An alarm rang out as the wall of large industrial building blew into little bits. Out of the smoke ran a rather tall woman, with a somewhat large bust and long, wavy blonde hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, her bright green eyes shown a look of fear. She wore a tight, gray, leather stealth suit and carried a briefcase. Behind her a small platoon of goons in brown trench coats with AK-47s fired at her. She ducked behind a steel crate that fell to its side. Quickly, she pulled out a handgun, popped out and fired off a few rounds into the pursuing mob, downing a couple of soldiers. She ducked behind cover again and tapped into her earpiece. "Annie!" she shouted with a somewhat loud, British accent. "How's that extraction point going!?"

"I'm almost there, Tammy. Keep your panties on..." Came Annie's sweeter, British voice through the speaker.

"But they're itchy and uncomfortable…" Tammy whined, playfully.

"Oh hush up!" came Annie's voice. Tammy laughed.

"Well, I've got the case, and I'm almost there, so hurry the bloody 'ell up!"

"Yeah…yeah…." Said Annie rather calmly. Tammy turned the earpiece back off, she heard a gun cock above her. She looked up to see a rather angry goon pointing his rifle at her.

"Oh, bullocks…" Tammy rolled out of the way, aiming her gun upwards; she shot the guard in the crotch. Quickly, she picked herself up and headed for the next door in front of her.

Meanwhile, a few steps ahead of her, Annie ran down a long hallway. She wore roughly the same type of sneaking suit Tammy did, but she has a smaller bust, straight, medium length, red hair tied up in a ponytail that reaches down a bit below her shoulders, and she wore black-rimmed glasses over her deep, brown eyes. A group of guards headed for her, she darted into a small incline on the wall and pressed her body up against it. The guards ran past her, Annie to a sec to take a deep breath and peeked out of the incline. A guard stuck a gun barrel against the back of her head. She tensed up and slowly turned her head to the guard, letting out a loud scream. The guard, suddenly disoriented for a second, moved back. Annie slapped the guard across the face and grabbed his rifle out of his hand; she smacked him in the stomach with the end of the gun, and then whacked him across the face with it. Quickly, she threw the rifle down and continued running.

Back at the other end, Tammy ran into a large control room. The small group of guards behind her ran in as well as a new group entered through the doors at the balcony above her. She ran towards the stairs firing at the guards on the balcony. One bullet hit an unfortuanly placed red barrel, blowing most of the guards off the railing. She shot down two more survivors and entered the double doors they came out of.

Back to Annie, quickly, she made her way up a winding staircase. She met face to face with a second guard, "Gah!" She yells, quickly she jumped on the wall besides her, rebounded off it and kicked the guard in the face, knocking him over the railing. She made her way up the rest of the stairway and through the doors on top, finding herself on the roof. Annie made her way to the large cargo helicopter, pulled out her lock pick and busted open the door. She hopped inside the cockpit, ripped open the controls and hooked up a small box to it. Annie flipped a couple of switches and the helicopter turned on. She quickly got on her earpiece. "Alright, Tammy. I've got the Heli workin'!"

"Good!" Tammy shouts, she fires a few shots down the hallway, "Get ready Annie, I'm comin' in hot!"

"Don't you always?" Annie asked slyly.

"Quiet you!" Tammy replied. She ran down the hall and noticed a guard slowly getting to his feet. She sighs, "Dammit, Annie, don't you know how to clean up?" Tammy shot the guard in the head, before continuing onward. She made her way up the stairs, firing downward on her pursuers from time to time, before finally making it to the roof. She burst outside and sprinted towards the Helicopter. "Go! Go!" Tammy shouted, waving her arms at Annie. The Helicopter began to take off as guards fire at them; she ducked as she continues to run, while bullets flew over her head, hitting the side of the helicopter. She dropped the briefcase and jumped up and grabbed the edge of the cargo bay, she crawled into the helicopter and caught her breath. "Nice…one…Annie." She panted.

"Uh…thanks. But, Tammy?" Annie asks, examining her.

"What?" She looked over at Annie.

"Where's the case?" Annie pointed out, Tammy looked around.

"Oh bugger…" She looked back to see a guard picking up the briefcase. Tammy pulled a grappling hook, aimed it at the guard and fired. It attached itself around the handle of the briefcase and ripped it out of the guard's hand.

"HEY!" He shouted as the briefcase headed back towards Tammy's grasp. She quickly caught the Briefcase as it flew back to her.

"HA! So long chumps!" she shouted and walked into the helicopter, setting the case next to the co-pilot's seat. She placed a hand on Annie's shoulder. "Nice goin' love."

"You too." Annie replied back. Tammy leaned down and kissed Annie softly on the lips.

"Alright! Let's head back to HQ for debriefing and pie!" Tammy shouted as she stared at Annie through the corner of her eye.

"Ooooh." Annie moaned with a mischievous smile. "I love pie…" With that, the two girls flew out into the sunset.

Tammy & Annie:

Lesbian Secret Agents

Back at HQ, many Suits sat down at a large table in front of a Flat Screen. A man in his thirties, also in a tux with combed, short brown hair stands next to the screen. Tammy and Annie walked into the room.

"'Ello girls." The brown haired man greeted them warmly.

"Hiya, Fredrick!" They both answered in unison.

"Please, grab a seat an' join us." Said Fredrick, pointing at two empty chairs, the girls followed suit.

My name is Tamara Cunningham and that lovely redhead over there is…my partner, Antoinette Livingston. We're agents for the British Government, yes all that crazy James Bond crap. The man next to the screen over there is, Fredrick, our boss. He's a good guy…as far as bosses go.

"Alright folks." Fredrick started, clicking at the screen. "After examining the Intel our girls received for us, we've learned this much." He clicked his remote causing the screen to change to the image of a young man in his twenties with long jet-black hair and a black goatee. "It seems that Lamont has been using a gun runner for many of his supplies. Mostly, this person." He clicked again, showing an image of a very attractive woman with short, bushy black hair, evil eyes with black eyeliner around them in a tight black shirt and demi jacket.

"Oooh!" Tammy's eyes widened at the picture. Annie grunted as if annoyed and kicked Tammy's leg under the table.

"Hey!" Tammy shouted.

"Is there a problem, girls?" Fredrick asked.

"No…no, everything's fine." Tammy said, rubbing her leg and looking back at Annie with a cocked eyebrow.

"Right then…" Fredrick continued. "So far, all we know about her is that her name is Eileen and she's been working for Lamont for the past couple years as a trader. Also, we've learned that there will be a deal going to down in a few days, in the States, in Las Vegas. She'll be making a trade with one, Jackal. We don't know much…or anything for that matter about him, but apparently he's got some something for sale and we're not sure what it is, but Lamont wants his hands on it, so it can't be anything good."

Anyway, for the past while Annie and me having been tracking down this terrorist called Lamont. He's a slippery little one, but slowly and surely we're getting closer and closer to bagging the little wanker.

"Now girls." Fredrick continued, looking at the two agents. "We're going to be sending you two out to Las Vegas and intercept this trade and hopefully neutralize these two targets, although we would like them to be taken alive if possible, especially Eileen, she may be the key to finding out Lamont's hideout.

"Yes sir!" Both girls shouted while standing up in a salute.

"Alright then, dismissed." Fredrick said as the other suits in the room walked out. Tammy watched them all leave.

"Ya know, I never understood why we need those guys in the room, they never say anything…" Tammy pointed out, scratching her head.

"Everyone has their place." Fredrick said.

"Eh…I guess so." Tammy nodded, rather confused.

"Good work out there, girls. Every success of yours brings us one step closer to catchin' this guy." Fredrick smiled

"Thanks, Love!" Tammy said with a cute smile.

"So, the States, eh?" Annie asked.

"Yup." Fredrick nodded. "We'll be shipping you two out shortly, after you've had a bit of a rest of course. Also, I'm sure Yuri as a few new gadgets for you two, so drop by his station sometime."

"Sure thing!" Tammy said.

"Where will we be stationed, sir?" Annie asked.

"You'll be staying at a hotel not far from the target location." Fredrick replied.

"Which is?" Annie asked.

"Apparently the deal will be going down at the newly built Twillight Paralysis, apparently it's got a Gothic theme to it."

"Ooh, that sounds like fun." Tammy said with a big smile. "I'm liking this mission already."

"Well good, but make sure you don't get distracted by all the flashy lights and other…distractions." Fredrick stared Tammy down.

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Tammy asked in a somewhat offended tone.

"Don't worry, sir." Annie chimed in. "I'll keep her under control..." She stares at Tammy behind her with a half smile.

"Yes…I'm sure you…uh…will." Fredrick said with a cough, looking around uncomfortably.

"Oh Freddy." Tammy began, grabbing Fredrick by the collar and ruffling his hair. "Are you STILL all pear shaped about us?" she let him go.

"No…no…" Said Fredrick, fixing himself back up. "I just…just like to keep this as business as possible…and you two…well you-"

"Do we turn ya on?" Tammy leaned forward into Fredrick's face with a wink.

"Tammy, lay off." Annie said, annoyed.

"Oh, you know I'm just kidding" Said Tammy with a chuckle.

"Girls, just…just get ready, you'll be shipped out soon…" Fredrick said, leaning back.

"Ya, you heard the man." Annie said, slapping Tammy across her butt. "Go!" She pointed at the door.

"Awwwww…" Said Tammy in a comically disappointed fashion. She hung her head and walked out the door.

"I swear…" Annie said. "The way she acts around you, you'd think she's straight."

"I…uh…what?" Fredrick asked in confusion.

"Oh, nothing, dear." Annie said. "We're going to check out Yuri's shop and get ready."

"Ah, alright, talk to you soon." Annie waves goodbye and ran out the door where Tammy waited.

"Must you be so forceful?" Annie asked.

"Hey, it's how I got you isn't it?" Tammy replied with a smile.

"Hardly." Annie said back. "I LET you have me."

"Oh really?" Tammy asked with a unsatisfied look

"Yes, really." Annie said.

"Well, you know what?" Tammy asked.

"What, dear?" Annie asked.

Tammy reached around and spanked Annie. "TAG!" Tammy shouted and ran down the hall.

"HEY!" Annie shouted back. "Why you…" She chased Tammy down the hall. Tammy darted down the hall, dodging people and other objects. She made a left at a junction. Annie tried to follow her as best she could, also dodging as many people as possible. She followed Tammy down the left hallway. As Tammy darted down the hallway, a man carrying a large stack of papers walked out of one of the offices.

"Excuse me, mate!" Tammy shouted, running right in front of him, he quickly pulled off a turn, dodging her and keeping his balance, trying not to drop the papers. He stared down the hallway at Tammy.

"Bloody 'ell…" He said to himself before turning around and walking right into a charging Annie. He fell to the ground in a rain of paper. Annie turned around with her hands over her mouth.

"Oh dear…" She said, politely. "I'm so sorry, it's just…" She turned her head toward Tammy who took another left down the hall. "I…uh…gotta go." She continued running down the hall. Tammy blasted down the hall with Annie sprinting after her. Tammy jumped into the Elevator at her side and quickly pushed one of the buttons. The door closed just as Annie reached it. Tammy laughed as the door closed on Annie.

"Gerrrrr…." She growled, stomping her foot on the ground. She quickly opened the door to the stairway and ran down, jumping on the railing and sliding down it.

In the basement of the facility, the Elevator doors open up. Tammy quickly rushes out, just as Annie busted through the door, in hot pursuit. Two men walk out of another room, moving a table with some machinery on it. Tammy quickly hopped over it, causing the two men to lean back. Annie ran in and slides under the table. She got up, fixed her glasses, and continued the chase. As Tammy rounded another corner, she quickly entered two double doors and ran in the room. "Hi Yuri!" Tammy shouted as she entered the room. An older man with a bald head, in a scientist uniform and large goggles strapped across his face, looks up and smiles.

"Hello Tammy!" He shouted warmly "I-"

Before Yuri could utter another word, Annie blasted into the room and tackled Tammy to the ground. Annie sat up on top of Tammy and start spanking Tammy's butt repeatedly "God. Dammit. Tammy. Don't. Do. That. I. Had. To. Pull. A. bloody. Marry Poppings. To. Chase. You. Down!" Annie shouted each word in between spanks.

"Ah!" Tammy shouted. "Ok! Ok! Let go! Let go! I'll massage your ass later tonight! Just let go!"

"Say Aunt!" Annie shouted.

"Aunt! Aunt!" Tammy shouted back. "I give!"

"Good girl." Annie said, getting off Tammy and dusting herself off. Tammy got up as well, rubbing her sore behind.

"Must you be so rough on me?" Tammy asked.

"But of course." Annie said with a smile and a wink. Tammy stared at Annie for a second.

"…Good girl." She smirked.

"Uh…girls?" Yuri stared at them. The two agents looked at Yuri and the rest of the lab to find everyone staring at them with odd looks.

"Hey! What's everyone looking at!?" Tammy asked in a playfully angry tone.

"Nothing." The scientists replied and went back to work.

"That's what I thought!" Tammy shouted.

"Tammy, please…" Annie said with a sigh. "Now anyway, hello Yuri, sorry for the rather…unorthodox entrance, Tammy was just being her little eccentric self."

"It's quite alright, Annie." Yuri smiled warmly.

"Oh! Yuri!" Tammy shouted. "Hey! I have to tell you something, that vibrating pen you gave me a while back worked WONDERS!"

"Ah" Yuri smiled. "Yes, laser cutters do come in handy."

"…It was a laser cutter?" Tammy asked in confusion.

"ANYway…" Annie said, with a evil stare to Tammy. "We heard you've got some new stuff for us?"

"Yes, indeed." Yuri said, lifting his goggles into his forehead. "Follow me." The girls followed Yuri down the lab. "I heard you were going the new Goth casino in Vegas, yes?

"That is correct." Annie nodded.

"Yeah, it's really hot!" Tammy said.

"Indeed…" Yuri said. "Well, from what I heard, they day of the transaction is going to be held during a masquerade ball, so you're going to need to look the part." Yuri stopped at a wall. He pressed a button at the side and the wall flipped over, reveling two black dresses, long gloves, knee-high Goth boots and two masks.

"BOOTS!" Tammy shouted and rushed the clothes, Annie grabs her before she could get any nearer. "I want! I want! I want! I want!"

"Tammy, calm down." Annie said.

Yuri chuckled. "Don't worry, you'll get them soon enough."

"But I want now…" Tammy said hanging her head. Annie pulled her back to her side.

"Uh…anyway, these aren't ordinary clothes, you see." Yuri began. "The boots here have a hidden blade that extends at the toes, adding an extra KICK." He chuckled at his own joke. "The dress, corset, gloves, and mask also have some hidden features. In the sides of the corset are two small pouches, big enough to hold a gun and a knife, the inner material of the corset is a special substance so that they don't trip security alarms and it's bulletproof...of course." He winked, "Also the right hand glove holds some garrote wire in the wrist. The mask is a detection tool used for spotting out key elements in the area, like certain people, your objective and such, much like something you'd find in a Video Game."

"And the dress?" Annie asked.

"Well…while not really practical for the mission, the dress can be ripped off in one swift tug. I'm sure you two will find SOME use for that." Yuri grinned.

"Did I mention I love you?" Tammy asked with a big grin.

Annie smirked. "Thank you, Yuri. I'm sure it'll come in handy." She looks over at Tammy. "ALL of it."

Yuri chuckled again. "Of course, dears."

"Well, we should be getting off now, thanks again, Yuri." Annie smiled politely and began to walk off.

"Yes…we should be…getting off." Tammy smiled behind Annie's back.

"Shut up Tammy!" Annie shouted over her shoulder.

"Hehehehehehehehe." Tammy laughed.

"Hold on!" Yuri shouted. "I've still got one more thing to show you!" Annie quickly turned around and walked back to Tammy's side.

"Well, I figured you needed a vehicle so I designed this." Yuri pressed another button and another part of the wall opened up, it was a window and behind it was a large, jet black "crotch rocket" motorcycle.

"EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Tammy shouted, Annie spanked her again. "HEY!" She shouted, holding her butt. "What was that for!?"

"No reason." Annie smiled

"Uh-huh…" Tammy said rubbing her butt.

"I thought you might like it." Yuri smiled. "This girls, is Lady Jet, a customized motorcycle. It's got a machine gun under the headlight, duel missile launchers on each side of the bike, as well as a machine gun under the back taillight, and there's a small ammo box at the end, all in a light weight, easy to use form for max efficiency."

"Does it have a sidecar?" Tammy asked.

"No, it does not." Yuri shook his head.

"SCORE!" Tammy shouted.

"It's lovely Yuri, you've outdone yourself again." Annie said.

"Why thank you, dear, and please, could you keep this one in one piece?" Yuri asked.

"Don't worry, I'll go easy on her." Annie reassured.

"It's not you I'm worried about." Yuri said slightly looking at Tammy.

"HEY!" Tammy shouted. "I learned my lesson from last time, high performance vehicles and tanks don't mix." She nods to herself.

"Quite." Annie said. "Well, is that all for today, Yuri?"

"Yes, it tis." He said. "I wish you the best of luck on the mission."

"Thank you Yuri." Annie smiled. "Come on Tammy, let's get ready." Annie once again walked down the lab.

"Oooh, come on Tammy? I like this." Tammy said with a snicker.

"Shut up, Tammy!" Annie called out back. Tammy laughed and followed Annie out the door.

After the final preparations were taken care of, the girls were then sent out to The United States, heading for Las Vegas, Nevada. First class all the way.

"Ahhhh…now this is why I joined the Agency!" Tammy shouted from the back of a limo driving down the Vegas Strip, behind a martini. She stared out the window, looking at all the sights while sipping on her drink.

"Really now?" Annie asked with a sly smile. "I thought it was because you wanted an excuse to kill people." Tammy turned her head and stared at her.

"…Well…maybe a little of both." Tammy winked. A flat screen in the limo turned itself on. Fredrick appeared on the screen.

"'Ello girls." Fredrick greeted with a smile.

"Hiya Fredrick!" Both girls greeted back in unison.

"Right then." He said. "Now, you two will be staying at the hotel just across from The Twilight Paralysis. We've already taken the liberty of sending your equipment to your room for tonight."

"Thank you, dear." Annie said, taking a sip of her martini.

"Now, remember." Continued Fredrick. "Your two targets are Lamont's smuggler, Eileen a-"

"The sexy one." Tammy said from behind her glass.

"Yes…" Fredrick continued. "As well as this Jackal. Now, we want Eileen alive, she should be able to give us the whereabouts of Lamont."

"Can we be the ones to interrogate her?" Tammy asked.

"Uh…maybe." Fredrick scratched his head.

"Yes…" Annie said staring at Tammy out of the corner of her eye, cracking her knuckles. "I may have a few things to say to her…"

"Uh…well I'll see what I can do." Fredrick said, "But don't get ahead of yourself, you've got a mission to do."

"Of course, love." Tammy said, finishing off her martini.

"Now…" Fredrick continued his briefing. "This exchange will apparently be held at the Masquerade ball being thrown tonight, most likely in a booth or one of the more private areas."

"Sounds like fun." Tammy nodded.

"Well, I'm glad you're excited about the mission, Tammy." Fredrick smiled. "Now, good luck you two and come home safely."

"Bye Fredrick!" Both girls waved goodbye as the flat screen went black. The Limo pulled up to the hotel they were staying in. Both girls got out of the car. Tammy looked behind her at the new Twilight Paralysis.

"Oooooh! Look!" She pointed towards the casino, which looked much like a giant haunted house.

"Wow…" Annie said, staring at the casino. "I'd hate to stay there, I'd be afraid of getting stabbed in the shower."

"Indeed." Tammy nodded. "But it's still sexy!" She smiled.

"Quite." Annie smiled back. "Now let's get ready."

"Ok!" Tammy shouted happily and ran into the hotel.

"Hey! Wait up!" Annie chases after her.

Later that night, the two girls got their outfits ready. Tammy fixed up her dress and examined her own body.

"Annie, does this dress make my butt look big?" She asked. Annie walked up to her and spanked her.

"It was always big, love." Annie said with a smile. Tammy stuck her tongue out at her. "Oh? Offering me tongue now? Come on, Tammy, we've got a mission to do."

"Yeah, yeah…" Tammy said. "But, ya know…" She walks up behind Tammy. "I may have a big ass…" She grabbed Annie's breasts. "But at least I don't have little fun bags, like these." She snickered. Annie looked up and whispered in her eye.

"Funny…last time I checked, you LIKED playing with my breasts." Annie smiled and broke out of Tammy's hold. "So…what say you now, hmmm?" Annie winks at her.

"I've got nothin'," Tammy said, sighing at her.

"Good, now lets-" Before Annie could finish her sentence; Tammy tackled her on to the bed. The two girls wrestled each other across the bed.

"EY! Get off! Get off!" Annie shouted.

"Oh! You know I'm not THAT easy!" Tammy laughed.

"Come on! You're messing up the dress!" Annie shouted again.

"On you know you like it!" Tammy shouted back.

"That's…that's besides the point!" Annie yelled. The two girls rolled across the bed until they hit the edge, in the commotion, Tammy lost her balance and fell onto the floor.

"GAK!" She squealed as she hits the floor, face first. Annie sat up and fixed herself.

"Jeez…you bloody horndog..." Annie sighed. Tammy picked herself up and dusted herself off.

"Oh please, you know that's one of the reasons ya love me so much!" She winked.

"Humph." Annie scoffed, folding her arms.

"Oh come on, Annie!" Tammy smiled. "We've got a mission to do!"

"That's precisely what-" Annie got caught off at Tammy running out of the room. She let out a growl. "Gerrrr…wait up!" She picked herself up and ran after Tammy.

That night, Tammy and Annie drove up to the Twilight Paralysis, parked their bike and walked in. The interior of the casino was filled with black Gothic architecture, candelabras hung on the walls, large chandeliers made out of skulls hung down from the ceiling, and the walls and ceiling were all painted black with a bit of dark purple in it. The employees all wore dark clothes with heavy makeup. Some industrial music could be heard playing on the speakers all around the place.

"Welcome, mistresses to The Twilight Paralysis." Said a greeter at the door with a bow.

"Yo!" Tammy shouted back, waving her hand.

"Please enjoy your stay." He said and turned back around.

"This place kicks ass." Tammy said, nudging Annie's shoulder.

"Indeed." Annie smiled. "Now, we need to find the ball room, we should probably ask someone as to where it's at."

"Or…" Began Tammy, pointing to a sign. "We can follow that sign right there that says, Masquerade Ball, with an arrow pointing to that door over there." She pointed to a large double door.

Annie stared at Tammy for a sec. "Shut up…" She said and started walking towards the doors. Tammy snickered and followed her. The two girls enter the Ballroom, inside was a large party. In the center was dance floor with was turned into a huge mosh pit, on stage a Goth Metal band plays as many different colored lights move up and down the floor. On the left side was a bar and on the right were a few booths to sit down.

"Ok." Annie said looking around the room. "We should split up and cover this whole area. Eileen and Jackal should be around here somewhere. Mostly likely in one of the booths, but you never know, so use your mask to help ya find them. Ok Tammy?" Annie looked to her side, but there was no Tammy to be found, "…Tammy?" She looked around. "Bullocks…"

At the side of the room, Tammy sat down at the bar and ordered herself a drink. A tall man in very strange all black clothes with some sort of gauntlets over his hands and a cloak with a black hood over his face.

"Is this seat taken?" The man asked pointing to the stool next to Tammy.

"Not that I know of." She said. "Knock yourself out."

"Thanks." The man said and took a seat next to her, he ordered a drink. "So…what brings you out here? You a gambling kinda woman?"

"No not really…" Tammy said, taking a sip of her drink, surveying the room. "Though I've always had a passion for…slots." She smiles to herself.

"Ah, you like a game of chance, eh?" The man said.

"Heh…I guess so." Tammy snickered. "It's beautiful when you finally crack one open though."

"Heh, Indeed." The man chuckled.

"Tamara." Tammy said, offering her hand to the man, "What's ya name?"

"Heh, My name?" The man said rather nervously. "My name's Elanta." He shakes her head.

"Ooh! Elanta?" Tammy stared at him. "That sounds foreign, you're not from around here are ya?"

"Heh, nope." Elanta chuckled. "I'm from some place…very far."

"Oh?" Tammy. "Well me too, I'm from Marry Ol' England, I is!" She said trying to make a stereotypical Cockney accent. "So what brings you out here, Elanta?"

"Traveling." Elanta said, staring forward. "I do lots of traveling."

"Hey! So do I!" Tammy smiled. "Though, mostly because of my job…"

"Heh, that's mostly why I travel too." Elanta smiled. "Although, right now, you could say, I'm on vacation." He smiled a bit into his glass.

"Tammy? Tammy!" Annie voice could be heard on Tammy's earpiece.

"What?" Tammy said.

"Huh?" Elanta turned to her.

"Tammy, I found Eileen, get over here!" Annie's voice shouted.

"Oh really?" Tammy said. "Ok, I'll be right over." She chugged down the rest of her drink. "Gotta go! It was nice meeting you, Elanta." She jumped off her stool and headed down the room.

"Hey I-" Elanta started but, Tammy was out of sight before he could finish. "Damn…" He said to himself. "She's pretty fine…for a human." He shrugs. "Bartender, give me another!"

Tammy quickly met up with Annie, hiding behind a planter. "Hey! What's up!" Tammy shouted.

"Shhhh!" Annie put her finger up to her lips. "Get down!"

"Oooh! Ok!" Tammy said, quietly with a smile and hide behind the planter.

"Use your mask, she's over there." Annie said, pointing towards the booths. Tammy put on her mask and looked around. The area in her sight is a faded blue color, whereas one woman, with short, bushy, jet black hair with heavy black eyeliner around her eyes and black lipstick over her lips, and in a full leather suit had a bright orange aura over her.

"Wow, these things do work." Tammy said, awestricken. "I wonder how though…"

"When it comes to Yuri, I've learned it best not to ask questions." Annie sighed.

"So now what?" Tammy looked up at Annie still wearing the mask.

"Well…we wait for Jackal." Annie replied.

"How boring…" Tammy sighed; she started playing with the mask. "Hmm…I wonder what these buttons do…"

"Well, that's just how it is sometimes, Tammy." Annie said, still looking at Eileen. "The life of a secret agent isn't all bombs and gunshots. You've got some-" She turned to Tammy who's started staring at her with her tongue hanging out. "Uh…what are you doing?"

"I found X-Ray vision on this thing…" Tammy said happily.

"Gimmie that!" Annie shouted and grabbed Tammy's mask.

"Awwww….no fun!" Tammy whined.

"We've got a mission to do, Tammy…" Annie sighed.

"Oooh! Look!" Tammy pointed to the booth. A man in a black hood and a green suit, carrying a briefcase sat across from her. They exchange words as the man moved the briefcase with his foot to Eileen's side. They talked a bit more before the man left the booth, Eileen looked around, grabbed the case and moved out as well.

"I'm going to go after Eileen." Tammy said.

"Fine, fine." Annie said. "I'll get this Jackal fellow, met you in a few." Annie kissed Tammy on the cheek and ran off, Tammy quickly ran the other way towards Eileen.

Outside the casino, Annie slowly stalked The Jackal in the parking lot; she grabbed the side of her corset and pulls out her knife. Slowly she walked up behind him and lunged at him. He wrapped her arm around him, as he tried to go for his gun, but stopped as she put the knife up to his throat. "That wouldn't be in your best interest, dear." Annie said coldly.

"Who the hell are you?" Jackal asked in a deep, cold voice.

"Names aren't important, what's in that case you gave Eileen?" Annie asked.

Jackal chuckled. "Wouldn't you like to know…"

"That's precisely why I asked!" Annie shouted. "Now what is it? Launch codes? Plutonium? Some form of nuclear device?"

Jackal chuckled again. "Much worse." He elbowed Annie in the stomach, causing her to instinctively slit Jackal's throat. He hit the ground as Annie grabbed her stomach in slight discomfort.

"Bloody 'ell." Annie winced. "You dumbass!" she shouted at Jackal's body. "Ugh…I hope Tammy has better luck than me." She looked around and quickly ran out of the area.

In another part of the parking lot, Tammy stalked Eileen to a large van. She opened up the door to the van. "Freeze!" Tammy shouted, pulling out her gun. Eileen stopped and puts her hands up.

"Who the bloody 'ell are you!?" Eileen shouted in a almost teenaged sounding British accent.

"Oooh! She's a Brit." Tammy said to herself with a smile. "I doesn't matter who I am! Give me the briefcase."

"Do ya even realize what's inside this thing?" Eileen shouted back.

"No, but I'd sure like to find out!" Tammy shouted to her, closing in on her.

"Humph…fool." Eileen scoffed and quickly spun around, lashing out at Tammy, knocking her gun out of her hand.

"HEY! I-" Tammy began to shout, but stopped to dodge a swing from Eileen. She lifted her arm up and blocked another blow. Tammy came back with a blow to the stomach; Eileen flinched and hits Tammy in the side of the face, causing her to reel back. Tammy shook her cobwebs out and lunges at her, she hits Eileen twice in face with two rights, then tried for a left hook, Eileen grabbed Tammy's arm and punched her in the stomach again before pulling her toward her. Eileen wrapped her arms around Tammy's body and felt her up.

"Hey! I….oooooh…." Tammy blushed. Eileen grabbed the knife out of Tammy's corset and pushed her back. "Oh! You bitch! Gimmie that back!"

"With pleasure." Eileen smiled evilly. She swings the blade at Tammy, who tried to dodge it. She jumped back and tapped the ground with the heel of her boots, a blade spring out from the toes of both boots. She smirks. Eileen growled and lunged at her again. Tammy blocked the swipes of the knife with kicks, one of the kicks cuts into Eileen's arm. She moaned in pain and drops the knife, Eileen growled again and rushes Tammy, grabbing herby the shoulders, Tammy counters with a grab as well. Eileen head butted Tammy in the head, disorienting her; Eileen brought her closer and lifted up a knee into Tammy's stomach. Tammy fell to her knees in pain. Eileen pushed her to the ground and quickly grabbed Tammy's gun, pointing it at Tammy. Tammy quickly rolled out of the way as three shoots fire off, each one nearly missing her head.

Tammy picked herself back up, they both stared each other down. Tammy grabbed her wrist and pulled out a long string of garrote wire and held it like a whip. She whipped the ground, which causes Tammy to smile evilly. Eileen aimed the gun, but before she could fire, Tammy lunged her arm outward, the garrote wire, flew out and wrapped itself around the gun, she pulled back, ripping the gun out of Eileen's hand and towards Tammy, who grabbed it with her other hand. In amazement, Tammy stared at the gun.

"That…that actually worked!" Tammy shouted to herself with eyes. Eileen growled and tackled Tammy, shoving her shoulder into Tammy's stomach, slamming her to the ground. Eileen sat up on Tammy's stomach and repeatedly punched her in the face. Tammy tired to lift the gun up, but Eileen grabbed her wrist. Tammy lifted up her other arm and knocked Eileen in the side of the face, causing her to lean over. Tammy quickly pushed her down and crawled up on top of her, aiming the gun to her head. Eileen smirked, before thrusting her palm into Tammy's stomach, she winced in pain, firing off a shot, barely missing Eileen's head. Eileen knocked the gun out of Tammy's hand. Tammy jumps off Eileen's body and lunged for the gun, but before she can make it, Eileen grabbed her leg and dragged her back across the pavement. Eileen ran over and picked up the gun, she turned around and aimed at Tammy, who tired to tackle Eileen, but Eileen was able to knock Tammy in the side of the head with the gun. Tammy fell to her knees as Eileen aimed the gun at Tammy's head.

"Now, die bitch!" Eileen shouted.

Behind her Annie appeared out of the night. "Tammy!" Annie screamed and rushed towards the two women. Eileen turned around.

"What the…?" She turned around and fired at Annie, she ducked behind a car and pulled out her own gun. She popped out and fired at Eileen, who dodged the bullets. Tammy looked up and delivered a sweep to Eileen's legs, knocking her down. She accidentally threw the gun and fell to the ground. Tammy got up and kicked Eileen in the rips, tossing her over. Eileen quickly picked herself up, ran towards the van, picking up the case and hoping in. Tammy ran over and picked up her gun, as Eileen started up the engine and peels out. Tammy jumped out of the way of the speeding van and fired a few rounds as it drove away.

"Tammy! Enough!" Annie shouted as the van hits the main road.

"God DAMMIT!" Tammy shouted. "I swear, I'm gonna rip that bitch's ovaries out!" Annie walked up behind her and wrapped her arm around Tammy's neck, supporting her.

"Hey…don't worry about it, love. We'll get her." Annie said, softly and sweetly in Tammy's ear, who just grumbled. "Now, more importantly though, are you ok?"

"I've been better…" Tammy sighed. "But, nothing a long soak can't fix."

"Oooh, that sounds like fun." Annie smiled. "Maybe I'll join you for that." Tammy perked up a bit.

"Hehe, good girl." Tammy nuzzled Annie's cheek. They started walking back to their bike. "So where's that Jackal, guy?"

"He…uh…decided to be ship out in a box rather than behind bars." Annie sighed.

"Oh?" Tammy tilted her head at Annie.

"Yup." Annie nodded, "I accidentally slit his throat…heh…" Annie blushed.

"Wow." Tammy stared blackly, "What a useless and completely expendable villain."

"Heh." Annie chuckled, "Well, I guess they don't make evil henchman like they used to, eh?"

"I guess not." Tammy said as they both headed out, "Now about that soak…:"

Later that night as the two girls headed into their hotel, a man dressed in all black watched them head into the building, he pulled out a walkie-talkie.

"They're staying at the Red Montana Hotel." The man said.

"Roger" Could be heard from the walkie-talkie.

That night, after the two girls had a lovely and relaxing soak in the bathtub, they sat in bed together under the blanket in noting but their undergarments, Tammy with one arm over Annie's shoulders surfed through the TV while Annie read a book.

"Boring…Boring…boring…boring…" Tammy sighed flipping through the channels. "Blast, there's nothin' good on tonight."

"Well…it IS getting late, we should probably get some sleep." Annie said, looking up from her book.

"Awww…but I'm not tired." Tammy whined. "Hmm…I wonder what's on Cinimax."

"Oh Tammy..." Annie rolled her eyes.

"Alright, fine. Spice Channel." Tammy winked.

"I didn't think that still existed." Annie said burying herself back into her book. Tammy continued to flip channels until the sound of moaning could be heard coming from the TV.

"Yup, it still exists." Tammy smiled. Annie peered at her from her book.

"Tammy, do you really…" She looked at the TV. "Wow…he's really giving it to her…"

"Indeed!" Tammy smiled again. "Isn't is…sexy?" She leaned in closer to Annie.

"Well…aside from the naked man, I guess so." Annie said in somewhat of a trance watching the show. Tammy watched her, smiling.

"HA! See?" Tammy shouted happily, "Deep down, you're as much as a bloody horndog as I am!"

"Oh really?" Annie raised an eyebrow at Tammy. "Well, then I'll show you horndog!" just as the words left her lips, Annie wrapped her arms around Tammy and tackled her in the bed, quickly pressing her lips up against hers, after a few seconds of making out, Annie pulled back, leaving Tammy gasping for breath.

"Wow…" Tammy heaved. "You're…you're good…"

"Do you hear that?' Annie asked, looking around.

"Hear what?" Tammy asked, looking up at her.

"Sounded like a helicopter." Annie pointed out.

"It was probably nothing." Tammy said and tried to kiss, but Annie pulled away.

"No seriously…" Annie got up.

"Oh come on, Annie, it was probably just one flying overhead." Tammy said, soon the sound of helicopter blades could be heard getting closer.

"See?" Annie said.

"It's probably headin' to the airport." Tammy said.

"But there isn't any airport near hear…at least for it to be that close." Annie pointed out.

Just then a blindly bright light shown through the window, Annie shielded her eyes with her hand. "What the bloody 'ell!?" Annie shouted.

"Uh…Annie!" Tammy yelled.

"What!?" Annie yelled back.

"Get down!" Tammy yelled, wrapping her arms around Annie's stomach and pulling her off the bed, both girls flew off the bed as a Minigun on the helicopter went off, shredding the entire hotel room. "Follow me!" Tammy yelled. The two crawl into the bathroom, under the heavy fire of the helicopter. Tammy entered first, she turned around and grabbed Annie's arm, pulling her in as well.

"What the bloody 'ell is goin' on?" Annie shouted.

"I don't know, but I think we pissed off Eileen!" Tammy yelled back.

"Ya think!?" Annie shouted sarcastically. Annie peered behind the corner as the Minigun fired a second time, Annie ducked back into the bathroom as bullets shredded everything in the room.

"Jesus Christ, she takes things way to personality." Tammy yelled.

"Well when you're in with the local Terrorist, you're kinda allowed to!" Annie yelled back. The Minigun stopped and the helicopter flew up and away.

"It's gone?" Tammy asked. Annie peered out from behind.

"It's seems like it." She said.

"Oh, beautiful." Tammy sighed in relief. Under them screams and gunshots could be heard as well as many people running up to their room.

"Oh great!" Tammy shouted. "Here comes the clean up crew!"

"Grab the guns and lets get going!" Annie yelled back. Both girls ran out of the bathroom and back into their former bedroom. A soldier in urban camo and a ski mask busted through the front door, he fired at Annie as she passed through the doorway to her bedroom, she flung herself across the room to dodge the bullets. Soon the one soldier is joined by four more. Annie rummaged through the closet and pulled out two handguns. She tossed one to Tammy.

"Catch!" Annie yelled as she threw the gun to Tammy. She caught it and leaned up against the wall. Annie leaned up against the doorway and peered out. One soldier fired at her, she popped back inside as the bullets fly by. "Jesus Christ you guys!" Tammy shouted at them. "Can't you wait until we get dressed to start shooting!?"

The soldiers look at each other. "NO!" One yelled back out.

"Oh bullocks…" Tammy rolled her eyes. She popped out and fired off a few rounds, taking out one soldier, she dived back in as they fire on her. "HA! Gotcha!" Tammy shouted.

"You enjoy this far too much." Annie said to her.

"I know!" Tammy yelled back with a cute expression on her face. Tammy popped out and fired again, the soldiers take what cover they could find to try and get out to the bullet's path. Both girls hid back behind the wall as the soldiers retaliated with shots of their own. Both girls nodded to each other and they both popped out and fired a few rounds in the group of soldiers, taking most of the out. They leaned back into the room, only one soldier was left standing.

"Shit!" He yelled and ripped a grenade off his belt, armed it and threw it into the room, it hits the back wall.

"Ah crap!" Tammy shouted. "Duck and cover!" Both girls curled up against the wall as the grenade went off, blowing a large hole in their floor.

"Quick! Go through the hole!" Annie yelled and proceeded forward. Tammy stared at her with a big grin on her face.

"Yes dear!" She shouted and followed Annie, shooting down the room to keep the soldier behind cover. Both girls jumped into the room below them. A 15 year old boy sat on his bed, staring wide eyed at both the fact that his roof just blew up and two almost naked, very attractive women just fell into the room.

"Hiya!" Tammy shouted as she ran through his room.

"Stay in school!" Annie shouted as she followed. The kid watched them leave before passing out on his bed. Both girls quickly exited the room and ran down the stairs and into the garage.

"I'll drive!" Tammy shouted, she jumped on their motorcycle.

"Are you sure you know how to handle this thing? Shouldn't you let me drive again." Annie said, staring at her.

"Don't worry, I'm focused!" Tammy said, turning the motorcycle on and revving the engine. "No one messes with MY sex life and lives! Now get on!" Annie shrugged and hopped on the bike, wrapping her arms around Tammy's waist. She squeezed the throttle and start going, pulling a wheelie in the process.

"Tammy!" Annie shouted in slight fear, pressing herself up against Tammy's back.

"Sorry, I'm good, I'm good." She said back with a big grin on her face. They two girls quickly drove off onto the main road.

The two girls quickly sped down the road, waving in and out of traffic. "Tammy!" Annie shouted. "Where exactly are we going!?"

"The 'ell if I know!" Tammy shouted back. "Away from 'ere!" The two continued down the strip. Black cars began to peel out of alleyways chasing after the girls.

"I think we've got company, Tammy dear!" Annie shouted, looking behind her. Tammy looked through her mirror.

"I see 'em." Tammy shouted back. She stared at the control panel on the bike and thought to herself. "Hmm…" She thought as she examined the different buttons. "Oh then 'ell with it!" She pressed a couple of random buttons. The rockets extended out from the sides and fired, blowing a hole in the side of a passing casino. "…Not that one…" She said to herself.

"Tammy! Do you even know what you're doing!?" Annie shouted.

"I think it's obvious that I DON'T!" Tammy shouted back. "But I learn quickly!" Annie sighed and buried her face into Tammy's back, much to Tammy's glee. Behind them a one of the passengers of the black cars popped out the window and fired on them with a machine gun. Tammy swerved around, avoiding the gunfire.

"Annie!" Tammy shouted, "Reload with that box there, on the side and take those bastards out!"

"Right!" Annie nodded, gripping her gun. She leaned over and opened up the ammo box, just as another burst of bullets fly her way. Tammy swerved a bit more, causing Annie to lunge for and achieved a death grip on Tammy's bra strap.

"GAH!" Tammy yelled. "Careful there!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Annie apologized, she reached down and again and pulled a magazine out of the box and reloaded her gun. She aimed back and fired at the pursuing cars. One of the bullets hit the diver of one of the cars, causing it to flip over and roll down the road, which also caused another one of the black cars to slam into it.

"Nice one!" Tammy shouted

"Thanks." Annie shouted back, reloading her gun once more. They continued to exchange fire, swerving in and out of traffic, around tight corners, across open and congested roads. Las Vegas PD officers appeared and begin chasing down the black cars.

"Hey Annie!" Tammy shouted.

"Yeah?" Annie asked back.

"What happened to that Heli? I haven't seen it around" Tammy asked.

"The 'ell if I know! Don't worry about it." Annie said as she unloaded another clip in the pursuing cars. Just then the attack chopper flew overhead, Annie watched it fly by to her dismay. "Ya just HAD ta say somethin' huh!?" Annie yelled at Tammy.

"'Ey, I didn't know that was gonna to happen!" Tammy shouted back, the helicopter began to fly behind the entire chase; its barrels began to open fire, shredding the police cars.

"Well, so much for backup." Tammy sighed.

"I'm sure they would have taken us out as well, love." Annie said back.

"Yeah, yeah…" Tammy sighed again. "We're almost near the Las Vegas limits, we'll be in the desert soon."

"Lovely…" Annie sighed. They continued to drive down the roads outrunning both a small group of cars and a helicopter, Tammy noticed the waving cowboy that greets everyone heading into Las Vegas. She sped up and presses a couple more buttons, the machine gun in the back opened up and fired.

"Forgot I had that…" Tammy looks behind her. Annie sighs. "Well, I know now, huh!?" Tammy yells. She continued pressing buttons until two more missiles were armed, she aimed them upward and launched them, they hit the base of the cowboy, blowing him off his base, the girls passed the cowboy as it his the ground, the cars behind them swerve out of the way, causing a major pileup of wrecked cars.

"HAHA! Bitches!" Tammy looked back sticking her tongue out at the pursuers.

"What about 'im?" Annie said nodding toward the helicopter.

"Oh ya…" Tammy sighed. "Well…um…give me that." Tammy ripped the gun out of Annie's hand and fired at the helicopter.

"That's not going to do anything." Annie sighed.

"It might!" She said continuing to fire.

"Uh…Tammy…" Annie's eyes became wider.

"What?" Tammy asked.

"Look!" Annie pointed ahead of them. Tammy looked over and saw a huge blockage of black cars in front of her; she turned the motorcycle to the side and hit the break, stopping in front of the blockage.

"Bollocks…" Tammy sighed. Both girls dropped their guns and put their hands up. A soldier motioned to his men, another soldier aimed at the girls and fired to shots. A tranquilizer dart stuck into the next of both of them and almost instantly, they passed out on the bike. Everything blacked out.

"Taaaaammmmmmyyyyy….Taaaaaaammmmmmmyyyy." Annie's voice could be heard in the blackness.

"Merrr…" Tammy moaned "But I don't wanna go with that Chester guy…"

"Tammy?" Annie's voice called again.

"Dammit Dad…I told you, I'm not like that…" Tammy moaned in her sleep.

"Tammy!" Annie's voice shouted. Quickly Tammy woke up to the sight of Annie in her underwear. She examined Annie's body.

"I'm…I'm I in Heaven?" Tammy asked sleepily.

"I should think not!" Annie replied. "We're in a jail cell." Tammy looked around and realized that Annie was right. They're in a small square cell with iron bars blocking their escape.

"Bollocks…" Tammy sighed. "What happened?"

"Well from what I can remember…" Annie began to think. "We were cornered by Eileen's goons, shot by tranquilizer darts and then thrown in here for reasons beyond me."

"What? Are you complaining we're still alive?" Tammy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No…" Annie replied. "It's just odd that they didn't kill us on the spot like they were trying to back in the hotel."

"Meh…" Tammy shrugged. "They'll learn the error of their ways soon enough." She stretched and sat up on the small, concrete bench. "See any possible escape routes?" She asked.

"Nope." Annie shook her head. "But then again, I've only been awake a few minutes more than you…"

"Ah." Tammy said. "I see…well, lets have a look around." She got up and walked around, examining all of the room. Many "Hmms" and "oohs" could be heard as she looked around.

"Well?" Annie asked. Tammy looked back at her.

"I've come to the conclusion that we're completely, and utterly trapped in her." Tammy said with an unusually happy face. Annie put her head in her hand and sighed. The jail guard soon walked up to the bars.

"What's all the noise here?" He said in a gruff voice. "Oh…you girls are awake."

"Yo!" Tammy waved at him. "We seem to be trapped here." The guard chuckled.

"Indeed you are." He laughed. "Eileen's orders, apparently she wants to snuff you out herself."

"Oh really?" Tammy raised an eyebrow.

"Yup." The guard nodded. "It's a shame I say, to have to put down two fine women as you two."

"Yes…it is isn't it…?" Tammy said in a seductive tone, slowly walking up to the iron bars. Annie eyed Tammy evilly, crossing her arms.

"Ya know…" The guard got closer to the bars. "I might be able to pull a few strings for a couple of…favors." He winked at the girls.

"Favors? Eh?" Tammy smiled, putting her face as close to his as she can. "Favors are always…fun. What kinda favors?"

"You're serious about this?" The guard said trying to get as close to her as he could.

"I might be up for some persuasion…" Tammy said, continuing her seductive tone. She put her hand through the iron bar and rubbed the guard's thigh. "So…what KIND of favors." She winked at him.

"You bloody whore…" Annie scoffed under her breath.

"Well…" The guard said with a stupid grin on his face. "Maybe start out with kiss…?"

"Oooh, a kiss eh?" Tammy licked her lips.

"And then from there, we can have some good, hard sex." The guard smiled a big, horny grin.

"Oooh? You know what you want don't you?" Tammy smiled. "But no foreplay?" She asked in a rather sad tone in her voice.

"Oh…well, uh, sure…" Said the guard looking around.

"You just gotta have foreplay..." She smiled "but…like you said, start with a kiss, eh?"

"You're really serious about this?" The guard asked sill with a smile.

"Come here, baby." Tammy griped the collar of his uniform, she quickly stared him down, tighten her grip and pulled him toward her as hard as she could, bashing his head against the iron bars. He quickly hit the ground. "Sorry, babe." Tammy said taking the keys off the guard's belt. "But the only penis I want inside me is made of rubber, bright pink, and strapped to HER waist." She said with a smile, pointing to Annie.

"TAMMY!" Annie shouted.

"What? Just sayin'" Tammy smiled back.

"Those are private matters…" Annie said rather annoyed.

"Oh come on, this guy's unconscious, I doubt he heard me." Tammy reassured.

"Actually…I'm-" The guard slowly began, Tammy looked over and punched the guard in the face again, this time, knocking him out.

"Uh…NOW he's unconscious" Tammy smiled innocently. She took the keys and unlocked the cell. "Lets go." The two girls walked down the room and stop at the door, they each leaned up against a side of the doorway. Annie peaked into the doorway. Three guards sat in a small room, playing card.

"Did you see those two girls we brought in last night?" One guard asked.

"Ya…they're god damn hot, ain't they?" Another guard said.

"Don't get your hopes up…" The third one chimed in. "Rumor has it, they're dykes. They're only interesting in each other."

"Ah, I'm sure they can be persuaded" The first guard said.

"You mean forced." The second one joked.

"Either way, it's all good." The first one joked back.

"Well it ain't happening." The third one said. "The second Eileen gets back, she'll blow both those chick's brains out."

"What a waste of a woman…" The second guard said again.

"Like I said…" The third guard said again. "They're nothing but dykes, they were a waste of woman when they were born."

"I hear that." The first guard agreed.

Tammy and Annie looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Annie nodded to Tammy, who tapped on the wall.

"Huh?" One of the guards looked behind him.

"What is it?" The third guard asked.

"I thought I heard something." The first guard relied.

"Probably just James." The third guard said. "Where is he anyway? He said he'd just check on the girls really quickly and come back."

"I'll go check…" The first guard said and headed towards the doorway. He walked through the doorway, Tammy grabbed the back of his collar and his right arm then spun him around, slamming his face into the wall, he fell to the ground.

"What the hell?" The third guard got up and walked though the door, both girls grabbed his collar and threw him on the ground, he skid a bit across the ground.

"Hey!" The second guard jumped up, pulling out his AK. He headed towards the door, Annie grabbed the barrel of his gun and ripped it out of his hands, she walked in, hit him in the stomach with his own gun causing him to fold over, and then bashed the butt of the gun into the guards face, knocking him backwards. The third guard looked up and turned around onto his stomach and crawled to his rifle. Tammy stepped on the gun as Annie pointed her rifle at him. The guard froze in his tracks.

"So…" Tammy began with an evil smile. She pushed the gun away with her foot. "What was that about dykes being a waste of woman?"

"I…I…uh…oh shit…" The guard looked up at the girls, his face pale with fright. Tammy put her foot on the guard's chest as Annie held the gun.

"Now, little man, you've got one chance to make this out alive." Tammy began. "And trust me, after you little comments, there's not a lot holding me back from blowing your brains out."

"What…what do you want me to do?" The guard asked.

"I want you to answer a few simple questions." Tammy said.

"Uh…ok…" The guard looked around.

"Where are we?"

"You're still in Vegas, in small warehouse, Lamont built for himself." The guard answered.

"Where's Eileen?" Tammy asked.

"She's at her suite getting ready to kill you." The guard replied.

"And where is that exactly?" Annie asked.

"She bought a room a The Twilight Paralysis." The guard answered.

"Ah back there." Tammy said. "Ok…what else?" she thought to herself.

"Room number?" Annie shouted.

"Oh ya!" Tammy shouted. "What's her Room number?

"Room…315, I believe." The guard said.

"Where's the case." Annie said.

"Ya!" Tammy shouted. "Where's the case?"

"Lamont has it." The guard answered.

"And where is he?" Annie asked

"Ya, where's he?" Tammy mimicked.

"I don't know…" The guard said, Tammy presses her foot harder against the guard's chest.

"Are you sure about that?" Tammy asked in a malicious tone.

"I swear!" The guard yelled with a bit of fear in his voice. "I don't know where he is, only Eileen knows that, she's his…um…"

"She's his pussy, right?' Tammy asked.

"Uh…I guess you could say that." The guard answered.

"Damn." Tammy snapped her finger. "She's taken."

"So are you!" Annie yelled.

"Just sayin'…just sayin'" Tammy said trying to calm down her partner. "So…what should we do about him? Should we let him live?"

"Hmm…despite his brutish comments early, he WAS a good boy at answering our questions…" Annie thought to herself a bit. "I guess we could let him live for now."

"Ok!" Tammy smiled. "But listen!" Her voice became very serious as she grabbed the guard's collar and lifted his face up to hers. "We may not care about that wiggly little worm between your pants like most girls, but we're human too." She stared the guard down. "So I'll let you live if you promised to treat any other…dyke…you meet with the utmost respect. Deal?" At the word deal, her face changed to a cute smile.

"O-ok…" The guard agreed.

"Good!" She said in a cute squeak. "Well…goodnight!" She smiled before head butting the guard, knocking him out. She dropped the guard and looked around. "Alright…um….ya." She thought. "Let's strip two of these guards and take their uniform, I don't feel like getting arrested for indecent exposure today."

"Um…ok." Annie said, dropping the rifle. "But…are you sure they're going to fit us?"

"Well…" Tammy surveyed the area. "Those two." Tammy pointed at two of the fallen guards. "They look the most girlish, take their clothes."

"Alright…" Annie said and they both got to work.

Back at the Twilight Paralysis, as taxi pulled up to the side of the road, Tammy and Annie both walked out of the back seat in guard uniforms. Tammy walked up to the driver's window and gave him some money. "Keep the change." Tammy smiled and headed toward the casino. "Come on, Annie!" Tammy shouted behind her.

"I'm coming, I'm coming…" Annie called out, pulling her pants back up. "Jeez, these pants are loose on me." She followed Tammy into the casino. They both run through the entrance.

"Greeting mistresses" The greeter greeted them.

"Ya, Ya, shove it." Tammy snapped not stopping, followed by Annie. He stared at them as they ran by.

"Humph…" he scoffed.

The two girls headed up the stairs, on to Eileen's floor. They hit room 315. "Ok, here's the place." Tammy pointed. "You stand guard, I'll take care of her."

"Why do I have…HEY!" Annie shouted. "I know what you're planning! Don't even think about it!"

"What…?" Tammy asked with an innocent look on her face. "I'm just gonna interrogate her…"

"Uh-huh…" Annie said not impressed. "Interrogate can mean many things, dear…MANY things."

"I'm not going to do anything like THAT to her." Tammy said. "Come on, you can trust me."

Annie sighed. "Fine…fine…go interrogate her."

"Thanks love." She pecked Annie on the lips before kicking the door open and rushing in.

"'EY!" Eileen's voice can be heard. "What the bloody 'ell…YOU! What are you- AHH! 'EY!" A scuffled could be heard in the room. Annie whistled innocently and closed the door to the point where it's only opened just enough so that other people could still get in from the outside.

"Wakie, wakie, babe." Tammy voice could be heard. Eileen slowly opened her eyes to find herself lying on the bed, she could see Tammy, once again in her underwear, sitting on her stomach and smiling at her.

"YOU!" Eileen tried to struggle but she couldn't move her limps. She looked around and realized that her wrists have been tied to the headboard and her ankles, tied to the end of the bed. Also, after a quick examination, Eileen found that she, herself, was also in her underwear.

"What the 'ell is going on?" She shouted. "Did you rape me or something!?"

"Please…" Tammy brushed her off. "If I were to have raped you, you would have been completely naked and this mattress would have need about three washings." She smiled.

"Then why the 'ell are we in our underwear!?" She shouted again.

"Well…that guard suit was hot and itchy…very uncomfortable. So I decided to take it off. As for you…well your clothes were pretty much shredded in our little scuffle, so I thought I might was well just take 'em off since, they're jus rags now anyway." She pointed to the floor. Eileen looked over to see a torn up black shirt and pants.

"You little bitch! When I get out of this I'm gonna-" Eileen started but was quickly cut off.

"You're not going to. Trust me, there's no way you can get out of these ropes, I've had practice." She winked at her.

"You make me sick." Eileen hissed at her.

"What?" Tammy asked. "Lamont doesn't tie you up? You poor, deprived, little thing." She smiled at her.

"How do you know about me and Lamont?" She asked.

"Well one of your little goons was QUITE helpful at giving us some information." Tammy smiled. "I love it when henchmen do that."

Eileen sighed. "Bloody useless lot…" Tammy snickered at her.

"Now, speaking over our little terrorist friend." Tammy continued. "Tell me, where is the little bugger now?"

"Why the fuck would I want to tell you?" Eileen sneered.

"You might lower you jail sentence if ya cooperate." Tammy smiled.

"Humph." Eileen turned her head away from her. "I'm not talking."

Tammy sighed. "Why must you people make it so difficult? Huh!?" She slapped Eileen across the face. Eileen looked at Tammy, quite surprised.

"You little BITCH!" She struggled trying to get out of the ropes, but no avail.

"Now answer me!" Tammy shouted, slapping her again.

"No!" Eileen shouted back.

Tammy slapped her again. "Now!"

"Fuck you!" Eileen shouted again.

"I wish!" Tammy shouted back at her before slapping her again.

"RAH!" Eileen roared at Tammy.

"You just like pushing my buttons don't you?" Tammy sighed. "Fine, we'll do this the hard way." She cracks her knuckles.

Outside Annie sat and waited for her partner to come back out. She sighed. "What's taking her so long…?" She said to herself. "She better not be doing anything…dirty to her…" She sighed again. "I shouldn't think like that…Tammy's a flirt, yes, but I know she wouldn't cheat on me." Annie looked around the hall. "Dammit, Tammy, where are you?" She let out another sigh. "I should go check on her…see what the hold up is." She nodded to herself and walked into the room, closing the door behind her. She walked down the hall and heard a scuffle in the bedroom. Annie walked up and opened the door. "Tammy…?" She peaked in.

"God! Dammit! It! Answer me!" Tammy shouts on top of Eileen, with her hands around her throat bouncing up and down on her, trying to choke her.

"I said fuck you!" Eileen shouted again.

"What the bloody 'ell is this!?" Annie yelled, storming into the room. Tammy looked up at her in shock.

"What does it look like I'm doing!? Interrogating!" Tammy yelled back.

"My ass, you're interrogating!" Annie shouted. "You're riding her like a bleeding PONY!"

"I'm a little unorthodox, ok!?" Tammy shouted back.

"GERRRR!" Annie growled at her partner. "Get off her, right now!"

"But!" Tammy began.

"NOW!" Annie ordered. Tammy sighed and hopped off Eileen.

"She's not talking…" Tammy walked up to Annie.

"Well of course she isn't…" Annie put her head in her hand. "You were bloody choking the life out of her…"

"Ha! Stupid bitch is pussy whipped!" Eileen shouted.

"You bitch!" Tammy tried to rush Eileen again, but was quickly grabbed by Annie. "I'm gonna hurt you! Goddammit!"

"Tammy calm down!" Annie shouted.

"I'll called Dexy's Midnight Runners on you!" Tammy shouted.

"Tammy!" Annie tried to keep her under control.

"Too-Rye-Ay bitch!" Tammy shouted again.

"TAMMY!" Annie shouted again. Tammy calmed down a bit. "You done?" she asked.

"Indeed." Tammy responded. Annie sighed in relief.

"Good…" she let her go. Tammy quickly entered Eileen's closet and dug through it. "What are you doing…?" Annie asked her partner in confusion. Tammy poked her head out of the closet.

"She's got some nice clothes and most of them look like my size." Tammy smiled.

"Ugh…" Annie sighed.

"HEY!" Eileen shouted. "Get….Get otta there!"

"Here, Annie." Tammy popped out and handed her a tight, leather cat suit. "That looks like it'll fit you.

"I…oh my…" Annie blushed, taking the suit. Tammy popped back out with an armful of clothes.

"Hey!" Eileen shouted. "Give me back my clothes!" Tammy stuck her tongue out at her, before walking back into the living room.

"I…what about her?" Annie asked, pointing toward the tied up woman.

"Let Agency handle her, I'm done." Tammy's voice could be heard.

"And WHAT should I call them with?" Annie asked.

"She's got a cell phone on the table next to the bed!" Tammy's voice responded.

"Oh…ok." Annie walked up to the table next to the bed and picked up the phone and started dialing a number.

"Hey!" Eileen shouted. "Stop touching my things!"

"Oh hush up." Annie sneered. The phone rang, soon someone picked up. "Hello? Agency? This is Miss Livingston, agent number…" She stared at Eileen, who stared back at her. She turned around and cupped her hand over her mouth. "54987, I'd like to be patched through to Fredrick."

"One moment please." The operator's voice could be heard.

"'Ello?" Fredrick's voice was soon heard.

""Ello Fredrick!" Annie greeted, happily.

"Annie!" Fredrick's voice had the sound of relief in it. "Thank God you're alright. What happened?"

"Oh nothing much…" Annie said. "We just hit a couple of snags."

"Well it's good to hear you're ok." Fredrick said. "What's your status?"

"We've got Eileen a little tied up at the moment." Annie said.

"Oh my…" Fredrick said.

"Not like that!" Annie snapped. "Tammy tried to interrogate her, but no avail. You're going to have get your boys on her."

"Alright, good work." Fredrick commended.

"She's in the Twilight Paralysis, room 315. Bring a knife." Annie reported.

"A knife…?" Fredrick asked, confused.

"Yeah…Tammy tied her up, and I don't know how she does it, but only she knows how to untie her own knots…" Annie tried to explain.

"I see…" Fredrick said. "Well, I'll let them know."

"Thanks, dear." Annie smiled.

"Well I'll have an extraction unit come in soon and get to you out and Eileen out of there, so hold on tight." Fredrick said.

"Alright." Annie nodded. "See you soon." She hung up the phone.

"Everything peachy?" Tammy asked, walking back in wearing a tight, black tummy shirt, a demi jacket, very tight jeans and black Goth boots.

"We're…Ooooooh…" Annie blushed at Tammy.

"Sexy, no?" Tammy smiled. "Now come on then, get some clothes on, this will be the only time you'll ever hear me say that by the way, and lets get going."

"Fredrick said he'll send in an extraction unit to pick us up, so hang tight." Annie pointed out.

"Fine, fine." Tammy said. Tammy, Annie and Eileen all look around in awkward silence. "So…now what?" Tammy asked.

"I don't know…" Annie said, putting the suit on.

"Let's go check out the bar. Shall we?" Tammy asked.

"Sounds good." Annie nodded, finishing putting on her suit. She walked out the bedroom.

"Sexy!" Tammy smiled and spanked Annie as she left.

"HEY!" She stared back at Tammy, who just smiled at her. "Come on, you horndog!"

"Ok, one sec." Tammy walked up to Eileen. "Well, see ya, Eileen. It's been fun. Have fun at whatever prison you wind up in, you'll be someone's little bitch one way or another."

"Oh piss off." Eileen snapped.

"Heh." Tammy chuckled. "One more thing." She walks up to Eileen and punches her, straight in one of her ovaries."

"OW!" Eileen shouted. "What the bloody fuck!?"

"I don't know…" Tammy shrugged. "I just felt like doing that… Ta." Tammy walked out of room, leaving Eileen laying there, tied up.

"Bugger…" Eileen scoffed to herself.

"FREDRICK!" The two girls blasted into their boss's office, back in their normal. Stealth suits.

"Girls!" Fredrick shouted happily. Tammy ran up and tackled Fredrick, squeezing the life out of him. "GAK! E…ello to you too, Tammy." Annie raised an eyebrow at the sight. Fredrick looked over at Annie, reading her expression. "Uh…ok, Tammy, ok, you can let go now…" She let go. Fredrick slowly fixed himself, getting his breath back. "My you've got a strong grip…" Fredrick gasped.

"Thanks! It's a talent!" Tammy smiled.

"I'll say…" Fredrick said.

"So…" Annie chimed in, trying to change the topic. "What did the little bondage girl say?"

"Ah, yes." Fredrick finished fixing himself back up. "After a long and hard interrogation we were finally able to crack Lamont's location out of her."

"And that's where…?" Annie asked.

"Well…it's a cave." Fredrick answered.

"Oh bloody 'ell…" Annie held he head in her hand. "What is it with terrorists and caves…"

"Hey! It's a good thing!" Tammy cheered. "Caves are my specialty!" Annie looked up at her with another raised eyebrow. "…What?" Tammy asked.

"Nothing…" Annie sighed.

"Well, get ready girls, you'll be leaving shortly." Fredrick said with a smile.

"Yes sir!" Tammy saluted and ran out the door.

"I…hey! Dammit, Tammy." Annie chased after her.

"Do you see it, yet?" Annie asked, as Tammy hid in the bushes somewhere in the middle of nowhere, looking through binoculars.

"Oh hold you're horses!" Tammy said, looking back at Annie, she turned her head and stared through the lens again, checking out one of the female sentries guarding around a large mouth of a cave. Tammy sighed lovingly.

"Let me see." Annie offered, grabbing the binoculars and looking through. "HEY!" Tammy shouts.

"You…." Annie stared at her partner evilly.

"What's wrong, dear?" Tammy looked at her with innocent eyes.

"Come on Tammy..." Annie sighed. "This is a very important mission, think with your mind, not with your clit." Tammy stuck her tongue out at Annie. "Come on, horndog." Annie got up and headed toward the cave entrance. Nearing the guard post, the girls hid behind a giant boulder. Tammy peered out and saw two guards walking back and forth in front of a large blast door built inside the cave's mouth, as well as a small building and a guard tower.

"Hmmm…." Tammy thought to herself. She looked around and picked up a good-sized rock.

"What are you doing?" Annie asked.

"You'll see." Tammy winked and popped out of the boulder. She channeled up her strength and hurled the rock towards the guard on the tower. It hit him in the head, knocking him out. His limp body fell off the railing and landed on top of one of the patrolling guards. The second guard turned and ran to check on the two bodies. "Come on." Tammy started for the building.

"How did…? Annie stared at her partner confusingly.

"Come on!" Tammy shouted. Annie shrugged and followed her towards the cave. They both quietly ran past the other guard and into the small building, inside the female guard from before sat down next to a small control panel. "Ooooh…" Tammy smiled. Annie pushed her away.

"Move." Annie said with an annoyed look on her face and walked toward the guard. She delivers a quick, hard karate chop to her neck, knocking the guard out. Tammy joins her.

"Hey, I could have done that…" Tammy sighed.

"Sure ya could…" Annie raised her eyebrow at her. Annie hit a couple of buttons and the door began to open up. The remaining guard turned around to the building.

"Hey!" He shouted, pulling his gun out. He fired a few rounds into the building. Both girls hid under the window. When the guard stopped to reload, Tammy quickly jumped out and fired her gun off, taking out the guard.

"After you." Tammy nods toward the door. Annie got up and walked out as Tammy followed. The two girls quickly made their way into the cave. Inside was a huge industrial complex building built in the cave. The girls sneaked down the hallway, checking out their surroundings.

"This is one 'ell of a cave, eh?" Tammy looked back and asked.

"I'll say.." Annie replied. The two girls leaned up against the wall and equipped their silencers. Tammy noticed a small video camera on the wall.

"Bugger…" She aimed up and fired, knocking the camera out. They continued around the corner and down the next hallway. Four guards walked into the hall, both girls quickly darted into the nearby doorway and hid.

"Bloody guards…" Annie sighed, leaning up against the wall. "Always in the way…don't you agree Tammy?' Annie turned her head at Tammy, who stared straight ahead. "…Tammy?" Annie looked at her partner confused, Tammy pointed ahead of her. Annie looked over and saw a few sets of gloves and mines hanging on the back wall. "What is it?" Annie asked

"I…don't know…" Tammy admitted, "But I wanna find out!" She quickly got up and headed towards the items. She picked up one of the gloves.

"Tammy, what are you doing?" Annie asked.

"Just checking this out." Tammy said and tried it on. "Wow…this thing fits like a…a glove!" She smiled.

"Ha…ha…" Annie raised an eyebrow at her. "Come off it and let's go."

"Hold on…" Tammy said, turning the glove around and examining the back. One of the mines on the wall moved a bit before flying off the wall and into the palm of her hand. Tammy stared at the mine, wide eyed. "Oooo…k" She tilted her head, curiously at the glove. "That's new." A scientist walked into the room, reading something on a clipboard. He looked up and stared at the two girls, who stared back at him. They both uttered little shouts, the scientist tried to run out the door, but Annie quickly grabbed his shoulders and tossed him to the ground behind her. He slid a bit before stopping near Tammy's feet. Tammy pointed her gun at his head.

"AH!" He screamed quietly, covering his head.

"'Ello, 'ello." Tammy smiled. "What's all this then?" She asked tossing the mine into the air, it lands perfectly back into her palm.

"Smart, sticky bombs." The scientist said quickly. "Using magnetic, you can grab any mine within the area then send them out to whatever target you desire. Of course, you'd have to be a good throw to do any real good."

"Oh?" Tammy cocks her gun. "Are ya sayin' I'm not a good throw?" She smiled evilly.

"N-no ma'm…" The scientist shivered.

"Is it because I'm a woman?" Tammy continued to smile as she toys with the scientist. "Hmm? You some, male chauvinistic pig that thinks a woman can't throw a simple explosive device?" Hmm?"

"N-no ma'm." The scientist began to shake, "I-I'm sure y-you're a fine explosive…thrower."

"Oh?" Tammy stared at him ever so slyly. "So, its JUST explosives I'm good at now?"

"Tammy! Come on!" Annie shouted.

"Awww…but I'm having fun…" Tammy whined.

"Lets go already…" Annie ordered.

"Fine…" Tammy sighed; she leaned down to the scientist. "Thanks for the information." Tammy smiled before punching him in the face, knocking the scientist out.

"Ready?" Annie asked.

"Quite." Tammy winked. The two girls peered out from the doorway, looking around and found that the coast was clear. They nodded at each other and continued down the hall. They ran into the next room, a much larger room filled with computers, machinery and other random assortment of the usual base goods.

"Look!" Annie pointed to the walkway in the back of the room. "It's him!" She whispered to Tammy. Up on the walkway, Lamont stood in the same clothes he was wearing in the picture at Headquarters. He paced back and forth on, talking on a cell phone. The briefcase from earlier, handcuffed to his free hand.

"Woot!" Tammy cheered, quietly. "Lets go!" Tammy quickly ran down the room.

"Tammy! Wait!" Annie shouted, but she didn't listen. Tammy stood in the middle of the room and aimed her gun towards Lamont.

"Mister Lamont!" Tammy shouted. Lamont turned to face Tammy.

"What the…?" He looked at her, confused.

"You're are under arrest for acts of terrorist by the British Government!" She shouts, smiling at bit. "Put your hands over your head and give up!"

"…I'll call you back…" Lamont said, hanging up his cell phone. "What the hell is this!?" He shouted back at her. "You come into MY base filled with MY men and expect me to just give up and let you take me in!?"

"Uh…yes?" Tammy looked around.

"Oh you stupid twit…" Annie put her head in her hand; she ran out and joined her partner.

"HA! You silly little girl!" Lamont laughed. "You came all this way just to die!" He shouted and pulled the alarm beside him. Guard rushed into the room. "TA!" He waved, heading to the walkway and exiting the room.

"Bullocks…" Tammy sighed and dived behind some cover as bullets began to fly at her. Annie quickly joined her.

"What the bloody 'ell were you thinking!?" Annie shouted.

"I don't know!" Tammy shouted back. "He looked like he had a bit of class to him…"

"Ugh…" Annie sighed. "Terrorists don't have class!"

"I'll remember that next time!" Tammy shouted.

"If there's a next time…" Annie sighed.

"Oh don't worry." Tammy laughed. "This is nothing!" She flew out from behind cover, firing her gun. Tammy took down two guards as she hit the ground, tumbling across it and leaned up against a computer terminal. Tammy avoided gunfire and popped out again, firing off a couple more shots, taking a few more guards down. Sparks flew as the bullets shredded the terminal. Tammy popped up and ran down the room. "Come on!" She shouted at Annie, who quickly followed, firing behind her at the rest of the guards. Both girls enter the door, Lamont disappeared to. They found themselves at a stairway heading down. Both girls looked at each other and nodded. They jumped up and sat down on the handrails, sliding down the stairs. A few guards headed up the stairs, Tammy jumped off and kicked the first guard in the face, knocking him into his partners, sending them all tumbling down the stairs. The girls reach the end of the stairs and continued on. At the end of the stairs, the girls find themselves in a small train station.

"Bloody 'ell!" Tammy shouted. "This bastards got a bullet train!"

"Look!" Annie pointed down the hallway at Lamont heading down to the train.

"Come on!" Tammy yelled and started chase. Annie aimed her gun as she followed Tammy and fired off a couple of shots, missing Lamont by inches. He looked back and pulled out his own gun, returning fire. Both girls ducked into a doorway to avoid the gunfire then popped back out again.

"Dammit, Tammy!" Annie shouted. "He's getting away!"

"Hold on!" Tammy shouted back. She lifted up her gloved hand with the mine on it. She pressed a couple of random buttons on the mine, jumped out and chucked it with all her might. The mine flew through the air, before landing and attaching itself on Lamont's briefcase.

"YES!" Tammy cheered. "Gotcha!" Lamont quickly enters the train as it started up.

"Tammy…" Annie said somewhat concerned. "Did you just attach that mine to Lamont's briefcase…the briefcase that's suppose to hold some deadly weapon!?" She raised an eyebrow. Tammy looks around nervously; with the sudden realizations at what see just did beginning to swim through her head.

"Uh…maybe…" She uttered. Annie held her head in her hand.

"Oh bugger…" She sighed.

"So…uh…now what?" Tammy asked as the train left the station.

"What time did you set the bomb?" Annie asked.

"Uh…I don't know…" She sighed. "I just…uh…press a couple of those buttons and threw it."

"Then we run, Tammy." Annie said. "We run VERY fast."

"OK!" Tammy said unusually happy. The two girls quickly turned tail and ran back the way they came from.

"Excuse me!" Tammy said, kicking away the guards lying at the end of the stairway. They quickly made their way up the stairs, guard from the other room headed down and fired on the girls. They hugged the wall, avoiding the gunfire and returned with their own. Guard's bodies started tumbling down the stairs. They quickly fought their way up to the top of the stairs and back into the room.

The girls headed down the torn up room. A couple of guards station inside spotted them. "There!" One guard shouted as the other fired on them.

"GAAAAHHHH!" Tammy yelled as she tired to dodge and outrun gunfire. Annie turned around and fired at the guards, causing them to scatter behind cover. The girls entered the hallway and ran down, turning to the right at the intersection. Another guard walked down the hall. He tried to aim his gun at the sight of the girls, but Tammy quickly tackled him in the ground before he could react. She hopped up and followed Annie on to the next room. They blasted through the door and into the first room. The girls headed out the Blast Door and back into fresh air, they headed a bit back into the brush and stopped to catch their breath.

"We…gotta…keep…moving on." Annie panted.

"Right…" Tammy panted back. The two girls breathed in a large breath and continued to run.

Back in the train, Lamont set his briefcase on a desk; he smiled at his recent success. He looked down to examine his case and saw the mine attached to it with five seconds left to go. "OH SHI-" Lamont screamed as the bomb went off.

Outside a large purple blast erupted underground, the girls turned around and watched the cloud rise into the air, the earth began to sink in.

"What the hell was in that thing!?" Tammy shouted.

"Keep running!" Annie shouted back. They continued on as the ground just behind them sunk into a large crater. The shockwave caught up to Annie, she tripped and tumbled down the growing sinkhole.

"ANNIE!" Tammy shouted turning around and she also fell into the hole. Both girls tumbled down the side of the hole as it got bigger and bigger, soon they both reach the bottom, completely worn out.

In the end, the large crater caused by the blast reached miles in length. Both girls lay motionless in the sand. Annie soon opened her eyes; she slowly and painfully pulled herself into a sitting position. She looked around at where she's at; she turned her head to see Tammy lying next to her.

"Tammy? Tammy!? Annie yelled shaking her partner.

"Ugh…" Tammy uttered. "I'm gonna be a policewoman when I grow up…" She groaned, obviously not all there.

"Tammy…get up!' Annie shook her a bit more. Tammy opened her eyes and stared up at her.

"Hiya…" She groaned.

"Hi…" Annie said.

"Where am I…? Tammy asked

"You're in a hole…" Annie replied before smiling. "You should feel perfectly at home here." Tammy sat up and looked around

"Well…not exactly what I had in mind, but ok…" Tammy dusted herself off.

"Well, we just survived a possible, nuclear blast…" Annie said.

"So…does this mean I can't have children now?' Tammy asked.

"Quite possibly." Annie nodded.

"Woot…" Tammy cheered weakly.

"But, we got him apparently." Annie said

"Indeed." Tammy said. "Go us!" She smiled and tackled Annie.

"Hey now!" Annie shouted with a bit of a laugh in her voice. "Enough of that!"

"Awww…" Tammy pouted and let her go.

"I've got to call Agency." Annie said, tuning in her earpiece.

"Fine, fine…" Tammy sighed.

"'ello? Fredrick?" Annie asked, calling in.

"'ello Annie." Fredrick greeted. "What's up?"

"We got him!" Annie said happily.

"Really?" Fredrick sounded quiet astonished. "Well that's great news!"

"Yup!" She smiled.

"Is he in your custody?" Fredrick asked.

"Um…not exactly." Annie sighed.

"I see…" Fredrick said. "So he didn't go down quietly, eh?"

"Nope." Annie said. "In fact he went down with a rather large bang."

"Hmm…" Fredrick said. "Well, too bad. I take it you two need an extraction?"

"Yes please." Annie nodded.

"Ok, where are you?" Fredrick said.

"Uh…just look for the large crater." Annie sighed.

"Crater…?" Fredrick asked

"You'll see…" She sighed again.

"Oh…ok." He replied, sounding a bit confused. "I'll send someone out."

"Thank you, dear." Annie smiled and hung up and turned to Tammy. "They'll be here in a bit."

"Cool." Tammy said. "So…now what?"

"I don't know." Annie shrugged. "We wait for them to come." She nodded to herself.

"Ah…ok…" Tammy sighed. The two girls looked around in somewhat awkward science. "Hey, Annie…" Tammy looked up at her partner after a bit.

"Yes, love?" Annie looked back. Tammy smiled and tackled Annie, kissing her neck. "HEY! Get….Oooh!" Annie blushed. "Ooooh…." Both girls fell to the ground in each other's arms as they waited for a helicopter to pick them up.

"Hiya Fredrick!" The two girls walked into their boss's office, the next day.

"Hi girls!" Fredrick greeted.

"So we're free to go now?" Annie asked.

"Yup!" He smiled. "All your tests were clear. Whatever that thing was, it didn't leave any fallout."

"Yay!" Tammy cheered. "No slow, painful death for us!"

"Indeed." Fredrick smiled back.

"Well then I guess we'll be off then." Annie said.

"Alright girls." Fredrick waved. "Good work out there, though I do wish you'd be a bit more careful next time…"

"I keep telling her to calm down." Annie said pointing at her partner. "But she just doesn't listen to me." She shook her head.

"Hey!" Tammy shouted. "I listen! But we you have to make decisions at the last minute, you take the first reasonably plausible thing that comes to mind!"

"Yeah, yeah…" Annie sighed. 'Well so long sir." Annie waved back at her boss as the two girls left the room.

"Pff." Tammy scoffed, outside the office. "Doesn't listen…"

"Oh come off it." Annie said. "You know I'm just playin'"

"I guess…" Tammy smiled. "Hey…Annie?" Tammy asked.

"What, dear?" She looked up at her partner.

"TAG!" She slapped Annie across the butt and ran away.

"HEY!" Annie shouted. "GERR! Get back her!" Annie gave change down the hallway and out the building.

Later that night, at the girl's house, the two girls share a bottle of wine in their living room.

"To another successful mission!" Tammy cheered rising her glass.

"To another successful mission." Annie smiled. They both took their drink. "Ya know…" Annie said slyly get up out of her seat. "I have to admit, you did look rather…ravishing back there, throwing that little bomb, with your bottom up in the air and all."

"Oh?" Tammy smiled. "Really now? I thought you said my ass was big." Tammy got up out of her seat.

"Oh I say a lot of things, Tammy." Annie smiled, looking behind her. Tammy quickly grabbed her from behind, squeezing her breasts. "Ooh! Hey…" Annie said raising an eyebrow. "I thought you said my breasts were too small…"

"I say a lot of things, dear!" Tammy smiled. Annie turned herself around as Tammy pressed her against the wall of the room. As she closed in on her for a kiss, the TV turned on.

"Girls? Girls!" Fredrick shouted on the TV. Tammy closed her eyes in disappointment.

"Yes Fredrick?" Annie called, pushing Tammy off her.

"Bullocks…" Tammy sighed, under her breath.

"Girls!" Fredrick started. "There's a new mission for you."

"Oh?" Annie said looking back at Tammy bashing her head against the wall. "And what's that?"

"It's a matter of National Security!" Fredrick said. "The Russian G-"

"What was that?" Annie cut him off, walking toward the TV.

"I said The-" Fredrick tried again.

"I'm sorry!" Annie say, picking up the remote. "I can't hear you! You're breaking up." She pressed the remote, turning the TV off. She turned back to Tammy. "Oh well…" she smiled. "Must have been a bad connection."

"I love you!" Tammy smiled.

"Now…" Annie raised an eyebrow. "Where were we?"

"I'll a…" Tammy looks around. "I'll go get ready!" She said quickly and ran into the back room. Annie smirked and sets the remote back down, she spied a small pen and picked it up, she clicked it, causing it to start to vibrate.

"Oooh…" She raised an eyebrow and pocketed it before running into the back room.

The End.