submissive, she bows her head in shame

when he calls her beautiful.

it's wonderful the way she's sexy stoned,

slipping into his grip all over again.

it's addiction to pain because she loves

to show off the bruises, scars,

prove she's all memory of lust and better.


fuck-worthy, she licks her lip in temptation

when boys stare and it's amazing

the way she can walk away from the money

just to have a kiss for reality.

it's blood in her tongue, pulsing through,

that makes her bite down. she's a fever

of want.


she's kaleidoscopic, satin and lace running

through sweat stained sex smell on her


she's the start of the war, she's stealing his

life, she's everything you ever wanted to

destroy. she's perfect submission and she's

sexy even when she's vomited on the

smudged pavement. she's dancing in high

heels and the pain is so, so worth it.

she's a kiss on the cheek just to walk away

and she's a tease full of push-up bras.

she's beautiful and it's amazing the way

she gives up love for reality.