(This was my submission to a writing prompt for CreativeWriting104 at Xanga. We had to continue the story from the italicized paragraph. Inspired by Tool's song "Disgustipated")

The Carrot Genocide

"It was cold and the pinpricks of rain falling upon our faces were reminders of reality. We trudged through the mud, as the rain fell harder. Thunder sounded, lightening flashed. We walked over to where Bailey lays, face down on the ground..."

The carrots had already gotten to him.

Bailey was my brother, and a farmer as well. It was the year 2028, and the carrots had begun a war with the humans. They were a mutation through genetic engineering, and were never meant to breathe life and walk... or kill.

They started with the rabbits first, their animal screams and cries kept me up through the night. The sound of dying hares forever echo within my head. No one knew what was killing them all at the time. After all of the rabbits were eliminated from the area, they moved on to humans. The carrots realized they had been food, produce for humans for years. Now it was payback.

The first person they got was just a little girl, sent out to the garden by her mother to fetch some carrots for a cake. All of the childhood images I ever had of carrots was gone, the smiling rabbits with a carrot in their mouth around Easter time, the thoughts of springtime and sunshine in the gardens. It all became a horrific nightmare of bloody murder.

Now I stand here with my sister at the body of my dead brother in the garden. Her red hair blended into my rainstruck brunette as she leaned against me in tears. The water blackened everything a shade, but the mood made my eyes dark with calm fury.

"What are we going to do, Bex?" she asked me.

"The only thing left we can..." I loaded my shotgun and handed her a weed-eater.

"Never give a vegetable a brain."