Keep the eyes, and the heart, as well

They are so passé

Like your hand in mine.


No, I'd rather not see you

With your hollowed out smile,

It just serves as an excuse for wasted time.

The heart will be rather useless,

I don't really need blood;

I've got enough of you inside to keep me going for a while.


The other organs feel empty,

Deceived, robbed of their nutrients,

Withered, just like my soul.


It's like being alive without knowing it…

The sameness of it all,

Pretending to be affected by your sentiments.


You know, we're really not that different from Romeo and Juliet,

We were a tragedy, too.

(I lay curses on such tragic love)

But this isn't ending in suicide,

Give me the poison;

Only one dies tonight.