy! please please please PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!! ;-)


The third world war had already started to rear its ugly head. A government funded

research center called the INSTITUTE FOR HIGHER LIVING used their work on medical and

weapon advancements as cover for more sinister works. They mixed human DNA with that of

the extinct vampires, demons, werewolves, witches, and vampires. As with all experiments

most failed. However five embryos actually lived thru it and were "born". Unlike humans who

use only less than 1/3 of their brains these "experiments" used all of theirs. While they had

trouble holding the large books they could read and write in several languages and understand

what they read by the time two years old. They were given model id names/ numbers. A mark

was tattooed on the back of their neck showing they were the property of the Institute.