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"Say it." The girl stood in the bathroom behind her friend. "What, are you scared or something? The fearless Jenna Rivers, scared?"

The other girl sighed and rolled her eyes. "I'm not scared."

"Then do it," the girl said persistently.

"OK!" Jenna took a deep breath and turned towards the mirror. "Candyman…Candyman…" She turned towards her friend before turning back to the mirror. "Candyman." After a moment she let out the breath she had been holding. "See, I told you nothing would ha—" The bathroom door suddenly burst open. The two girls screamed and latched together.

"Jenna, your father and I are leaving." The woman looked up from her Blackberry. "Hi, Lea." She turned back towards her daughter. "We'll be back around 2:00, so don't wait up for us. Are you two going trick or treating?" The two girls shook their heads. "OK, well then lock the door and turn the porch light off so no one comes here demanding candy." The two girls nodded. "OK, bye."

Lea poked her head into the hall where her friend's mother had walked away. "Goodbye, Mrs. Rivers." The woman just lazily waved her hand back at Lea, absorbed by her Blackberry. Lea turned back to Jenna. "Your mom hates me."

"Well maybe if you hadn't guessed her age…"

"She asked me to! Plus, I got it right."

"That's exactly my point. You were supposed to WAY underestimate." She walked out of the bathroom and flopped down on her bed.

Lea sat down at Jenna's desk and peered out the window to see a car pull up. "Well all I'm going to say is that she can carry a burden. Now I'm going to change the subject, she's back.

Jenna stuck her head up to look out the window, only seeing the red taillights in the dark night. "She probably forgot to freshen her makeup." She threw her head back with a mimicking elegance. "So, Candyman didn't work, what's next?"

Lea thought for a moment. "Oh, you live on Elm Street, we can try and summon Freddy Krueger!"

Jenna shook her head. "Uh-uh, that's way too scary."

Lea tilted her head in fake disappointment. "I can't believe you, Jenna, you're turning into more of a wuss every day." She silenced herself in thought for a moment. "Why haven't we heard the door open and close?"

Jenna sat up. "Maybe my mom thought she left her phone, but then realized it's in her hands. She does that a lot."

Lea peaked out the window again. "The car's still here."

"What's this? Lea, scared? The unflinchingly fearless Azalea Morse?"

"Shut up, I'm not scared. And don't call me that, I hate my name."

"I love your name! It sounds like a band or something. Azalea Morse, tickets on sale Wednesday.

Azalea shook her head. "You're so lame." They heard a door slam shut, and Lea looked out the window to see the car pull away. "I'm going to lock the doors."

"You're such a freak-oid."

Azalea brushed her comment off and hopped off of the chair and out of her friend's room. As she got down to the front door she looked at the small window before locking the door. Her stomach rumbled. She walked to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up to Jenna. "Do you want popcorn?" She looked up the dark stairway, waiting for an answer. Nothing came. "Jenna?" Still nothing. "Jenna…popcorn?" The silence started to disturb her. She was about to run up and make sure she was still there, when she heard music from her friend's room. She sighed with relief and walked into the kitchen. "Fine, she gets popcorn whether she wants it or not."

She threw a bag in the microwave and leaned on the counter. As the popcorn popped loudly, Azalea could have sworn she heard a muffled scream. She quickly pushed the thought from her head. Jenna always tried to mess with her on Halloween, ever since they were little. When the popcorn finished she reached into the microwave and pulled it out. "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow." She got to the dark stairwell and flipped on the light switch. She cursed it as it blinked on then sputtered out. She climbed up the dark stairway and as she got to the last few steps she couldn't help but hurry up them.

"Your stairs are SO scary," she giggled as she entered Jenna's room. She stopped suddenly when she looked and saw no Jenna. "Jenna?" She set the popcorn down on the bedside table and slowly walked towards the bathroom door only slightly ajar. She laughed nervously. "What, you didn't convince yourself that Candyman doesn't exist?" She pushed it open and was greeted by total darkness. This time when she turned on the light switch it didn't even humor her. As she walked further the darkness engulfed her. A towel lay on the floor, sending her forward, the corner of the windowsill barely missing her eye. She felt for blood on her head and was frustrated when she felt plenty. Tears involuntarily escaped from her eyes as she felt her way back to Jenna's room. She ventured closer when she realized the door was shut. Ignoring the fact that she had never shut the door, she yanked on it and felt it was locked. She whimpered as she pulled and pulled only to be met with disappointment.

She turned around in the large bathroom, hearing a noise behind her. She could make out only shapes using the light seeping in from under the door. A shadowy figure appeared in front of her, slowly growing closer. "Jenna?" she wept. She could have sworn she saw the figure shake its head only seconds before everything turned black.

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